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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any climbing shots, so I thought I’d dig through the archives and share a photo of one of my all time favourite climbing spots.

Reynards Arch in the @peak.district is one of the most impressive natural formations I have ever seen. The arch stretches up above a steep path framing the surreal valley floor.

Here you can see Robin Richmond on one of the harder lines, a 7c+.

Make sure you double tap if you like climbing and follow along if your in to general outdoor awesomeness! 😉

Charles Xavier Imagine
Studying in university with Charles Xavier would include awkward jokes, long conversations about mutations and occasional drinking in cosy bars. No matter how drunk he would be he’d always take you home. He would blush when you hug him goodbye. He would read your mind and answer on your question before you even ask one. He would always pledge not to do this but he’d never keep a promise. He’d tell you some complicated science comparisons instead of normal complements. You’d play chess together and of course he would always win. Sometimes he would modestly glance at you. He would read you up for examinations and reduce your stress and anxiety before them. In case of need he would get into your head on actual test to help, but he’d always remind you later to revise better next time. You would secretly watch him studying. Instead of talking in the evening he would read you biology textbook to sleep.

Richard Kalvar - Lovers, Hyde Park ,1974.

© Magnum Photos.


My photography collection “Underground” from London this summer.
Posting this because this place is always really inspiring to me, with the thousands of different people, each and everyone with a unique background story.
If you ever feel like you cannot write anymore, like you just can’t find the right words to express something or you don’t know what to even write about, then go to London, take a look at the people and let it go.