love goes to building on fire

something to agree upon

pairing: jamilton

word count: 1.4k

summary: it’s three am and the fire alarm in the apartment building goes off. Based on a text post I can’t find.





Alex shoved his face further into his pillow trying to muffle the noise that was interrupting the rare rest he was finally getting. When the pillow wasn’t enough to muffle the incessant alarm going off Alex resigned himself to another restless night and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

The fire alarm wasn’t an unfamiliar noise in this building. His neighbors were a reckless bunch. From John downstairs who loved wrecking shit to Laf next door who had a love of cooking but terrible execution. Alex knew it was no big deal and wasn’t exactly pressed to get out of his apartment. Hopefully if he dragged his feet long enough the alarm would stop before he made it out the front door and he could have some peace of mind.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Even after spending three minutes looking for his pajama bottoms and another two looking for the matching top the alarm hasn’t ceased.

He nearly punched the wall seeing the elevators were automatically shut down by the alarms ringing and cursed the entire way down the four flights of stairs to the ground level of his apartment building.

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Terrible tragedy in London this morning as a high rise apartment building burned overnight. Fire officials are confirming fatalities, but the exact number is unknown. The entire 24 floor structure was engulfed in flames, so it is likely to be a heavy toll. There were reports of people leaping from the roof and higher floors to escape, which will result in a number of deaths as well. The fire has mostly subsided, but pockets still burn and smoke continues to rise. No cause has been determined. My heart goes out to the people of London, especially to those with loved ones inside, and the emergency personnel who have been fighting the flames and managing this disaster for hours.

Author- @family-business-forever

Song- Next Contestant- Nickelback

Word Count- 1371

Characters- Dean, reader, OFC!Mandy, some bar guys that are jerks

Pairings- Deanxreader

Warnings- Violence, swearing, slight mention of smut.

AU- This is my first song fic and aesthetic so bare with me! Feedback is much appreciated!

I judge by what she’s wearing
Just how many heads I’m tearing
Off of assholes coming on to her
Each night seems like it’s getting worse

Dean sat on his bed watching her get dressed into a air of tight skinny earns and a crop top. He sighed as she started putting on make-up.

“Sweetheart do you have to work tonight?” He questioned, hoping she’d say no.

“Yes Dean, I don’t like credit card fraud, I wanna earn my money, even if that means having a bunch of creeps flirt with me.” She says, as she brushes her hair out.

And I wish she’d take the night off
So I don’t have to bite off
Every asshole coming on to her
It happens every night she works

Once she’s ready she grabs her leather jacket, as Dean does the same and they both head off to Joe’s Bar. She can see Dean’s knuckles turning white around the steering wheel as he drives. She sighs before resting a hand onto his thigh, relaxing him some.

“You know I’m all yours. No ones gonna take me from you, because I don’t wanna be with anyone but you.” She says, rubbing his thigh, managing to calm him down.  Half an hour later, they pull up to the bar and get out. Before she has a chance to start walking, Dean pushes her up against the Impala and kisses her ferociously. She laughs into the kiss, before kissing him back and matches his ferociousness. Finally he pulls away, resting his forehead onto hers. “I love when you get jealous.” She says, laughing. Finally, they both walk into the building and she goes over to the bar to relieve a co-worker.

“Be careful tonight. Crowds really fired up and frisky. Is Dean here?” Her go worker, Mandy, asks.

“Yeah he’s here, you be careful too. Is Brandon here?” She asks Mandy.

“Yeah, actually I can see him ,he’s over talking to Dean. He’s probably letting Dean know about the crowd.” Mandy says, as they both look over to their two men. “Well good luck and be safe.” Mandy says as she leaves.

Right away she can feel eyes on her, and not just Deans eyes.

They’ll go and ask he DJ
And find out just what would she say
If they all tired coming on to her
Don’t they know it’s never gonna work
They think they’ll get inside her
With every drink they buy her
As they all try coming on to her
This time somebody’s getting hurt

Here come the next contestant

She’s only Ben working for an hour and already four guys bought drinks for her. Right now theres a drunk brunette flirting with her while she’s trying to do her job. She kindly avoids his flirting but he isn’t letting off anytime soon. Finally, though, he crosses the line. She gives one look to Dean and he’s there in a flash grabbing the guys hand just as the guy touched her arm.

Is that your hand on my girlfriend?
Is that your hand?
I wish you’d do it again
I’ll watch you leave here limping
There goes the next contestant

Dean ended up twisting the guys arm around and throwing him out of the bar before returning back to his booth where he can still watch her.

I even fear the ladies
They’re cool but twice as crazy
Just as bad for coming n to her
Don’t they know it’s never gonna work

About an hour later, she’s being hit on again but this time by a skinny blonde girl. The blonde buys her a few shots before striking up conversation with her. Being nice, (Y/N) talks to her, while also working. Again she avoids the blondes flirting and this time the blonde gives up and walks away.

Each time she bats an eyelash
Somebody’s grabbing her ass
Everyone keeps coming on to her
This time somebody’s getting hurt

Here comes the next contestant

As she’s serving a table drinks some collage frat boy decides he’s gonna grab her ass. She turns around with her jaw clenched, getting ready to say something until she remembers Dean is here. She turns her head around to, again look at Dean and he’s there in a flash, grabbing the frat boys hand just as it goes in for another grab. The frat boy looks up at Dean, before standing up to challenge him.

Is that you hand on my girlfriend?
Is that your hand?
I wish you’d do it again
I’ll watch you leave here limping
I wish you’d do it again
I’ll watch you leave here limping
There goes the next contestant

Grabbing her ass was the first mistake and challenging Dean was the second. At first the kid sized up his competition, before deciding that he may be able to win. That’s when he threw the first punch, missing as Dean saw it coming, caught it, twisted it behind the kids back and broke it. Not only was Dean teaching the kid a lesson, but by breaking his arm he was warning everyone else at the bar to stay away, and for awhile they did. Until some new comers came in, taking their seats at a booth, eyeing her up. She only had to get through one more hour and then she could go home.

I’m hating what she’s wearing
Everybody here keeps staring
Can’t wait ‘till they get what they deserve
This time somebody’s getting hurt

Here comes the next contestant

With only a half hour to go she brought Dean one of his final beers, and gave him a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry baby, just a half hour to go and I’m all yours.” She says, kissing him on the cheek, before sauntering off, making sure to add an extra swing to her his as she goes.

They almost made it,with only ten minutes to go when one of the guys in the new group starting flirting with her, when she brought the men there third rounds of beer.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” He asks, trying to be charming but only managing to discuss her, with his yellow teethed smile.

“(Y/N).” Is all she said as she laid the men’s drinks down, and collected their empty bottles.

“Well, (Y/N). How about you let me give you a ride home after you get off, huh?” He asks, again trying to be charming but failing miserably.

“No, I think I’d much rather go home with my boyfriend and not some disgusting druggy, sorry.” She said, sassily.

“Now come on sweetheart, don’t you wanna be with a real man?” He asks, opening his arms to show that, he thinks, he has a nice body.

“A real man? Oh please, I can see the ring on your finger, no real man goes out to a bar with his buddies and tries to hook up with a waitress who already told you was taken. Now go home to your wife and get some help.” She says, before turning around only for the man to grab her arm ruffly and yank her back around, and crash his lips to hers. She ties to pull away, but to no avail since he has a death grip on her arm.

Dean sees everything and is not happy as he storms over to the man and yanks him off her.

Is that your hand on my girlfriend?
Is that your hand?
I wish you’d do it again
I’ll watch you leave here limping
I wish you’d do it again
I’ll watch you leave here limping

I wish you’d do it again
(Each night seems it it’s getting worse)
I wish you’d do it again
(This time somebody’s getting hurt)

There goes the next contestant

Dean was so furious that he put the guy in the hospital with four cracked ribs, a shattered nose, a broken wrist, and one hell of a concussion. That night they went home and Dean showed what a real man was.

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okay shelby what are YOUR favorite supergirl headcanons?

im so glad u asked…

- one time when she’s flying back to the deo she sees a kid staring forlornly at their kite which is stuck in a tree so she scoops em up and flies em up to the kite so they can grab it then spends half an hour teaching the kid Proper Kite Technique to get it to go super high then pretends it’s so high that even she can’t fly up to it

- she and winn make a bunch of little capes then she goes to the children’s hospital and gives one to each kid. she explains her cape is what gives her strength and it will make them strong too

- the classic “supergirl loves to dab” headcanon

- all memes all the time. supergirl is the meme queen. she only refers to chocolate milk as “choccy milk” and dogs as “doggos ”

- there’s a standoff with a man who’s on the ledge of a building threatening to jump. supergirl could easily swoop in and grab him but instead she goes up and sits next to him and they talk for an hour. no one knows what she says to him but she ends up flying down with the man clinging to her, crying into her shoulder

- supergirl saving kittens from a fire. need i say more

tacticalgrandma  asked:

The Schuyler sisters?

• get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester,

So I never really had a lab partner bc I’m from Europe and a Humanities major BUT if I had to pick someone who I’d have to do projects with for a semester I’d pick Angelica, but only if it was a course I’m at least semi-confident in because
1) i don’t want to drag her down and 2) if i did in fact drag her down she would not be amused and i want to be her friend so that’s no good. Plus if it’s a subject we’re both interested in it would be the most amazing project ever and we could have the best discussions. Then again I would probably be a bit intimidated by her in the beginning which I’d try to break with snacks or something so I’d better bring quality snacks.

• get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

At first I wanted this to be Peggy but then I realized that that would probably end in disaster (a fun disaster but still a disaster) so for this one I’d pick Eliza! I think that she’d be able to keep calm and alert the relevant people to our plight and keep up a fun conversation, and she’d also scold the super or something when we finally get out. And she’d probably have water and tissues and stuff so we don’t get all icky and then we can exchange numbers and it won’t be creepy at all! Plus it might be nice for her to use that time to just rage about things to someone who doesn’t know her and get things off her chest without having to be afraid of repercussions (except for having to be my friend bc those are the rules) like they do when people get stuck in movies. And then I could do the same and we could just snark about everything and everyone.

• get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds

Peggy! Because she would train me well (eventually and probably not in a way I’d expect or in the things I actually would need training in) but also because she’d be so fun and we’d do all kinds of things you’re not really allowed to do but everyone loves Peggy (and her parents own the building) so we don’t get fired. She’d just be a one of those co workers you think is really cool and you end up being friends with. (although sometimes she goes a bit too far with her ketchup pranks)

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someone pulled the fire alarm in my 800 person dorm building at 1 am during finals week// somebody did that in my junior year and was standing outside with his friends laughing about it, and this guy barefoot and in just his briefs goes marching over to him and decked him. It was beautiful.


Toby Theory- Part 1

I received a request awhile ago to write a theory about Toby.  I have been completely swamped at work the last month. Sorry it took so long!!

This is PART 1. Part 2 will come within the next days/weeks.

I have always felt that Toby’s behavior in the first couple of seasons was the most sketchy, so I have gone all the way to the beginning to point out all the things that make me wonder if he is really the half of Spoby that we’re all in love with…

It all started when Alison and the girls threw a stink bomb into Toby’s barn.  Ali convinces the girls that Toby’s the one spying/videotaping them. Jenna was in the barn at the time, and ended up being blinded. Toby takes the blame for it, and gets sent to a detention center. 

A year after Ali’s disappearance, the girls steal Toby’s psychological records and find out that Alison blackmailed him into taking the blame by threatening to reveal his sexual relationship with his step-sister Jenna. 

Toby returns to school and is treated poorly by everyone, but him and Emily begin to form an unlikely friendship. They get into an altercation in the science lab, and he disappears after dropping Emily off at the hospital. MARLENE HAS CONFIRMED THAT THIS IS WHEN TOBY JOINED THE A TEAM.  

  • WHY     DID HE JOIN THE A TEAM AT THIS TIME?  I always thought his motivation     for joining the A team was to protect Spencer. But at this time he had NO     relationship with Spencer at all. Everyone believed he was the one who     killed Alison (except Emily). Him and Spencer had never spoken. This is     very concerning… Why would he join forces with Mona (who was supposedly A     at this time) to torture the 4 girls? He seemed to realize that it was     Alison who did the blackmailing, not the girls, and now she is gone. And     we even find out later he thanked Ali for getting Jenna away from him!     What on earth was his motivation to join the A team? It really doesn’t     make any sense at all.

The police issue an arrest warrant for Toby for Ali’s murder -after a his blood-stained sweater is found in Ali’s house.

Toby shows up in the backseat of Emily’s car at Camp Mona. He tells Emily that he met Ali the night of her disappearance and gave her his sweater when she was cold. He claims that he thanked her for getting Jenna away from him and then saw her get into a car with someone he didn’t recognize (Ezra). He explains that the tattoo of September 1st was celebrating his freedom from Jenna, not Alison. 

The girls tell Jenna they know about the incest between her and Toby. Toby is released from jail with an ankle monitor, on house arrest. Jenna tells Toby that SHE turned him into the cops in order to keep him close. She comes on to him but he rejects her.

The girls decide to give the police the video of Ian and Ali at the kissing rock to prove that Toby is innocent, but the laptop is stolen from Spencer’s purse. 

The girls go visit the old lady who made the friendship bracelets for Ali, and find that A pretended to be Spencer when he/she visited the old lady. We later see the old lady talking to A, telling shim that she did exactly what s/he asked. She calls A “Pretty Eyes.”  I have always suspected that Toby was Pretty Eyes.

Spencer becomes Toby’s FRENCH tutor in an attempt to share information with Toby to find out who is framing them both. 

Spencer goes to Toby’s house and tells him that she believes they are both being framed. Toby tells her to leave because Jenna is there. He puts a note inside the French textbook that Jenna wrote in braille. It translates to 214 which they believe to be Jenna’s motel room. The last scene cuts to A listening to a French tutorial. We know how much A loves french. Toby is A clue? 

A has 4 cages, each containing a rat. Each cage has the name of the liars taped to it. The cage labeled “Spencer,” however, is missing the rat… Is it because Toby is A and doesn’t want Spencer to be “a rat” in a cage because he has developed feelings for her? This still doesn’t make sense, because if Toby was on the A Team at this point, he would know what was going on. It was either him or another team member who was at the old ladies house- using the name Spencer Hastings.

The murder charges against Toby are dropped, as the blood evidence they collected was corrupted. This makes sense, because it was almost definitely the A team who corrupted the evidence. Maybe even Detective Wilden- who I have always thought was on the A Team. Maybe Toby joined the A Team in order to clear his name of the murder charge…

Toby moves into the motel and him and Spencer spy on room 214.  They play board games to keep them entertained. We know how much Charles loves board games….

They sleep in bed together over night, and wake the next morning to flute music coming from 214. But when they open the door, they see it was a recording and find an A message. Does this prove Jenna was working on the A team with Mona? Was Toby in on this?? If he is on the A team, A wouldn’t be sending him messages. Was this all an act he played in front of Spencer in order to get her to trust him? Remember Mona sent herself A messages. 

We also know that Mona’s lair was IN THIS MOTEL, and TOBY LIVED RIGHT THERE.

The Rosewood police have made Spencer a “person of interest” in the murder of Ali. Veronica tells Spencer the police found fibers in the bracelet Alison gave her that match the sweater fibers found at Toby’s and that she believes someone is going through a great deal of trouble to make Spencer look guilty. So now whoever went to the old ladies house was the one who tampered with this evidence to made Spencer look guilty. 

So maybe A told Toby that he would be dropped as a suspect if he framed Spencer…

Around this same time we find out that Jenna was paying Caleb to spy on Hanna and the girls. Caleb reveals that Jenna was looking for a key. Emily has a flashback that makes her look in the snow globe. At the bottom she finds a key with numbers printed on it. There is also a tag attached, with the name of a storage place. They track down a flash drive that Ali hid in the storage place which contains NAT videos of the girls.

There is footage of July 4th, moments before “The Jenna Thing,” when Ali had been sure someone was spying on them in Emily’s room. 

  • July     4th has been significant in PLL. It was the date of The Jenna Thing, Sara     Harvey mentions that A would give her cupcakes on July 4th in the     Dollhouse, and in Season 7 there is a flashback of Toby and Jenna on July     4th with fireworks going off in the background… It seems like there is a     clue hidden with that date. Is it possible Toby is A and is getting back     at the girls for what they did to Jenna?… “God help the mister that     comes between me and my sister…” We all assumed a women was saying this,     but what if TOBY was saying this in reference to his sister Jenna. 

On the hard drive there is also footage of Jenna seducing Toby. The girls confront Jenna about the video, and Jenna tells them that Ali threatened to reveal the video if Jenna told anyone that it was the girls who blinded her. 

  • We know that A has some serious psychological issues. If Toby is Charles, it would make sense. His mother died when he was very young- probably murdered by one of the DiLaurentis’, went through God know what, had an incest relationship with his step sister, another DiLaurentis bombs his bar, blinds his sister, and blackmails him, sending him to juvie.

Jenna, Toby, Ian, and Garrett were all scared of and being blackmailed by Alison. 

Fastforwarding…… Ian tries to throw Spencer down the bell tower. A figure approaches and Ian asks “What are you doing here?”  The figure saves Spencer, and pushes Ian, and he hangs entangled in the bell towers ropes.

  • We are later told this was Alison, but HOW COULD IT BE? At this point it was pretty clear that everyone believed Ali was dead, and if she showed up to Ian, he would have been visibly shocked. It is very possible that this was TOBY who saved Spencer.  When the police arrive, Ian is no where to be found.  Who can keep a body hidden? A.

There was a specific scene that I always found weird. Spencer is alone at home when she hears something outside. She panics, grabs a knife and hides. Someone comes inside…..but it ends up being Toby.

  • Isn’t it REALLY weird that Toby would just walk into her house? Remember- at this point in the show, the entire town hates him, especially Spencer’s parents. Most people still believed he murdered Ali.

Spencer see’s that a restricted # is texting Melissa’s phone, saying it isn’t safe to come back yet. Jason returns to Rosewood and moves back into his old house. NOW EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE NAT VIDEOS ARE IN TOWN.

Spencer spots Toby by Rosewood High. She tries to convince him to return to high school but Toby says he is just going to get his GED, because he just landed a construction job working for an established company.  WAS TOBY ACTUALLY BUILDING THE DOLLHOUSE? We conveniently find out that he was “fired” from this construction job because the family didn’t want Toby there because of his reputation. And then in the next episode we find out he is doing construction on the DiLaurentis house. 

Spencer steals Melissa’s wedding ring and pawns it for money to buy Toby a truck. Toby tells Spencer he loves her. Later we see A buying Melissa’s ring from the pawn shop. SKETCHY! When Spencer goes back to the shop to get the ring back, she gets a horseshoe in return…

The girls later find Ian’s dead body in a barn with horseshoes nailed into the wall over his head. There is ONE missing- the one Spencer got at the pawn shop. A also puts Ian’s phone into Spencer’s purse. Everything revolves around Spencer being framed for murder. It would make so much sense if Toby was the one doing all of this. A could have forced him to frame Spencer in exchange for getting Toby off for Ali’s murder.  Or Toby is the psychopathic mastermind A himself.

Peter Hastings hires Toby to do construction on their property. Toby finds the hockey stick Spencer was holding from that night, but Peter takes it from him and throws it into the fireplace. It seems like Peter actually thinks his own daughter is Ali’s murderer at this point- if he was willing to destroy the evidence. 

Spencer meets up with Toby later that night really upset. Toby tells her that it’s impossible for anyone to think that she killed Alison.

  • But is it really? Seems like someones going through a lot of trouble to make it look like she did.

At the morgue, the girls discover that the murder weapon was a curved blunt edge, which could be a field hockey stick. 

Spencer and Emily discover t that Jason’s shed is a dark room- filled with photos of Aria’s facial features. When Aria confronts him about it, he claims that Ali was the one who took the pictures.

  • It makes me wonder if Ali took them in order to make a mask of Aria’s face. Similar photos are in Rollin’s burner apartment of Wilden’s face, and we know Rollins wore a VERY realistic Wilden mask to make Ali think she was going crazy.

 At this point we find out that Ian, Garrett and Jason were members of the N.A.T Club; which stands for "Nos Animadverto Totus" which translates to we see all.

  • It’s important to note that Jenna was very close with Ian AND  Garrett- the two members who were eventually murdered. Toby getting payback? Really makes me wonder what exactly Toby knows. 

Three creepy, talking dolls with pull-strings are sent to Spencer’s house.  Spencer’s doll says “Keep Toby safe.” INTERESTING! 

Spencer interprets her order to keep Toby safe as to keep him away from her. 

Toby shows up to the main room of the police station. He calls out for Spencer as she walks past and confesses his love for her. Broken-hearted, Spencer keeps on walking and doesn’t respond, as three officers hold Toby back.

A meets Dr Sullivan at the diner, and the waitress calls shim Pretty Eyes.

In the flashback Halloween episode, The First Secret, Emily spots Toby unloading a moving van. He’s looking at a snow globe. He tells her that his dad has remarried and that the new wife is moving in with her daughter. 

Toby makes Spencer a rocking chair.

In the Halloween flashback episode, right before this one, Ali is sitting in the creepy house in a rocking chair.

A has also been shown in a rocking chair:

  •  It’s very sketchy that Toby chose a ROCKING CHAIR of all things to gift Spencer with. Charles’ soul room in the dollhouse was filled with children’s items- like a crib etc. Rocking chairs are most associated with children.

Spencer overhears Garrett telling Jenna that it was a bad idea to bring in a third person for their plain. Could this possibly be Toby (Charles)?

Spencer discovers a rehabilitation center for the blind where Jenna went after the accident before moving back to Rosewood.

  • This Blind School link is imperative because the summer finale of season 7 ended at a BLIND SCHOOL, where SPENCER was shot, and JENNA WAS SAVED BY A. There are all these links to eyes/sight/seeing everything/pretty eyes that all relate to A and Jenna. It makes sense if Charles is Toby because he is the closest one to Jenna, she’s his sister! I know he is shown at the end in the car accident, but as Marlene has said before, we don’t know if we are being shown scenes in order. This could have been the next day for all we know.

Spencer steals the Blind School sign-in sheet.

  • There have been multiple instances of C. Cavanough being written on sign in sheets in important places the girls have visited. I have always wondered…is it possible this person is CHARLES Cavanough….a.k.a. TOBY!?

Another interesting scene is when Toby goes to Spencer’s to pick up his tools and he falls off the scaffolding. We saw A loosen the bolt at the end of the previous episode. Is it possible Toby set it up himself to gain sympathy and get close to Spencer again?? Sounds like something A would do…

The next morning, the girls watch a N.A.T video:

  • The boys are in Alison’s room and Garrett opens a wooden box and finds something that we cant see.
  • They hear someone coming up the stairs, presumably Alison. 
  • Ian says “We are all going down” and drops the camera while fighting with Garrett. 
  • The tape stops there. 
  • They hear a car pulling up outside and look out the window to see parked in the front yard. 
  • They open the door to find the keys in the ignition and a note for Spencer on the dash. She reads the note and tells the other girls “he’s gone.”

*****THIS IS IMPORTANT because Toby claims he joined the A team at this point to protect Spencer BUTTTT Marlene said Toby joined the A Team much earlier in Season 1. 

Part 2 coming soon…thanks for reading <3

Voltron Inquisition AU

Takashi Shirogane, the dual wielding rogue with the hand that can close the Breach.

∙Shiro came from a really small farm life background in the Exalted Plains, raising horses and bison on his father’s farm. When the templars and mages began warring, he was drafted in as a scout, injured heavily, and allowed (with the reluctance of the Order) to leave. While he was away, his father passed with age and his mother sold the farm. Shiro’s grandparents were also living in their home at this point, so being there felt..wrong. It didn’t feel like home anymore, and every time he closed his eyes he could only imagine how it used to be. His mother encouraged him to move on and travel the country, but he was very reluctant because he wanted to provide. Eventually he gives in, because his PTSD nightmares are too vivid and painful to be contained in a small farmhouse with soft firelight and elegant drapery. 

∙He is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when the explosion happens at the conclave, and when he awakes in Cassandra’s jail cell his is cuffed and his hand aches with the pain of the Anchor.

∙He is skeptical of the Inquisition at first, but accepts it more readily than others might expect. Shiro has no life to return to, and would rather put himself to a good cause then return to a stagnant life in the fields, watching the breach grow larger above them every day. 

∙ Shiro meets Keith by coincidence in a village bazaar. Keith tries to steal himself food and nearly gets arrested when Shiro spots him and appears out of nowhere. “Little brother! There you are, I’ve been looking for you. I forgot to give you the coppers to pay for that…”

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I started typing this straight after my Algebra homework…

But this post isn’t about me.

As always this isn’t me trying to fit puzzle pieces together. This is me compiling all the things and symbolism I’ve researched, as well as telling you about what some other ARMYs think. I’m also just pointing out things you might’ve missed in the video.

Basically, I’m here to make you more confused and shocked rather than to heal you from it.

On to the frame by frame….

- - - - - - - - - - -

The book “Demian”

If you haven’t already…

Read It

If not, read at least the basic summary of the book

It’ll make a lot more sense. I promise you.

But, I’m pretty sure everyone has checked it out at this point…

Namjoon opens the video with another quote from the book

“There are numerous ways in which God can make us lonely and lead us back to ourselves. This is the way He dealt with me at the time.”

I’m quite sure that he’ll continue narrating the book for the rest of the short films

0:28 The first scene that we see is Suga in front of what seems to be a store

Again like the first three short films there isn’t scenery around them, just a pitch black darkness

He sees a large rock and continues to pick it (rock) up to throw at the glass door, creating a satisfying crash

However, if you give these few frames a second look, you can see something very familiar…

That’s right!

This looks exactly like the beginning of “FIRE” when Suga shook his hands with the hooded man

The poster is an album cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

According to Quora,

“The album’s cover image was inspired by the idea that people tend to conceal their true feelings, for fear of "getting burned”, and thus two businessmen were pictured shaking hands, one man on fire. “

0:37 He unlocks the door and makes his way into the building which we have now identified is a music store

He sits down on the piano bench and starts to play the piano as the alarm goes off in the background

He then stops and lowers down his head

Many ARMYs say that the reason why this short film is called “FIRST LOVE” is because in a way, music was Suga’s first love

For a few seconds we hear nothing but the siren

Then we start to hear whistling…The same whistling in the beginning of Jungkook’s short film..

Suga hears this whistling and his head immediately snaps up. Wondering where it might be coming from, he goes out of the store to investigate

1:21 Our setting changes to a long and dark highway

As music plays, Suga walks tirelessly while the whistling is still going on in the background

He looked confused and curios to see where this whistling was coming from

1:37 We hear a car horn

Suga quickly turns around and sees the car heading directly towards him.

Because of his very skilled dodging skills, he was able to step away from getting hit by the car

Or did he really?

We see him standing on the lonely highway again, still looking shocked

The highway is reflected

When the camera pans out to let us see where Suga was standing, you can see a blood splatter close to where he is

What if Yoongi really did get hit by the car and that this is his Soul wandering around? At least that’s what some ARMYs think.

I mean, that would connect to Jungkook right? Maybe he (Jungkook) didn’t dream of his own car accident, but of Yoongi’s.

Even the same car screech was used in both videos

Jungkook’s sketch of Yoongi on the brown piece of paper he picked up had a blood maroon color on it as well

The video tilts to the side and the screen cuts to lyrics as we hear the car crashing into something


Would I be different, if I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back

These are lyrics from BTS’s “Road Path”

He then runs towards the camera with a worried expression, after the car

After this we see Jimin’s bathtub bubbling and instead of the water going in reverse like in the “LIE” short film, the water leaks out.

Suga returns to the music store he was in before and he sees that a police car (could possibly be from Stigma) has crashed into it

The shot goes back further and we again see the burning piano

This piano has appeared in “LIE” AND “BEGIN” as well



Wasn’t Jungkook’s painting burning as well?

2:25 The whistling is again heard and Suga is still frantically looking about

But, we’re not done yet..

The logo didn’t really serve us any purpose but to see what the new circle was going to be….That changed today

It starts off all the same and this time they show us Yoongi’s circle which happens to be piano keys

Many of us thought this was going to be the last circle or a new addition to the logo, but instead it did this:

It merged with Jimin’s circle (bitten apple) and made a new design

After all this time, many were certain that only Jungkook could link with Suga, but is Suga somehow connected with Jimin as well?

We did see the bathtub

If you didn’t know, apples play a somewhat important role in Demian.

Sinclair was hanging around some neighborhood locals, including the big and commanding Franz Kromer. All the boys were laughing and trying to one up each other in the misdeeds they’ve done. Sinclair was intimidated and pressured by the boy’s chatter. And so Sinclair invents a story about stealing a sack of apples from an orchard near the mill.

As the boys dispersed, Kromer pulled him to the side. He tells Sinclair that he’s known about the apple robbery for quite some time and that the owner of the orchard has offered a reward of two marks to anyone who can tell him who stole the apples. Kromer tells Sinclair that he needs the money and that he would rather have Sinclair pay him the two marks instead of handing him in. Sinclair tried to say he didn’t have such money, but Kromer would not hear it.

The next day Sinclair returns to Kromer with only sixty-five pfennings. Kromer angrily accepts his payment, telling Sinclair that he’ll wait for the rest. Sinclair was unable to repay his debt and is forced to do humiliation tasks for Kromer.

These two circles merging together might also be linked with “RUN” lyrics.

First love + Lie = “Love is a lie lie” 

The video ends with the same arrangement of logo, but with a noticeably different design

- - - - - - -

I just want to say….HOLY SHIT!

I- We all expected Jin and 4 short films, but Suga came out of nowhere!

Strip Club AU

Summary: Everyone is gay and hopeless and being in a strip club isn’t doing them any favors. 

Words: 1600, with bonus picture at the end.

Pairings: A huge tangled mess of flirting and crushes involving everyone. Diagram of all the pairings at the bottom of the post.

Created with cheesytoucans.

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thatwaslessdramaticinmyhead  asked:

Headcanon that Nicole is shitless scared of spiders and pulls out her gun when she sees one while Waverly is the "weirdo" that knows how to coax a spider out of a room and pets it like it's a god damn puppy.

dude id love to see that. just, like, waverly’s reaction to nicole pulling a fucking gun on a spider. 

like its just habit she gets off from work after a long shift and she walks in the door and goes to hang up her coat and there. on the coat rack. the biggest spider shes seen outside of a zoo or a museum. glaring at her. (waverly later says that it was tiny and also uninterested in her. but nicole knows the truth. she felt its beady little eyes) and okay so normally shed just like set it on fire or move out of the building forever or something totally rational and calm. but shes tired. shes had a long shift. she might be a little out of it. so she pulls her gun on instinct (the safety is on and her finger is nowhere near the trigger shes not reckless) and tells the spider “look, sir, its you or me. please vacate the area in a calm and orderly fashion” (and okay a little bit of that is that she forgot that anyone else was around to hear her and she thinks shes hilarious)

and then waverly walks in like “i heard you talking to someone and i– nicole what the heck are you doing?” and nicole is like. “spider. in the coats. im protecting the house. waverly grab me a shoe” and waverly says “no! spiders are friends, they eat mosquitoes and flies and theyre more scared of you than you are of them” “wanna bet? the spider is friend to no man, they are backstabbers and betrayers trust none of them” “im getting a cup and taking him outside, nicole. dont kill him” “no promises” “nicole” “fine”  and waverly spends ten minutes coaxing the spider into the cup and transporting the spider outside and she also spends a minute looking at it to see if she can identify the species. nicole whines the entire time. “waverly now he knows where we live” “waverly what if he comes back with his little spider friends” “waverly i think you like the spider more than you like me. i might have fewer legs but my legs are sexier” “waaavvveerly” and when waverly gets back inside she tries to hug nicole because nicole is being a whiny baby and nicole is like “no. you have spider hands you cant touch me until you wash the spider off of you” (okay she is playing up the ridiculousness on purpose. but waverly is smiling so she doesnt mind feeling a little silly if she can see that smile again) but waverly’s response is to chase nicole around the house with her “spider cooties” until they collapse into a cuddle heap on the couch


Another corriander prompt!!

Showtunes binge listening is the best kind of binge listening~~ The number of times I’ve listened to Wicked and/or Legally Blonde on repeat for days on end is probably embarrassing so I’m just gonna let y’all guess instead.

As for who Xander should be… tbh, he’s probably some mix of both of them?? bc (and forgive me if I’m mixing book Phantom of the Opera with musical Phantom of the Opera, it’s been a lil while) the Phantom goes hard. Like… have a back up plan to blow up a building if your lady love rejects you and kill everyone??? Is there a problem? No? Good?

But the secondary love interest always struck me as kinda foppish. And Xander’s certainly not that.

So ideally, Xander’d be not so devoted that he’s a terrorist but of a lil more substance than a standard pretty boy?

I made him the Phantom anyways though bc that look is iconic.

I can’t remember if it’s canon or not that dex sleeps In The Nude but. The fire alarm goes off in dex and nurseys building at 3am and dex is so tired he barely even manages to stumble into his underwear before shuffling out (side note: his y-fronts are on backwards) and nursey is. The Least Chill

anonymous asked:

What if Felicity goes back for the fern when they're about to blow up the foundry and Olivers just yelling at her like "LEAVE IT" and she's like "NO!!"

“Felicity, the building is ON FIRE!!”

“That plant is a symbol of our thriving and resilient love, Oliver! I will be damned if I let it go up in flames!”

“Wait, the fern or our love?”

Both! It’s a metaphor!”

“…. Stay here. I’ll go get it.”