love goes through all times

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.


Done for Tavern Tales’ Sugar|Salt|Water theme!

Twitter doodle! Because modern day Arthur would love the idea of a drive through (and fizzy drinks with their strange colours) and Merlin would be that crotchety boyfriend who complained about calorific value all the time. Or it could be Bradley and Colin too, who knows

Merlin Tag

Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer


minhoinator  asked:

I just wanted to let you know you are well loved, valued and thought of most! 💕 Also, when you get this, send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Make someone smile 💕

+ @menofkpop @intokai @staerry-sky @chokaivlicious @6-v-6 @herewegobebe @kaiternity who all sent this to me as well like

1) you are all amazing

2) you are all extremely lovely people

3) you all brighten my day with your presence

4) I hope you are feeling well and loved and cherished when you see this

5) i kind of maybe love you all <3<3<3

sometimes izzy seems a bit…lonely? to me like she has her brothers and friends but honestly, is she really close to anyone? alec has magnus and they dont see each other that much. i feel like no one ever comforts her, hugs her, tells her how amazing she is, even though she always does that to everyone else. and clary, who supposed to be her best friend, like sure they are close but really? are they that close? they havent really had that much bonding time. its always izzy comforting her or like, fight scenes. but who ever comforts izzy? i Hope we will see more of that in season three, and izzy getting more love



More TAU-related word vomit, probably varying degrees of canon or not canon TAU thoughts. Most likely a lot of late night ideas. XD

-Depending on how Dipper holds his wings throughout the day and if Dipper is consciously paying attention to it… Does Dipper’s wingtells technically mean his hips don’t lie? Kind of?

-In one of the older fics, it’s mentioned that pre-Transcendence Dipper wrote a book about his adventures in Gravity Falls and the family published it for him. And that there’s a picture of him posing with books for the About the Author photo. If this has his birthday mentioned in it, and other important records of him are lost over time, couldn’t this be a potential source for later niblings to surprise him on his birthday, assuming he doesn’t mention it and that they read it?

-TAU came up in my dreams a couple of times and dream-me was so excited I woke up about: 1) the epiphany that I could totally get Dipper’s buttwings tattooed onto my lower back. Other people probably wouldn’t think of tau when they see bat wings but still, I could have my own buttwings. I’m not even sure I want a tattoo but dream-me was so excited. XD 2) the thought that Cani probably gets summoned to make deals with vampires to fix broken fangs. She is the tooth demon after all. 3) Lepus can leave wherever Dipper keeps him with that 1/750 chance to summon the rabbit. Imagine this happening during mating season or something, and he’s not kept away from other rabbits or something. Also imagine that over the years Lepus might have gained a way to talk and may be trying to make a rabbit army to serve the great Alcor. Cute but dangerous and all that. (Further probably not canon fun with that: Mizar finds out and teases Alcor about which animal army is next.)

-That evil!Willow dream someone had kind of makes me wonder if the Twin Souls stories ever goes the evil!Gliese route. Gliese doesn’t show up after Willow dies, right? Probably before that too because old age? Surely the Twin Souls series author(s) and fandom must feel the need to write an epic about Alcor being restored to his former glory and the unfortunate cost of Gliese’s life to do so. Fandom are driven crazy without closure on that kind of thing, you know?

-Jupiter is adorable. Is she Mabel-era? Does Mabel love the fact that Dipper is called Dadcor by her, amongst other cute names when she’s excited? Does rat niece get a cute sweater or five if she does meet Mabel?

-I HC that Anser the fox familiar goes through a variety of names over time. I love all the names everyone came up with for him and I just feel like this is what he’d do? Kind of like Dipper taking on various names in human disguise.

-Since the Pleiades are mainly support and in large number. Imagine, at one point when they are adults, there is: a hair stylist, a masseuse, a medical doctor, a chef, and a variety of other support-related jobs, depending on generation and interests. Family discounts and alternative ways to help for those who want to stay but take a different supportive path, yeah?

-“Henry, grab my hand.” “Why?” “Just do it ” (Dipper flies off over a rainbow, Henry screaming)

-(Dipper holding Mabel back from starting a physical fight) “Mabel, no, I’ll give them nightmares or something later.” “But Dipper-” (other person keeps talking smack) “Mabel, hold my hat” (his gloves are in it already, his cane has disappeared, and Henry grabs them both by the back of their shirts before they can make the situation worse) “Guys, no.”

-I had a dream where dinosaurs came back to life and those who defied them were shrunk down to just a few inches. Not being shrunk did not save you from randomly getting eaten. People were dying and losing hope. Then dream-me decided to summon Alcor, make a deal to end the dinosaur apocalypse, and the dream ended with me dying and Dipper saying “seriously ? Seriously? Dinosaurs with shrinking powers?” That’s all I remember but I agree with dream-Dipper here. Dreams are weird.


Abbey had the closest guess on how long it would take Elei to come out of hiding when I was recording last week, so here’s a special video from Josephine (AND HER MESSY, HUMID-WEATHER, TERRIBLE ATTEMPT AT JOSIE BUN V 1.0) 😄 💙💛

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