love ghost!alex


Y'all didn’t ask for this, but you’re recievin’.

(From left to right) (I know the names are random but fUCKIT)

Silver- my negative, apathetic, depressing side. Listens to emo bands. Triggers depression episodes or sudden mood swings.

Cherry- my rare happy side, or just when I’m content. Is basically the embodiment of me when I wake up and say “I’m not gonna wear black”. Main source of creativity. Listens to “Dodie”.

Sam- my laziness, procrastination, and need to stay up late. Basically the embodiment of me on tumblr. Triggers random art or writing inspiration. Other main source of creativity. Listens to “in love with a ghost”

Alex- my sadistic side. Yes I have one. Triggers random violent thoughts, mood swings, and inspires gore/horror art and writing. Listens to “set it off” and “natewantstobattle”.