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In due time, Steven toddlerated. He sprouted bouffant hair and movie-star teeth, both of which are a little disturbing. BUT! He’s a nice combination of his parents’ features. He’s got Goopy’s coloring and longer face but Sandy’s thicker brow, fuller cheeks, rounder, wide-set eyes, and wider, fuller mouth. And his nose is interesting. From the front, it’s Sandy’s, but when you look at it from the side…

It also has Goopy’s downward hook. I just love the genetics in this game. :) Personality-wise…

He’s nothing like either of his parents. In fact, he’s pretty much the opposite of both of them. :) 

And of course once Steven aged up, Sandy immediately rolled a want for another kid.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

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Do you think that some cabins have demigods with powers that fall in the range of their parent's, but is completely opposite the rest of their half-siblings? Say, an Apollo kid who makes people sicker or a an especially hyperactive Hypnos kid?

Yes! That’s something I fully support, because each reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, meaning for each possible power there is an opposite power, within reason. I think it depends on how the god manifested themselves upon meeting the mortal parent. The Twelve Olympians are gods/goddesses of multiple things, such as Hermes being the god of travelers and thieves. In a very simplified example, if you met Hermes at like a hostel vs if you met him on a heist of some sorts.

I think that in part explains the variance in powers, and how most children would have very similar powers, like a lot of Apollo kids are healers due to their parents meeting Apollo in a situation where he was a doctor or a healer of some sort.

However, that’s just a hypothesis. I’m sure there’s also a variance of randomness in there, because god’s don’t have DNA so there’s no hereditary traits. But, that brings up the question of how demigods get any traits from the parents like all Hermes kids having the same mischievous look annnnd now I’m getting off topic and geeking out over genetics.

But yeah, I totally support polar-opposite demigod powers.

  • teacher: *mentions chromosomes*
  • me: nice filthy frank reference

because I really wanted that Genetic Opera AU

more to be added (maybe…)

so…anybody else can’t wait to see their kids or is that just me?

Hiro Mashima

Behold the firstborn son of Kolivan, Leader of the Blade of Marmora! His name is Lutok and he prefers to honor his Altean heritage (unlike his sister)

Also, his mom is effing Princess Allura; you can’t tell me this boy isn’t gonna be fashionable for the rest of his life. 

To be fair, Prince? Lutok is hella sexy. But don’t be fooled; this boy has muscles for REASONS. He’ll toss that jacket off and jump into a fight any day he feels like it. He’s cocky and haughty, but he can scrap better than most. 

As he gets older, I imagine his Tuft will lengthen out and become a braid (like his dad’s). :3 @kabuki-akuma @lookatallthespacebabies @blepit-nya