love game

I confess I’m a static addict, I guess that’s why I’m so clingy. Every girl I’ve ever had either says I got too much baggage Or I’m just too dramatic Man what the fuck is the matter? I’m just a fucking romantic. I fucking love you, you fucking bitch!
—  Eminem - Love Game
[150425] Park Sohyun's Love Game Part 11
  • DJ:I'm wondering, since you're the mathyung, have you ever felt behind the times? Especially with members like Sehun or Kai.
  • Xiumin:Uh... Well there is one thing that makes me feel that way. That... when you talk, it's called abbreviations, isn't it? Yes, that. Sometimes when they use words like that there are times I don't understand what they're talking about.
  • DJ:HAHAHA what, no way!
  • Guest:Xiumin is still young too! Maybe you're just not hearing them right?
  • Xiumin:There's that too, but I feel like I do live in a way that makes me behind the times.
  • DJ:Really???
  • Guest:But you know what things like Um-Ka* means, right?
  • Xiumin:Huh? ...I know what M-Ka means? (t/n: He's talking about the abbrev for M Countdown)
  • (DJ & Guest going crazy because they can't believe he doesn't know what that is)
  • DJ:OH MY GOSH Xiumiiiiin, fans please send him all the abbreviations you know!
  • Xiumin:Um, what does Um-Ka mean?
  • DJ & Guest:Oh my gosh are you serious right now oh my god
  • Guest:Actually no, the fact that you don't use abbreviations makes you more cool.
  • DJ:That's true, it's actually not a good thing to use those words.
  • Xiumin:Can I try to guess what it means?
  • DJ & Guest:Yes yes please do
  • Xiumin:Um-ka... (small voice) Umma Kawaii? (t/n: "Mom's cute") Is it something like that?
  • DJ & Guest:Kyaaaaa Umma Kawaiiiii~~~
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Xiumin:What is it actually?
  • DJ:When you don't have money and someone asks you 'how did you buy this' you say 'Um-ka', as in 'Mom's credit card'.
  • Xiumin:Oooh! Mom's credit card! I see...
  • *t/n:To clarify, Um-ka = Umma Card = Mom's credit card. Xiumin thought the 'ka' was for 'kawaii' which is cute in Japanese.