love from the shadows

She may be the love that cannot hope to last,
May come to me from shadows of the past,
That I remember till the day I die.

She may be the reason I survive,
The why and wherefore I’m alive,
The one I’ll care for through the
Rough and rainy years.

Me, I’ll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I’ve got to be.
The meaning of my life is she, she, she–.

@frukgiftexchange my gift for @humblerumble They wanted Arthur serenading Francis. This song caught my ear so I chose this one. 

Once I’ve met a boy
brown haired
hope in his voice.
He was different of everyone
nothing to offer
but his own company.
And that was enough
I bet he barely knows
that he changed
Once I’ve met a boy
brown eyes
mysteries untold
he kissed a doomed
and gave some meaning to
his soul.
—  You can call me Queen of Shadows. 
My Book of Shadows

So last night i was super inspired to work on my book of shadows after watching a TON of videos about it on youtube from some other very lovely witches. 

My book of shadows for now is a very large 3 inch 3 ring binder that i’ve had for a while now. I personally prefer to use a binder so that i can organize all my thoughts and have the ability to move them around back and forth as i see fit. 

I’m going to throw this out there that when i was making this list i had 0 ideas on how to organize it so it’s a bit jumbled but these were my ideas for things that i knew i’d want to touch on in my BoS~

Things on the list with a ? at the end im not sure about yet but figured i’d write them down just in case i do later.

You are more than welcome to use this list as a guide for what to put in yours if you would like~

Stormwaterwitch’s List of Things I want in my BoS:
Moon Phases
The Gem World
Color meanings
My Elements
Animal Guides
Crystals I own
Pop Culture Witchery
Green Witchery
Space/Cosmic Witchery
Tech Magic
The Jeweled Court
Altar Setups
Gem Waters/Elixers
DIY crafts
Tarot (Major/minor arcana)
Tarot Layouts
Candle Magic
Glamour Magic
Pendulum Board?
Ouija Board?
Mythical Beings
Feng Shui?
Zodiacs (Chinese/Greek)
Astral Travel
Meditation guides
Other Pantheons?

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think Louis feels so used sometimes..,like questioning everything and everyone because of what he's had to deal with the past six years ? We see how Briana ,Eleanor ,and Danielle all suck up the benefits of his fortune,his success,his fame. They latch onto his family..his world that should be sacred and saved only for people he loves. Then you see Harry in the shadows, wanting nothing from him except to be with him. Harry is one of the only people in his life who's never used him💔

it makes me so sad he’s the type of person who just gives gives gives and doesn’t expect anything in return and yet he’s not treated with the same kindness he shows others

make 2017 the year of karma


When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

people thinking kindly of tyrion lannister
(happy birthday @alayneestone ♥)

anonymous asked:

idk why but every christmas i just really feel like rereading your sal series. I just finished it yesterday and ahh even though I've read it multiple times now it's still such a wonderful read

Hee, you’re not alone, anon! I think a few people reread SAL this year for Christmas (and I reread bits and pieces of it *grins*)

I’m so glad you enjoyed the reread! *bounces* The idea that it’s become something of a Christmas tradition is just like dlkasjfads *wriggles* like my god. *rolls around happily*