love from the first sight

I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.
—  Mhairi McFarlane
I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.
—  Mhairi McFarlane
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Moving Forward with Paralympian Beatrice Vio

This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.

Paralympian Beatrice Vio’s (@bebe_vio) relationship with fencing started at age 5. “It was love at first sight,” says the gold medalist, now 20, from Venice, Italy. In 2008, Beatrice contracted meningitis, which resulted in the amputation of both legs from the knee and both arms from the forearm, with severe scarring to her face and body. “Getting back into fencing was the only thing I had on my mind,” she says. “Some people said it was impossible, but I did it!” Today, Beatrice competes in wheelchair fencing, using a special prosthetic device, created by her father, to hold her foil (a fencing weapon). “In wheelchair fencing, you can’t move backward — you can only attack,” she says. “This is the same thing that you have to do in life, and I always do.”

I looked at the hope on her face and just knew how much I identified with her. I knew how much I was waiting and hoping too, hoping for someone to come along and truly want to understand me.
—  🖤
And even though we ended up in pieces and broken promises, I will not regret anything and I will never, ever forget. I swear the moments I spent with you were the most beautiful I’ve been given the chance to live; never had I felt such happiness or such perfection before meeting you. I love you, and I will always, always think of you as my first taste of ecstasy and my most beautiful memories. I’ll carry a piece of you everywhere I’ll go from now on, and I know I’ll remember you when I’m an old lady telling her grandchildren about her first love. Nothing’s ever really over, you know? When a story dies, the memories live on, forever.
—  Nothing really ends
Little Notes

Requested by: @bluehairprincess98
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope I did what was requested!

Bucky’s POV

It was still odd for Bucky to feel fully rested after sleep, one of the many perks that was thanks to T’Challa and his team of genius doctors. Without the trigger words, and with months of therapy, Bucky was able to sleep through most nights without horrible nightmares.

His sleep was so good that everyone eventually discovered he was the heaviest sleeper on the team. When Steve first discovered, having to literally pull his heavy best friend out of bed to wake him up for training, the Avengers went mad. Every single prank that anyone could think of was played on Bucky for a few months. But by now, they had grown tired of the pranks, and let him sleep in peace.

Except you. You were fairly new to the Avengers, having joined around the same time Tony welcomed Bucky into the compound, but you made fast friends with everyone. Especially Bucky. There was just something about you that peaked his interest, maybe it was because when he saw you he felt instantly calm and like he’d just arrived home from years at war. As soon as you met Bucky, you were fascinated by his metal arm - his new one, thanks again to T’Challa. It wasn’t long until you were asking to draw on it, promising that you wouldn’t use permanent marker, or draw anything he wouldn’t like.

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