love from the first sight

I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.
—  Mhairi McFarlane

8 panel love story

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I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.
—  Mhairi McFarlane

*warning! episode 10 spoilers*

WAIT wait wait wait I just realized one thing. It might be just my imagination, but after the episode 10 of YoI…. Like do you remember in the first episode when Victor saw Yuri skating his program and he suddenly decided to become his “coach”? Because why would you fly to another country to train your rival? This doesn’t really make any sense

What if he went all the way to Japan to see him not just  because of Yuri’s impressive figure skating skills, but because in that video Victor recognized in Yuri THAT guy he lost after the drunk party and where Yuri is right now?

THAT one guy who asked him to become his coach?

THAT one guy who awakened his feelings and love from the first sight?

Victor fell in love with Yuri even back than after the banquet, but they lost each other after the party. And guess what? Yuri didn’t remember anything from that night because he was too drunk. That’s why he acted so rude when Victor offered to take a photo. Because he didn’t remember. And that’s why Victor looked so lost when Yuri  walked away. Victor didn’t understand what he did wrong. THAT guy he was fascinated by just turned around and ignored him!

So let’s come back to this moment

What if he looks not just focused on the video, but kinda…. pissed?  Like “You are the first and only one I revealed my feelings to, I finally found you and what am I seeing here? You are skating my program like nothing happened. Do you think I will let you go so easily?”

And here is where  the story begins. The circle closed. Victor’s behavior, his ambiguous phrases, the desire to get closer to Yuri …. Everything makes sense now!

But the best thing about all this is  that Victor’s feelings are mutual. And he still can not believe in it

But he found Yuri

And will never let him go again

I’m just crying here this anime is so beautiful


Moving Forward with Paralympian Beatrice Vio

This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.

Paralympian Beatrice Vio’s (@bebe_vio) relationship with fencing started at age 5. “It was love at first sight,” says the gold medalist, now 20, from Venice, Italy. In 2008, Beatrice contracted meningitis, which resulted in the amputation of both legs from the knee and both arms from the forearm, with severe scarring to her face and body. “Getting back into fencing was the only thing I had on my mind,” she says. “Some people said it was impossible, but I did it!” Today, Beatrice competes in wheelchair fencing, using a special prosthetic device, created by her father, to hold her foil (a fencing weapon). “In wheelchair fencing, you can’t move backward — you can only attack,” she says. “This is the same thing that you have to do in life, and I always do.”

So I really really want to write a Titanic AU where Sherlock is the privileged, beautiful young man who feels suffocated by all the manners and the boring repetitiveness of the upper class and who’s trapped in a loveless engagement (with Irene or Moriarty, depending on how fast and loose I want to play with the actual historical rules of society…), and John is the wandering, poor lower class artist who falls in love with Sherlock at first sight and stops him from jumping off the ship in a fit of depression and takes him to the lower decks to dance (Sherlock loves dancing) and draws indecent pictures of him and makes love to him in the back of a car. Let’s just ignore the bit where someone’s supposed to die at the end.

And even though we ended up in pieces and broken promises, I will not regret anything and I will never, ever forget. I swear the moments I spent with you were the most beautiful I’ve been given the chance to live; never had I felt such happiness or such perfection before meeting you. I love you, and I will always, always think of you as my first taste of ecstasy and my most beautiful memories. I’ll carry a piece of you everywhere I’ll go from now on, and I know I’ll remember you when I’m an old lady telling her grandchildren about her first love. Nothing’s ever really over, you know? When a story dies, the memories live on, forever.
—  Nothing really ends

So here’s a story.

Our little dude who we frequently call Monster Baby because he is actually a monster and also OBSESSED with Halloween. Spooky stories, spiders, snakes, ghosts, haunted houses - the lot. Saw Ghostbusters last week and loved every minute of it.

First we thought it was because Halloween was the first real holiday he was old enough to remember. And it’s pretty cool! I decorate like mad and he got candy. Good holiday! I figured he’d forget about it once it was Santa! And Christmas! And presents! But he was like that’s a cool holiday when is Halloween again??

So anyways these Monster High dolls were on an end display at the grocery store on clearance. I stopped to check my list and he saw. SNAKE GIRL MONSTER and it was love at first sight. I’d been keeping him away from fashion dolls because I worried they were too sexualized for him, but a) most of the Great Scarrier Reef ones aren’t too bad and b) he saw them and there was no going back.

I got Frankie Stein (Frankie Snake) for him and Toralei (Cat Girl) for me but somehow they’re both his now … and now he has a Lagoona win the skateboard because of course you need a skateboard.

I’m glad he likes them and I’m glad he’s doing more nurturing and domestic play. Hes getting the haunted house play set for his birthday because I found one on a screaming (pun intended) deal.

Also I’m collecting them like mad now because this obsession is contagious.

@everafter93  from this

well shit, i mean WELL SHIT, like that totally explains seattle since it’s the closest big US city to Vancouver and obviously J2 would want their kids to be americans (but hasn’t jared really never talked about why he goes to seattle?? maybe im imagining it, i really don’t remember) 

and the restaurant she was at last week is in seattle meaning she’s most likely going to give birth here (she’s too late in the pregnancy to go back to van)

and then there’s this new pic of “pregnant” gen carrying shep which is just insane and that just gives more argument to her never actually being pregnant because if she had been pregnant at least once she would know you just don’t carry a child like that (or at all) when you’re 9 months pregnant!

and then add to that that lollie really looks like gen so her kids could pass as if they were gen’s 

holy shit, that makes an interesting theory what do you think?

then you can ask “why would gen take care of kids that aren’t hers?” or “why would lollie accept to be a surrogate for 3 kids?” well i don’t have all the answers we’re just brainstorming here lmao 

or maybe the answer is just: money (and attention for gen)

I'd Tell You To Get A Room, But You Already In One


Title: I’d Tell You To Get A Room, But You Already In One
Prompt: #116 (neck kisses), #1(this isn’t going to end well)
Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader
Word Count: 422
Warnings: semi smut???making out???

(the lack of scott summers gif is soo concerning i love him)

A/N: This is probably the closest to writing smut i’ll ever get. my lord this is so cringey i cant even read it anymore, but my friend told me its okay to post it sooo here it is

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