love from pixie

“Run, run, lost boy” they say to me,
“Away from all of reality”

- Lost Boy, Ruth B

Taking Shelter from the Rain: Rico and Pixis

Even in the rain, people’s lives in this town went unchanged, bustling.

The voices of the peddlers, the wheels of the horse drawn carriages, and mumbling of the unemployed overwhelmed the sound of the rain.  Rico, with documents in hand, clad in rain gear, walked quickly through the busy street, found a suitable eave to escape the rain, and stopped.

“What an annoying rain…..’

“Working hard, I see.”


Rico happened to run into the head of the Garrison, Commander Dot Pixis under the eave.

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“Easter Pixie”

They say there’s a first time for everything so here’s my first shot at squiggling the lovely Pixie girl from the same studio that brought us Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. (Sharing it on the ML tag as well cause Pixiegirl is Miraculous’ sister series. Can’t wait for when it debuts in the next coming years).

To all my fellow miraculers and awesometastic star kids, wishing everyone a blessed and Happy Easter from the squiggle meister!

Hope E.Aster Bunnymund brought you all some delicious chocolate eggs this year. Enjoy the art everyone and as always, till the next squiggle, staaayy tune for more precious star kids! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

Imagine Woozi getting slightly jealous when he sees you getting hyped while watching a music show because he thinks it’s another boy group but in reality, you’re actually excited over a girl group.

In case anyone wanted a PR Swan Queen spin after recent spoilers, allow me to describe the world through my fabulously delusional pink goggles. 

“No one loves these characters more than us. We do not sit down and say, ‘Let’s piss off Captain Swan people today.’ There are no agendas,” Kitsis says. “The relationships that form or have obstacles are part of their journeys. At the end of last season they are ripped apart, but we see them right back together, dealing with the issue [in the premiere]. Her relationships with everybody are going to be tested. We love the idea of watching Hook fight for her, as well as [for] Regina and her family.”

Horowitz adds, “We also love the notion that two of the people that she has grown closest to over the years, Regina and Hook, have both battled darkness themselves, and their experiences can inform what she’s going through and either help or hinder her. The whys of their relationship will be revealed, but it’s a big part of the first half of this season. It’s going to take the 11 episodes to get there.” [x]

…the whys of their relationship will be revealed? The why? I’m sorry, last time I checked people were in relationships for love? For attraction? Money? Sex? Tax deductions? Or because they relate to each other? Was anyone asking why?  (Well…) Am I the only one who is slightly confused by this statement?

Unless maybe Emma has an ulterior motive for being with Hook? Like hiding her true feelings? That would be quite the explosive why that would take 11 episodes to reveal, wouldn’t it? One that would start out with an Emma who is fighting Darkness, fighting forbidden feelings, holding on extra hard to her boyfriend, for example? As the recent spoilers seems to suggest…

Just putting that out there. *whistles*