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Ok so im only on season 9 of supernatural but honestly benny is such an under appreciated character like he was just a small sad lil vampire that wanted friends and to fit in and he died for sam bc he knew dean loved his lil bro and he knew he wasnt coming back from purgatory but he cared for dean and i think im crying why are there never any benny appreciation posts

Coherent Female Characters

My only requirement of any story is that it respect its own characters to behave as the human beings their backstories, personalities, and circumstances insist they are, and to react coherently to the context in which the story places them. 

In practice, that doesn’t mean a happy ending for them, or a character making a morally correct choice, or being likeable, or being treated respectfully, or even getting what they want. It doesn’t even require a character to be original, or interesting, or even anything too far removed from a basic stereotype. This requirement only asks storytellers to address issues their story raises and allow characters to react to those issues in a coherent way. 

Two things brought this basic requirement home to me: reviews of the film Passengers, and watching Elf with my mother. 

I have not seen Passengers, and given the spoilers I doubt I ever will. But it reminds me how frequently female characters are not given the benefit of coherent reactions and subsequent actions. Too often a story fulfills the desires of a male protagonist at the cost of any internal coherency in a female character. Why would an ambitious and adventurous woman whose choices in life led her to a career in journalism, suggesting a deep interest in experiencing and documenting human society in all its forms, accept never again being part of human history, never having another conversation with anyone other than this one guy she’s sleeping with? It’s possible to construct a character who would be okay with this scenario, but if you haven’t constructed her that way, you can’t expect an audience to accept her actions as coherent or okay.

Why would an intelligent, self-sufficient young woman who is knee-deep in the difficult realities of her life suddenly want to go on a date with a much older man wearing tights who behaves like a 7 year old? Is she tired of the real world and wants to retreat from it? A few moments of thought suggests that if she wants her life to be easier and have more innocence and magic in it, she would want a partner who can help her deal with its difficulties and rise above them, not someone who is unaware that they exist in the first place. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But when a story needs a romantic ending for an idiot man, female characters often have to be bent to accommodate.

Fight back, ladies. You deserve better.


my aesthetic: the faces rhys makes when he’s hugging vaughn

Evil Twins nun ichi and demon ichi

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A difference with Lillie and Gladion

One thing I think about with these two are how Lusamine potentially raised the two of them.

It is sad to say that I think everyone can relate to feelings of your parents manipulating your own choices in life to match their own will…

One thing that gets to me is how Lusamine herself treated UB01 and Type:Null. It is possible she could have easily projected this on her children, prompting Gladion running away years earlier.

To summarize:
UB01 - Powerful by sheer existence. The ultimate beauty. It has no will of its own, so its own will is reflected from its host.

Type:Null - An experiment created to fight the ultra beast. Keeps its helmet on until it fully trust someone.

So my idea would be along the lines of Lillie facing worse emotional trauma because Lusamine would be trying to zap her of her own will. Gladion left the foundation woth torn clothes from Null, so it might be safe to say he had more physical neglect tossed at him, even if he wasn’t meant to fight the ultra beast.

If this is the case, it is easy to understand why Gladion left so early.


“The 100 is not a love story, by any stretch of the imagination. But, it is about human relationships in many ways, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Taylor and Morley’s excellent chemistry as Clarke and Bellamy. In regards to what those two are to each other, I will say only this; While not romantic (now), the unconditional trust, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding each possess for the other makes theirs one of the most moving love stories in this, or any other work of fiction.” (x)

Justice For Jin

For starters, I AM NOT AN ARMY. Why am I writing this? Because I like Kim Seokjin. It has come to my attention (and everyone else’s) that BTS sucks at LINE DISTRIBUTION! And that Jin has literally been getting 0 to no lines. And as a Jin stan, I’ve had enough.

Like seriously, you guys can’t say that I’m making this ish up. Like their line distribution has been always been bad but like these days ever since they’ve gotten more popularity, like their line distributions have been shittier by the comeback. LIKE LOOK:

And you guys just like can’t use arguments such as Jin’s voice doesn’t suit the comeback, Jin’s voice suits ballads more, he’s already the main character of the MV, like his face appears the most in the MV, he’s a visual he doesn’t need lines. THESE ARE JUST EXCUSES.

If you guys have noticed, there are BTS songs in which Jin’s voice actually does fit them, examples: Let Me Know live version when Jungkook does his high note and Jin sings in his stead, he literally sounded so good singing those.

If you guys actually checked the line distributions for BTS’ vocal line songs or their ballads, he’s always last and Jimin and Jungkook always have like more than 1 minute. They’re 4 people, yes I can credit high notes to Jimin and Jungkook but what about V and Jin; they’re good singers. In like a 3-4 minutes song, logically in a 3:30 song, the equal line distribution between 4 people isn’t that hard, it adds up to be 52.5 each member. SO WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR JIN TO GET LINES!

Yes, I understand that BTS has 7 members but come on, a 3:30 minute song divided into 7 people is like 30 seconds each. Rap lines are supposed to be long, singing choruses and verses can be divided equally.

Just because a person is “the main character” of the MV doesn’t mean that said person shouldn’t get lines for example:

Oh My Girl’s Yooa in the Closer MV was the main character and she got more lines than the main and lead vocalist.

VIXX in their Conception series, had one member as the main for each one. Ken in The Closer got the most lines of them.

So yeah, that argument is crap.

I can tell you many visuals who sing plenty in their groups: TWICE’s Nayeon, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, NCT’S Taeyong, SECHSKIES’s Sung Hoon, Miss A’s Suzy, SUJU’s Donghae, Oh My Girl’s Jiho and more.

So yup, that argument is crap too.

And don’t start thinking its Bighit’s fault. I dare you to go to Wikipedia and check who produced, composed and wrote lyric for BTS’s album. Answer: it’s RapMonster and Suga.

I don’t know if they do that unconsciously but they literally forget Jin and V. Like I get that if they had to give Jin lines and if it being in a title track, Jin has to be in the center, dude is able to master BTS’ choreography so dude should able to handle being in the center for a while and then shift to the back. Not that hard.

And I know some of you must be thinking they don’t care if they don’t have lines, they’re happy by being in the group. That is complete and utter bullshit.

If you don’t get lines in a group, then you essentially believe that you have no importance whatsoever to said group. It ruins your self-esteem.

And if Rapmonster and Suga+Bighit keep giving a lot of lines to Jimin and Jungkook the I’d say that I wouldn’t be surprised if I read an article about how BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook developed vocal cord nodules and need to go through surgery. So yeah.

Jin has a beautiful voice that has only been truly heard in like 3 songs that he sang by himself, not with BTS.

TLDR: Kim Seokjin is a beautiful human being with a beautiful voice who sadly gets the worse kind of treatment when it comes to BTS’ line distribution. If you give Jin someone else’s line in the live, it doesn’t make that Jin’s line, it just makes it as though he’s covering the line but it’s not actually his.

ARMYs that actually think that they have something against my argument please referral yourselves to my message/ask box because I don’t want you to reblog my post while adding your unnecessary “this is a lie” text.

Sorry not sorry

PS: I was going to postpone this if spring day and not today had more Jin lines but it didn’t so yeah.

I want to know more about the Holmes parents. I dont want to blame them but I cant help but place some blame at their door.

Mycroft has been the surrogate parent as well as the older brother to Sherlock, suffering taunts and complaints, little appreciation.

Do realise that at least Sherlock got to hide his horror about Victor behind the facade of Redbeard while the parents thought Eurus was dead.  

Mycroft had only Uncle Rudy (i dont expect much warmth from him) and then he bore the weight of his family’s burden alone. And handled Moriarty’s threat. And saw his brother shoot CAM. AND saw him shoot himself up again for some reason he tried his best to find.

And well, along with these distractions, he also has a super important position in the government.

And then Mummy goes and tells Sherlock, “You were always the adult” and pick issues with the way Mycroft dealt with it all?

Sorry Mummy and Daddy, you guys were also one of the reasons why Christmas at Holmes’ wasnt a concept that was highly popular with the boys and Mycroft preferred the solitude of his house than his family.


(1/2) The second part of the characters clothing designs for the motorcycle AU. I have decided to make this a fic, even though I’m still gonna make some panels of it, for the imagination’s sake. (lol) I’m planning on posting it on ao3 for you guys, the fic’s name will be shown when I post it. Anyway, here are the rest of the designs for the characters. I hope you guys like it! :3


Update!! The name of the fic is ‘Let them have the ride of their lives!’ And It’s up now on AO3!! Enjoy!

Also, click her to see the new concept art!

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