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you don’t have to be strong all the time

The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.

in honor of my team maybe going to the world series (knock on wood friends), how about some baseball shance??

like lance is the hotshot pitcher that just got traded to shiro’s team, and everyone’s on pins and needles as to how it’ll turn out. the lions have a long history, but they’re actually a really young team: shiro’s one of the few older players. 

there’s a lot riding on this trade. management spent a bunch of money on lance’s contract and the eyes of the sports world are on them as possible contenders for the championship. there’s also some unsavory rumors about lance’s ability to work with a team, so the lions are worried about that too.

only he fits in with the team like a dream, and he pitches like a nightmare. the kind of unerring precision and cool head that makes batters sweat.

the lions go to the playoffs for the first time in decades and everyone is super emotional. lance pitches a no-hitter in the qualifying game and shiro blurts out, “I literally love Lance McClain“ during an interview. 


my aesthetic: the faces rhys makes when he’s hugging vaughn

Here is my super talented, super handsome friend Michael Kohl laying down a take for the big musical number in Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Face the Music.

Be sure to check out his latest project Extra Lives (YouTube channel here). They do intricate covers of video game music, running the gamut of styles, my personal favorite being the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros. 2, not just because I love this piece of music, but because you really get a feel for just how intricate and funky it is when you hear it played live with minimal studio intrusion. Musicianship. Can’t beat it.

DEH Soulmate AU

((This is one of those The World Is Black and White Until You Meet Your Soulmate ones))

The first time Evan met the Murphys was on the first day of school, sophomore year. He remembers the day perfectly– the grays of the trees in the courtyard, the dark hues of the doors, and then light. Greens, blues, and the red of Zoe’s dress. Oh my God, Zoe’s dress. He wanted to ask her if she could see it too, but the very thought made him a little nauseous.

From there, it was a whirlwind. The blue pen she scribbled stars with. The red of her guitar. The indigo streaks in her hair.

He also remembers the light green of the tree. The red and blue flashing ambulance lights. He remembers wanting to see her cherry red lipstick one more time.

And then on the first day of senior year, he remembers the color of Connor’s eyes. He remembers him storming off with Evan’s letter, a smudge of gray amongst all the colors.

That was the same day all the colors went away, leaving Evan once again alone in black and white.

drdone  asked:

(During the new episode, that scene where Scott helps Virgil back into the slide, I legitimately thought of you and sonatanotwo, I'm not even joking.)

Oh my lord THE NOISES THAT CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH DURING THAT SCENE OH MY GOD. There was much BROing and clutching of bros and omging and just flailing because that scene OMG HELP //is ded//

So just. Just look at this poor bby.

There’s no way he can get back in the chute wearing that bulky exosuit and he knows it.



Who gives a fuck about plasma bolts when lil bro needs help

AND THEN HE’S THERE AND I JUST 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 

There’s probably something really poetic about no matter how strong you are, sometimes you need someone to help raise you up but tbh I see this scene and all I do is make a noise that certainly ain’t poetic cause MY BOY SAVING MY BAE HELP ME

Ahem. But yeah. Virg goes off to save Mr. Panda and we see Scott and I die all over again ‘cause his face is just the most perfect moment in a perfect episode


headcanon that duke either sleeps like the dead or not at all like,,, there is no in between and beacause of that he and tim end up spending a ridiculous amt of time together going over their cases or watching bad reality TV

bc i miss my fave JONAS

this is the fault of @coldharmonies

He was worried that he wouldn’t see as much of him after moving in with Even. Although Jonas really, really likes Even, he even likes him A LOT since the Mia incident (more of that some other time), but he was also just a bit ..hmm anxious about maybe losing his best friend. Or at least about time with said friend

But what actually happens is, after they spent the whole easter weekend doing god knows what (a lot of clean every surface jokes were made by the boys) and locking themselves into their new crib, their place becomes Jonas’ second home.

He will walk out of the school, talking with Isak and just kind of naturally they would end up at Evak’s. Without either of them commenting or talking about it.
Just like all those years ago, when Isak just went home with Jonas.

They would cook together, bc “Jonas, you can’t just live off of kebab!”
To which Jonas just looks disbelievingly from Even - who had uttered those unholy words - to his best friend, throwing up his hands. Isak just shruggs.

“Even is actually a pretty decent cook.” (They both ignore Even’s offended “Decent?!”)  

And they will always play epic rounds of Fifa!!! Trash talking each other. Sometimes Even will join in, but sometimes ist just the two of them, chilling.

On fridays this whole thing kind of morphs into a pregame-before-the-pregames with Mahdi and Magnus (if Vilde can spare him. “Jeez, those whipped guys, amiright?” - “Shut up, Isak. We didn’t see you for like a month, man” woah, rude Mahdi???)

Isak would help him with science homework and Jonas would help him with history and all those political assignments. Even is either also working for school or drawing little Isak og Jonas comics.

Isak og Jonas and the mistery of the stolen Kebab

Isak og Jonas and the scandalous case of the braless teacher

Isak og Jonas & Mahdi og Magnus
(bc you know Magnus whines “Eveeeennn, you never draw me!” at some point, at which Mahdi places his beer at the table forcefully - but still with that golden smile on his face - going “and why am i never brought to paper, my man?”)

Isak og Jonas - drunk adventures

Isak og Jonas vs. the cute barista who left her number but Jonas is too shy (”I was not too shy, Even!” - “Well, maybe you were a little shy”)

Isak og Jonas will, after a few drawings, get to be drawn a more and more like superheroes. Isak will always sport his magical red snapback, that when turnt frontal, solves all the sciencey cases (”great explanation, Evi”) and Jonas with his skateboard, which could sometimes fly and somethimes summon Kebabs.

All in all, Jonas is doing really fucking great and loving his second home at Evak’s very much