love fort

k we not be able to be there with taylor but i want her to know we’re here for her and we’ve built a freaking loyal fort of love around her and nothing can touch her. bye.

Concept: we’ve made a blanket fort. We’re laying on piles of pillows and playing video games. I keep winning but I think you’re letting me. This is the most at-home I’ve felt in weeks, and I feel more comfortable with you every day

“In love’s circle there’s
another kind of serenity;
in love’s wine, another
kind of hangover.
What you learned in
school is one thing,
love is something
entirely different.” -Rumi

Sheesh Mahal.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

Le nostre immagini
viaggiano ancora
nella mia memoria,
non so dirti perché
in un attimo
sembrano andarsene
ma poi ritornano indietro
come fanno le onde,
un oceano di ricordi
invade il cuore.
—  Alice Giaquinta