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gigihadid: 18 YEARS AGO MY LIFE WAS BLESSED W THE MOST SPECIAL AND AMAZING LITTLE BROTHER ON DA PLANET @anwarhadid you amaze me more every year- watching you grow and thrive in exactly who you are makes me more proud than you’ll ever know. You inspire me and so many around you, and I feel so lucky to be your blood! Love you foreva 🕊🕊✨🗻🛡🗡


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a- Age: 25
b- Biggest Fear: being alone
c- Current time: 11:03 pm
d- Drink you last had: soju bomb!
e- Everyday starts with: taking my medicine
f- Favorite Song: ‘Right’ by the brazilian pop-punk band called Phone Trio
g- Ghosts, are they real: yes
h- Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil
i- In love with: @chanyeolspout foreva
j- Jealous of: people who get their shit together
k- Killed someone: do you think I’d give you that info?
l- Last time you cried: today (I’m a crybaby)
m- Middle name: Carolina (that’s where the C comes from btw)
n- number of siblings: zero but a FUCKING BILLION cousins with several degrees
o- One wish: success in my career 
p- Person I last called/ texted: I’m at this kakao chat with a bunch of amazing girls
q- Question you’re always asked: when are you getting married? (I usually answer: if you want to pay for the ceremony and our house bills we can get married tomorrow - my family stopped asking)
r- Reason to smile: I am alive
t- Time you woke up: 11am 
u- Underwear color: black
v- Vacation destination: I wanted to travel the world, but if I had to pick, somewhere I wanted to go  right now is US because I want to visit a friend that is living there
w- Worst habit: I forget everything
x- X-rays you’ve had: I think every place in my body, no joke
y- Your favorite food: white rice, black beans, farofa, steak, french fries, salad made by grandma
z- Zodiac: cancer
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I miss having abs, I miss my green/blue armpit hair, and I miss these undies!
My birthday is in 3 days and I’m stunned that I might actually be kind of maybe a little bit excited? If anyone wants to spoil me, I’ll love you foreva-eva💕
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Could you do a Snowbarry gamer AU where Caitlin and Barry are both serious gamers who play online (and often with each other)... and then meet up by happenstance at a games convention?? (Even better if all this time Barry had assumed Caitlin was a guy because of her gender neutral penname?) I'd love you foreva!!!

Note: I don’t really know how these game convention works since I’ve never been an online gamer myself, but let’s see if I can tackle this anyways :)

He knows he kind of just met Cisco, but it beats going to the convention alone.

And it’s not like he’s just met, met Cisco. They’ve known each other for like, two months now, and they talk constantly while online. Cisco’s no stranger. And it helps that he’s got a car. (Apparently his relatives are rich, so while he doesn’t look like the part, Cisco definitely has all the gadgets to toy around with, which is super cool.) Plus, he secretly checks the guy out through Joe, and he knows Cisco’s mostly clean.

So, he didn’t go the convention alone. Which was awesome, because it was his first time since he started playing like eighteen months ago (apparently he got the skill and people are actually paying him attention) and he didn’t want to go and stagger around like an idiot hence exposing himself like a sore thumb. He contemplated asking Iris out, but he knew they’d ended walking out of the convention not more than three hours later because she’d be hungry or something and they’re never gonna come back ‘cause she’d always have this persuasion to convince him to drive them to wherever she wanted to go.

(It’s not as mean as he’d made it sound to be, make no mistake―usually with Iris, he’d enjoy himself, no matter the place.)

He loved the girl (probably more than he should), but he actually, you know, wanted to stick around the event time.

Cisco’s fun. 

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aiight sooo… i didn’t upload anything for #blackout for two reasons: 1. i felt like i couldn’t because even though i’m mixed with black and white and i strongly identify as black my skin color isn’t brown. so i though i’d get hate. only cause peeps at school and some friends call me white all the time. essentially, i just felt insecure. 2. before guessimanoutsider & pretentiousgarbage cured my doubts i reached my post limit. i.kept reblogging all these beautiful black people 💕 so, even though it’s the day after… i’m saying it LOUD. I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD ✊✊✊