love for your brother


Sufjan Stevens - The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift is taken from Sufjan Stevens album, The Greatest Gift Mixtape: Outtakes, Remixes & Demos from Carrie & Lowell, which is out now, via Asthmatic Kitty Records. The Video was animated by Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan Stevens is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Praise the mountain and the rain
All the gifts that still remain
But the greatest gift of all
And the law above all laws

Is to love your friends and lovers
To lay down your life for your brothers
As you abide in peace
So will your delight increase

As the mystery of the cross
Is the love joy lost, I toss
In the fountain in the rain
But my sorrow still remains

So I run to my friends and lovers
I lay down my life for my brothers
As I abide in peace
So will my delight increase

There’s a dating app that prevents you from swiping right too soon. Appetence forces you to take things slow by making you talk to a match before you can see what they look like. Both profile images are blocked out by a pattern that slowly disappears when you ‘like’ each other’s messages. Your match has to like 50 of your messages to see your full photo, and you have to like 50 to see theirs. Source Source 2

Griffin in Taz: haha you guys are a riot! Okay, you enter the next room and there is a huge banner that says “I love my brothers.” And I’m standing under it with your favorite sweet treats in my arms.

Griffin in MbMbaM: okay yeah, you guys can go fuck yourselves. Anyway, here are my new vape tricks. I’m your baby brother McElroy, and that’s trademarked so don’t even FUCKING think about it. I’m the only baby brother here, fuckers.


better run n hide before the boss finds out

otabek altin is endlessly fond

in honor of the new artwork we were blessed with and the fact that otabek’s love will not LET US REST, i give to you more ways in which otabek is super soft for yuri:

  • yuri does this thing right before he genuinely laughs where his eyebrows twitch just a little and he huffs out a small breath. every time it happens, otabek’s heart stops just a little bit.
  • whenever yuri talks about something he loves, his smile widens, his eyes soften, and he curls his fingers just so. otabek watched him do it once at a group dinner when he was retelling a story about something the two of them did together and he had to leave the table to collect himself.
  • once they got really comfortable with each other, they would often mention how much they love and appreciate having the other as a friend and a confidante. the first time otabek made yuri laugh and turn to him saying, “i love you so much,” in person, he felt so blessed that this person who was his inspiration for so long was suddenly his friend and found inspiration in him too.
  • when they get the chance to spend time together in the summer, they still train. yuri does this thing before he starts running where he bounces up and down on his toes a little bit to get himself in the zone. after a few visits together, otabek finds himself adopting the habit and doing the same thing whether they’re together or not.
  • we’ve already seen that yuri is a really tactile person. otabek is definitely not used to it at first, but over time he learns to really appreciate it. whenever they’re out doing something and he feels a little tug at his sleeve, he automatically smiles and turns around without saying anything, prepared to see whatever it is yuri wants to show him.
  • otabek’s favorite time to watch yuri is when he’s super absorbed in something and not paying attention to his surroundings. he gets really focused and his mouth opens up just a little bit, and when he comes across something he finds really interesting, his eyebrows shoot up before he looks around for otabek so he can share it. it always makes otabek’s heart melt that he’s the first person yuri thinks to show.
  • once they start dating, they purposely plan one big thing to do when they’re in the same city for competitions. since they’re always competing, they like to take a little time for each other to relax and unwind. one time at an art museum, otabek found a room full of ridiculous modern art and they spent an hour coming up with crazy stories and meanings for each piece. otabek is laughing at a joke yuri cracked about a giant metal sculpture that looks like a butt when yuri goes totally silent. otabek turns to look at him, and his face is totally soft and he just whispers, “i’m so in love with you.” otabek spent ten minutes sitting on a bench so he could stop shaking while yuri made fun of him and rubbed little circles into his back.
  • when yuri is really sleepy, he calls otabek baby, and otabek will always gather him up his arms and just…bask? because he’s so content and in love and it’s so gross and he’s so happy?
  • otabek’s favorite nickname for yuri is honey bee because yuri makes everything feel golden and sweet. yuri only pretends to hate it the first few times he says it.
mcelroy fan problems

- constant uncontrollable giggling in public places

- the more inappropriate the place, the more uncontrollable the giggling

- “hachi machi!”

- sub-consciously adopting the speech patterns of your favourite brother

- your sense of humour is now completely incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t know what a mcelroy is

- referring to literally every single thing on this godforsaken planet - living, dead or otherwise - as an *adjective* boy

- completely insufferable when in the presence of other mcelroy fans

- when you introduce a friend or loved one to the brothers and your deep multi-faceted relationship devolves into a never-ending stream of ding-dong jokes and discussions about the latest episode of each of the seven billion mcelroy media products currently available for your consumption

-  listening to them on a bad day and becoming unexpectedly emotional about how they are very good and nice even when everything else is a big trash pile- 

- sorry i just love them so much

- crying now

Batman #35

These panels were making me REALLY sad until this

Dick is doing his “I’m your big brother and loves you very much but will embarrass you if I ever got the chance no matter the circumstances” thing




this is so beautiful im crying

Never stop, Dick. NEVER STOP





Please let their marriage stays DC I’m praying