love for women!

if you like wearing black, do it. if you like wearing pink, do it. if you are a fan of one direction, listen to them. if you are a fan of twenty one pilots, love them. if you watch riverdale, watch it. and if you are fond of gossip girl, good luck.  just remember, that you can love and do anything you want, because it is your life and you can be anybody you like.

i’ve been talking abt this with a friend but i’m kind of mad that emma stone won??? i’m so tired of her

i’m tired of white actresses taking roles meant for woc and then going on w/ their careers and winning awards with no repercussions!!! basically i will never forgive her for aloha (or scarjo for gits and lucy or carey mulligan for drive) 

Heterosexual Camila deserves alllll the Oscars

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a lot of sapphic positivity focuses on the enigmatic beauty of intimacy between two girls, and while messages like that are crucial to the foundation of this community, I want to take a minute to remind asexual wlw that it’s okay not to want sex. it’s okay to only feel romantic attraction to girls, and it’s okay to not be entirely sure about those romantic feelings. your asexuality is not a hallmark of internalized homophobia; it is its own complete identity that belongs wholly to you, and no one else has the right to define it. you are not “less sapphic” than your non-asexual sisters, and we love you very dearly. 

“I’m not gay!” I say, laughing nervously as I suddenly become aware of the presence of every cute girl in the room. Sappho is descending from the heavens as the words leave my lips, I am blushing,