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hi!! im quite shy so i am asking all my favrite history blogs if maybe you have some friends youre close with? maybe close ones or blog suggestions! love ur blog (:

sorry i’m so late to answering (i was busy most of the day) but aaa you’re so sweet, thank you!! this is kind of hard since there are soo many blogs i like, but i’ll try to list ppl i talk to & ppl i see in my notifs that i love!!

@franciskinloch​ kat is literally one of my fav people on this website. they are so kind, funny, and just overall a Good and Blessed friend. they’re probably the only person i talk to frequently so def follow them for Quality posts (also their url is 11/10) ♡

@hclemadge​ lydia is one of my favs and i love her and her blog a lot! 11/10 would recommend following her for some Good Good posts!! (also has one of my fav urls)  ♡

@historival​ val is a Good Good person who is also v smart & funny!! 11/10 would follow  ♡

@josephwarring​ i love molly’s blog!! one of my first mutuals and has a Good aesthetic + url!  ♡

@warm-moonlight​ she is literally the Kindest person on this website and i feel Blessed to be mutuals w her!! not all of her posts are history related but still.. 11/10 go follow!  ♡

@steuby their art is like?? so cute and great?? i love it so much?? and you should definitely follow them 11/10   ♡

i’m only listing a few but omg this is really hard?? i’m probably forgetting loads of people but i don’t want to annoy anyone else by tagging them lmao but definitely check out all the people listed!!  

IM SORRY I JUST SAW THIS IN MY MENTIONS if it’s too long you don’t have to do it, but if you do TAG ME I WANNA READ ALL ABOUT YOU GUYS

tagged by @wonhossunshine​ 

1. Nickname: n/a

2. Gender: female

3. Star Sign: capricorn

4. Height: 176cm

5. Time: 9:09pm

6. Birthday: dec 27th

7. Favorite Bands: monsta x, exo, seventeen, big bang, ikon, BTS, winner

8. Favorite Solo Artists: beyonce, rihanna, shawn mendes, ed sheeran, michael jackson

9. Song Stuck In My Head: fxxk it by big bang

10. Last Movie I Watched: idek i think it was some chinese movie lmao

11. Last Show I Watched: love in trouble

12. When Did I Create My Blog: july 2nd 2017 (literally a new born lol)

13. What Do I Post: mostly mx but recently it’s been a lot of exo too  

14. Last Thing I Googled: weather network website lmao

15. Do You Have Other Blogs: my main/personal

16. Do You Get Asks: not often 

17. Why Did You Choose Your URL: i just copied my main and replaced it w kihyun

18. Following: 129

19. Followers: combined with my main - 398 w/o: 76

20. Favorite Colors: black, blue, mauve

21. Average Hours of Sleep: 9 bc it’s summer

22. Lucky Number: 12 ??

23. Instruments: n/a

24. What Am I Wearing: striped tshirt and sweats lmaoo

25. How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1

26. Dream Job: teacher

27. Dream Trip: korea tbh

28. Favorite Food: vietnamese food

29. Nationality: Canadian chinese?? (im chinese but i was born in canada)

30. Favorite Song Now: still wild thoughts im sorry rih got my fked up 

31. Name: gryta

32. Orientation: straight

33. Relationship status: SO SINGLE OML

34. Biggest fear: not being able to escape during an emergency situation???

35. Fave movie: lotr or hobbit series

36. Fave fruit: watermelon

37. Fave season: summer

38. Fave flower: peony (I have a tattoo of it on my shoulder) 

39. Fave scent: chloe eau de parfum 

40. Fave animal: DOGS

41. Fave fictional character: harley quinn

42. Favorite books: lotr

43. Favorite beverage: boba or coffee

BTS themed asks: Would You Rather- you don’t have to do these if you don’t want to

- build a snowman with v OR have a snowball fight with J-Hope
- get coffee with suga OR get ice-cream with Suga
- go to the cinema with jimin OR the amusement park with jungkook
- do a dance cover with j-hope OR sing a duet with Jin
- kiss rap monster OR cuddle Suga
- babysit with jimin OR dogsit with V
- meet J-Hope’s family OR have v meet your family
- film a commercial with J-Hope OR film a sketch with V
- hug jimin OR hold hands with Jungkook
- go to paris with jin OR London with Suga
- Film a drama with Jin OR do a photo shoot with rap monster
- attend an award show with rap monster OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with jungkook
- spend a lazy day with Suga OR explore a city with j-hope
- fall asleep next to Jimin OR wake up next to jungkook (I CAN’T PICK)
- have a fun picnic with J-Hope OR a fancy date with jin
- have jungkook serenade you OR have V sing you to sleep
- have a dance party with j-hope OR sing karaoke with Suga
- go camping with jimin and v OR go to the beach with Rapmonster and Suga
- have a sleep over with the hyung line OR a birthday party with the maknae line
- celebrate Halloween with Jungkook, suga , V and J-Hope OR christmas with rap monster, jimin and jin

i tag: @hyungwonnies @dimpledjookyun @kittyminhyuk @nerdy-otaku @strongjooheon @changkyunsprincess @princeyugs @imyun @ukihyunnie @sweetjooheonie 

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Nickname: Liv
Gender: female
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hogwarts House: I honestly have no idea
Favorite Colour: purple
Favorite Time: I love sunsets, so probably dusk
Last thing Googled: my bank’s website bc I had to renew my credit card and pay bills. lol the joys of being an adult 
Blankets I sleep with: 2, a sheet and a white and grey flower patterned duvet
Favorite Bands: PTX, Little Mix, Fall Out Boy, Vamps, & the 1975  
Favorite Solo Artists: Ed Sheeran, Frank Ocean, Troye Sivan, JoJo, J.Cole, & Blackbear
Currently wearing: a nike tank and black yogas. I literally just got back from the gym lol
Age of blog: 11 months
Things I post: buttercream squad and other youtubers I watch

I Tag: @conorpmaynard @wroetoredman @buttercream-squad-imagines @buttercream-maynard @joeyskinnyleg @jack-maynard @jackmaynard23 @cursivesugg @suggxmaynard @conormaynardaf



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So I’ve got some news….. I FINALLY REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS, and to thank you guys for giving me this much support during my unbelievably tough starting journey through Medical school, I would like to share with you:        “21 REASONS WHY I LOVE TUMBLR/STUDYBLR” and at the end of this post I have a little surprise, so keep reading 😉

1- Taught me how to study efficiently:

Some of the blogs that helped me out —> @mindofamedstudent @miaa-kale @studyquirk @studylou​

2- Got me inspired on how to make my study area more organized, positive, and never boring as it used to be. 

3- Made me try out new hobbies, like photography, and soon going to learn how to play a musical instrument.

4- Made me way more positive. 

5-Helped me enrich my english, since it’s not my mother tongue language. (I will make soon a blog post about the 4 languages I speak)

6- Made me get to know some amazing people online, and believe again in humanity. (Cause seriously tumblr is the only social media where people are 100% real)

@cutiefly-studying @amsterdamstudies @pencil-padawan @kendalls-korean-studies @awkwardstudies @textbookaddict @greenteasstudying @medkip @upnorthwithinspiration @college-cafe @studypride @afrostudy @apollo-studies @christieconomist @study-cake @universi-tea @smallstudyblrsunite 
@studydeerling @studysymphony

7- I became aware of so many world wide issues, that other social medias don’t talk about.


9- Made me start bullet-journaling (I don’t share often my bulletjournal cause lately I’ve been putting on it some personnal things, maybe in the future I will make it more studying related and will be able to share it with you babes)

10- Studyblr gave me a big push up in my studies, I am more confident about what I am learning, and about my achievements. 

11- Having a blog is something I’ve always wanted, but I never kept up with any other blogs websites, because of the lack of support, and studyblrs here gave me a lot of love and support so I’m keeping up my work!!



13- I got inspired to work hard to someday be able to inspire people who need it, cause we all want to make this world a better world. 

14- I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE THE PICTURES PEOPLE POST HERE!!!!!!

15- It’s always good to see that, even Top A students, have some ups and downs, and they all work hard to achieve a high GPA, so why would I not achieve it too after working hard? 

16- This is something I wouldn’t have been able to share if Tumblr didn’t change me, Tumblr/Studyblr helped me recover from a dangerous eating disorder, and from depression, so to be honest words really can’t describe how thankful I am to this community. 

17- The free blog themes, and how you can edit them, it makes you feel almost like a programmer.

18- I learned a lot about Art, Finance, Economics, Different languages, Litterature, History and Geography. (Subjects I didn’t think I would ever be interested in)

19- Taught me how to never Give up.

20- When I feel like giving up, I always find the support I need to get back on my feet, and if I still can’t get back on me feet, it’s okay to take a day off to stay in bed all day crying, binge watching Netflix, and just do nothing.

21- Filled my empty time, and honestly when I can’t study, I procrastinate on tumblr, while still learning new stuff, so that’s not completely unproductive right? 

Yep that’s the end of the post

21 Reasons why I love Studyblr

I will be doing blogrates, during the the next two weeks, and I will be following back all of those who I think are pretty amazing (probably following back everyone cause y’all are amazing just saying…) 


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update on sexy massage time tag!? Love your blog btw, it's a life saver!

Jump Then Fall by linksofmemories (11/? | 83,673 | Rated E)

“Um, my name is Stiles. Are you Derek Hale?”

“Yes,” and now he just sounded ticked off. “Why are you calling?”

“I, uh, saw your website,” Stiles said, gesturing toward the laptop even though he didn’t know why. “You know, about the sex thing. And you’re a Dom and stuff… and I would like you to dominate me, please.”

He Always Comes After His Wolf by itsabluejay (complete | 6,534 | Rated E)

Derek and Stiles are in a Dom/sub relationship and as part of Derek’s recovery they do gentle BDSM on Thursdays so Stiles can show Derek what he means to him.

As You Wish by runswithwolves (complete | 4,708 | Rated E)

Woah. Stiles had a massage next. She’d agreed to it because her mom said it would be nice, but shit, now there’d be someone touching on her. Shit. What if it was a scary Brunhilda type? What if it was a hot lady? Oh god, oh god, oh god—

“Stilinski?” Stiles pulled her robe more snugly around herself and looked over at the doorway to the rest of the spa, in which stood a dude. A dude. Who was like, chiseled as fuck. Oh god, oh god. Even worse.

Stiles swallowed. “Uh, yes—yeah. That’s me.”

Let Me by elisera (parts of series | 5,068 | Rated E)

Derek’s stomach twists, guilt spreading through him like a sickness and he ruthlessly shuts it down and keeps his mouth shut. He wasn’t even talking about sex but the need to apologize anyway makes his chest feel tight. It unmoors something in Derek whenever Stiles tells him outright no even though he knows Stiles isn’t just humoring him when they’re scening. It’s just an emotional reaction he can’t control, can’t unlearn.

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I'm home sick all weekend bc theres some weird problem with the lining in my stomach. Do you think you could make an update for your top favorite fics ATM? I'll read anything I'm honestly just so bored. I love this blog sooo much thank you <3

for completed fics i have to add to the favorites page:

and for wips:

Jump Then Fall by linksofmemories (11/? | 83,673 | Rated E)

“Um, my name is Stiles. Are you Derek Hale?”

“Yes,” and now he just sounded ticked off. “Why are you calling?”

“I, uh, saw your website,” Stiles said, gesturing toward the laptop even though he didn’t know why. “You know, about the sex thing. And you’re a Dom and stuff… and I would like you to dominate me, please.”

Fate Knew Better by whatthehale (14/? | 47,898 | Rated M)

Wherein Derek is the military, and Stiles gets paired with him in a Military pen pals program.

looking for it (finding heaven) by ittlebitz (9/? | 69,721 | Rated E)

Everyone knows from birth if they are a Dom or a sub. Markers in the blood show which one is going to be, and when maturity is reached, a tattoo is put on the left hand that displays which you are and indicates readiness for a claim.

Dominant Derek Hale is determined not to take on a submissive after a deadly mistake in his past. But the Alpha, his uncle Peter, has other ideas. He arranges for Derek to claim Stiles Stilinski, much to Derek’s initial dismay. But as soon as he sets eyes on the sassy submissive, all his Dominant urges flare to life and his wolf demands that he claim what belongs to him.

The Skies Above Are Blue by Trelkez (8/9 | 95,258 | Rated M)

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

Indelible Marks by billtheradish (68/? | 199,657 | Rated M)

The house never burned. The pack is strong. Derek will never need to be the alpha, and his sister is a troll. (Actually, most of his family is like that.)

Derek is an apprentice tattoo artist, and Stiles isn’t old enough to get ink of his own yet. But that doesn’t stop him from being interesting…

Court of the Bitter King series by The Feels Whale (3 works | 6,787 | Rated T)

There’s a reason Stiles refuses point-blank to take off his shirt in public. That reason would be the massive number of …somewhat illegal tattoos he’s had done over the years.

It’s not that his dad doesn’t know about the tattoos, it’s more that his dad doesn’t like to think about them. It’s a mom thing or more precisely, it’s a ‘mom’s side of the family’ thing and Stiles’ maternal relatives make his dad very, very nervous.

Softer Than Silk, Stronger Than Iron by NimblePhoenix (17/? | 116,397 | Rated E)

Stiles should have left them where he found them and called the wildlife department but with Stiles being Stiles, and his damn paternal instincts flaring up, of course he didn’t. Instead he brought them to the Hale house. Hey, if hanging out with Werewolves could constantly get him into life threatening situations he should at least get something good out of it…like help raising the two little wolf cubs he’s suddenly fallen in love with.

He doesn’t even realize how much he’s affecting Derek. Unfortunately for Derek, the rest of the pack does.

and i hope you feel better soon! <3


It’s never too soon to start decorating for Halloween!

I saw this pack of $1 socks at Target and I just knew I had to do something for my dolls with them. My sewing job on this is atrocious since I extremely exhausted today, and I did a bad thing by leaving unstitched hems. But other than that, it’s a fully functional sweater and skirt. I attempted making Goo a witch hat, but having sewn two projects by then, I was past the point of being careful. It’s a little too big for her head, but I think it makes good decoration.

Also, I made myself cat ears and a tail. I’ve been wanting a pair for as long as I can remember, and there are some websites I’d love to support but just couldn’t afford them yet. So for under $11, I made my own!

I’m almost tempted to wear them out in public. Almost.

I learned a very long time ago a some important lessons on Tumblr.

1. Don’t take anyone who doesn’t fact check their facts serious.
2. Don’t take anons serious, especially hate.
3. Don’t take Tumblr Activism serious AT ALL unless the person provides a solution or at least addresses the need for one.
4. Don’t take this website serious.
5. Drink water.
6. Use the block button
7. Only follow blogs you like.
8. Don’t pity follow, especially your friends.
9. Remember to lotion.
10. Love yourself because the people on the Internet are not here to love you.
11. Fox tails are terrible and don’t trust anyone who wears them.



1. Please introduce yourself and state what part of Africa you are from? My name is Alice Kobba. I live in Indiana, but I am from Sierra Leone.  2. Have you ever been to Sierra Leone, if no do you plan on going someday? Yes, I was born there, and I moved to the states when I was 4 because of the war. I went back to visit in 2008, and I plan on going back December 2014. 3. What do you like most about being an African? I love our unique culture and values. 4. How would you describe your African culture to a non-African person? Our culture is very disciplined. Respect for our elders is extremely  important. Do not make the mistake of talking back to your parents! Also education, family, and traditions are extremely valued. 5. When you think about the word Africa, what is the first word that comes to your mind? Home 6. Tells us three words that you would to describe yourself? Goofball, friendly, & driven 7. Tell us something that people do not really know about you? I’m quiet and reserved around people I don’t know, but once they get to know me, they’ll soon realize I’m silly and a kid at heart 8. What is your favorite beauty product? Mascara/eyeliner  9. Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets? I’m big on saving money. It’s cheaper to buy makeup/clothes online. Check out eBay. A lot of boutiques have an eBay account and market their products-(clothing/makeup/extensions) at a discount.   10. Describe your style in three words Comfortable yet professional   11. Who is your celebrity crush? I have 3- Channing Tatum, Lance Gross, and Liam Hemsworth  12. What do you think about our blog fckyeahprettyafricans? I love it! I get to see gorgeous Africans and I’ve followed some amazing blogs/ people thru this page. 13. Where can our followers get more information about you such as your social network websites/blogs? They can follow me @africanbeauti1 On Instagram, Twitter and tumblr !!