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13x02 “The Rising Son”
The Thing about Getting Saved

There was actually so much packed into this scene - even though there wasn’t a whole lot talking going on. But like so often, much more than the words, the facial expressions and body language say more than all the words in the dictionary could. This entire scene is painful, because clearly Dean is in pain and so is Jack. Both for very different reasons, but in the end it is pain as such that does definitely connect them.

Though actually it’s much more than that. Like I said in the gifset I posted before this one. The struggle of identity, of something evil within beyond your control is no longer just something that Sam may could relate to, Dean can too - when he had the mark he also lost control, killed people without wanting to, didn’t know how to control it.. So when Jack tells him that “he will hurt someone”,  he may not consciously think about it here (since really when you see how exhausted and “dead in the eyes” Dean looks here, I think there is not much more Dean can think about than everything they lost - and partially because of Jack’s birth), but it is definitely something Dean experienced as well.

And if all that wasn’t just gut wrenching enough, they also had to insert the entire “saving” aspect, which of course is a recurring and major theme for Dean from 1x12 “Faith” onwards. Dean doesn’t think he “deserves to be saved” and said himself he is “past saving”, likewise Jack expressed this episode that maybe he “isn’t worth the effort” - really him and Dean aren’t too different and maybe deep down that scares Dean. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but to me Dean definitely shows some level of understanding, but you can just see that he is too tired to give Jack the chance to prove him wrong, because the consequences would be impossible to live with, the situation right now is unbearable already, so…

Yes, painful and powerful ending scene - I actually am really curious how Dean’s and Jack’s relationship unfolds - so far there a few compelling aspects to tackle. And last but not least, I need to express my love for that ending with Jack looking into the mirror and us just seeing his face through that mirror. Mirror shots have a looong tradition on SPN and they are always connected to issues of identity. And well, that’s one of the big themes here.


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kc au week | day 5 · Mythology and Creatures

Caroline’s been around for a couple of centuries and is totally fine with using some of the technology from the 21st to see to her needs. Dating is tricky when you’re a Selkie. Unfortunately, it’s harder than expected. A match with a mysterious artist named Klaus goes surprisingly well.

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No offense but I’m glad that IT(2017) lives on to be one of the rare exceptions where the reboot is better than the original movie

What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts