love for garak

“…so by that logic the whole second canto is obviously a veiled critique of Meroc’s appropriation of the Hebitian epic style for State propaganda purposes, and - uh - Garak?”


“Are you playing footsie?”

“What a charming term! I’m not familiar with it. But please do continue, Doctor - I’m eager to see how this fascinatingly wrongheaded analysis of yours will play out.”

“Hang on - I’m winning, aren’t I? I’m winning the argument, and you’re trying to distract me.”

“Whatever do you mean.”

The best part about watching DS9′s Civilian Defense is watching Dukat beam into the station, gloat at the crew for triggering the auto-destruct sequence, and then when he tries to leave realizes that his former boss locked him out of the system and trapped him in the station too. 

But my favorite part is Garak slowly getting annoyed and exasperated with Dukat’s slimy attempts to impress Kira.

He’s progression of done-ness is amazing

Garak hates Dukat so much. And he’s right Kira would never fall for Dukat’s slimy charm. 

One of the things I love about this show is that the actors push back at the writers when they feel it’s not something their character would do, it doesn’t always work but I’m so so glad Nana Visitor put her foot down on any Kira and Dukat romance. 

Also, a bit of foreshadowing there with Dukat’s father, that his ambitions got the better of his love for Cardassia. This is something that drove Dukat to form the alliance with the Dominion in the first place.


Deep Space 9 | Past Prologue | Garak’s Introduction [2\4]


Dr. Julian taking care of his lizard boyfriend

  • Sisko: I thought the Bajorans bent over backwards to be polite to you, Garak?
  • Garak: Giving me a nametag that read "Elim Garak - Former Cardassian Oppressor" was hardly polite!
  • Jadzia: And what did you want it to say? "Former Spy"?