love for drugs

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I totally agree with you that Rob should have a friend but I don't buy it that he thinks of Rebecca as a friend (she's an ex who has repeatedly tried to jump on him and caused trouble with his partner). If Rob had wanted to talk, he wouldn't have kicked Adam out. Adam knows Aaron, what it's like in prison, how it feels when someone you love uses drugs and turns their back on their family. In addition, Adam has been supportive of their relationship before.

i see your point, but adam is primarily aaron’s friend first.

why would robert choose to talk to someone he has an antagonistic relationship with at worst, and a semi friendly relationship with at best? they’re okay together because they have common interests in aaron and vic, but i doubt that robert would choose to talk to adam when he’d have to a) reveal aaron was doing drugs in the first place (re: holly) and b) have to admit a weakness to ADAM. not robert at all.

i love adam and roberts relationship and wish they were closer, but if it was going to be anyone, it would be vic, and roberts trying to hurt himself in the worst ways possible; it was always going to be rebecca.