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rutherford and koh are huge fans of green smoothies - koh will make a big batch in ryang’s fancy blender and always offers some to everyone but rutherford is the only one who ever takes him up on it (henry did, once, out of politeness, but he was NOT a fan). lee-squared makes fun of them because he says the smoothies taste like grass and asks if they were raised by horses, and cheng2 makes accompanying whinnying noises every time that cause everyone but koh to laugh

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Ah nice to see a fellow La La Land fan :) perfect film is perfect

YES, TALK LA LA LAND TO ME. I saw it twice already (cried even more the second time) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. The cinematography, the colors, the continuous shots and the music just blow me away. Fingers crossed it wins the Oscar for Best Picture tomorrow! <3 

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Saw a BW on twitter swallowing gallons of White Feminist Kool-Aid, talmbout "RESIST" and "women and minorities", & "power of the left" and other white liberal nonsense. ALL THE RT'S/ LIKES WERE FROM WHITE WOMEN!!! I swear to God it's like Black Women are allergic to sticking up *FOR OURSELVES* and not muling for the very people that HATE us

I no longer concern myself as I once did with mammy muling black women. They love making complete fools of themselves in order to win a seat at the acceptance table. Don’t worry yourself about them either. Let them go on and make fools of themselves; it will catch up with them later on.

Oh, God.  If they turn Lena evil, Kara will look like a fool for loving a woman that everyone stereotyped, and all the kids with f-ed parents will get a quiet f- you to boot.  And if they turn Lena into a regular who is good, they are 100% going to make us live through her getting together with Winn.  

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Do you ever take other forms? And have you appeared in your lovelies' heads, just to... yknow, fuck with em?

“I take whatever form your subconscious mind desires to find me in.”

Dark crossed his forearms smoothly over his chest, before one of his heels swung up to rest his shin against the edge of the desk.

“Now keep in mind, this does not entail that whatever you consciously think will magically appear when it comes to me. Your subconscious mind is a place where you are unaware of your thoughts or desires, it is a place untouched by yourself. So, you cannot change what your subconscious wants to see of me. It simply happens, and remains, until your own subconscious decides to change that fact.”

His stare was enveloped by shadows as a grimace flashed the bone of his teeth.

“I would never fuck with my lovelies. Ever. An insolent fool who openly stood against me is another tale.”



just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

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Let’s say Lena doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl. She thinks she fell for “the girl of steel”, and they get into a relationship made by flirts and teases. In the meanwhile, she’s being friends with Kara and starts develop a crush on her. Lena feels torn between her undeniable attraction for Supergirl - the hot, badass chick who can smash things with her bare hands and fly around like gravity is just a conspiracy theory - and the warm bond that she has now with Kara - the sunny girl with glasses who can make her day with just a smile. She starts feeling unsure about what to do: pursue the damn sexy idea of a Super and a Luthor being together - believing in that kind of love of the movies -, or surrender to the most genuine, unexpectedly familiar relationship she has with Kara, that maybe is not the kind that would shake the world to its core, but could make her heart whole for the first time in her life. When she finally makes her decision and tells Kara she wants to be with her, Kara realizes that Lena loves every single thing about her, both the girl and the super, so she tells her about her secret.
Lena, who believed for so long to not to be worthy of any kind of love, has now more than anything she has ever dared to dream: a type of love that is only theirs.