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Dragon Age is so important to me because I found it at a time in my life when I was terribly depressed and convinced I would never write again. Circumstances had led me to lose all interest in the world around me, and all confidence in my writing abilities. I told myself that everyone who had ever encouraged me along the way had been lying to me because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings, and it was embarrassing for me to even keep trying. It was time to give up on fantasies and live in the real world. 

And then I played Inquisition and it impacted me greatly. Inspired for the first time in years, I plunged ahead and - and DA2 was even a more powerful experience for me. I can’t even begin to describe what the Kirkwall gang did for me on a personal level, but on a more obvious one - I wrote Friendly Concern, and then The Other Inquisitor. I turned this into a writing blog, and spent the first November of this new life writing every day for the first time in years.

I don’t know if I’ll ever finish another original novel, or if I do, if I’ll ever write one that gets published. But I get to write every day - I want to write every day - and when people write to me and tell me that it made them happy, it made their day better, it helped them through something, then I’m reminded that it doesn’t matter if I’m making a living off writing: I’m helping people. That’s important. Even on my worst days, when the anxiety and depression strikes hard, and things go bad at work, I’m still more content than I’ve ever been in my adult life, and I owe that to Dragon Age. 

Whatever you do, don’t think about the Campbell family.

Don’t think about Katerina frantically trying to figure out this whole parenting thing.

Don’t think about Katerina cradling Mana the first time he got really sick, frantically wondering if her baby boy would make it. 

Don’t think about Neah maturing at far too young an age, just so his mother didn’t have to worry about him. 

Don’t think about Neah distracting a sick Mana with puppet shows and stories.

Don’t think about Neah getting into brawls with local children when they insult his mom and Mana. 

Don’t think about Katerina keeping a strong face in front of the boys, but breaking down in tears in private.

Don’t think about Mana trying to keep a smile on his face because he doesn’t like seeing his mom and brother unhappy.

Don’t think about Mana getting frustrated over being sick so much.


Thanksgiving night

I’ve been thinking about thanksgiving night, after Frank leaves the Lieberman’s, and how it feels as if there is a scene missing. Frank (Pete) doesn’t join them for dinner as now that the family has been reunited, he has no place there – but after, when he drives away, I can see him making one more stop before he goes back to whatever hideout he’s using, and pulls up outside of Karen Page’s apartment.

He doesn’t make any move to get out of the car, doesn’t call her, just sits there for a few moments until he catches her silhouette in the window.

Takes a breath, before he drives away.

Oh look, another one of Jane’s love interests has to leave the show for her to end up with Rafael.

More Briefs Family Headcanons

Trunks and Goten develop a rivalry similar to Goku and Vegeta, especially in high school, but they are still best friends and have fun together. 

Bra is the only person Vegeta is affectionate in public with, even in front of Goku

After the tournament of power, Vegeta and Bulma reunite and it’s extremely emotional for both of them. Goku is still shocked that people in romantic relationships kiss because Goku

Bra dresses up as saiyan saga Vegeta for halloween one year, and even wears a fake scouter and fake tail

Bulma and Vegeta spend more time together than they used to, and Vegeta finally learns to cook a rice omelette 

Trunks and Bra get along extremely well, partially due to the age gap between them

Vegeta is still hesitant to share his past with his kids because he’s not sure if they’d love him in the same way if they knew the truth

Vegeta refers to Bulma as “woman” less and less over time, calling her by name more often

Bra was born with a tail but both parents agreed to have it removed as it’s for the best. 

Bra doesn’t really understand why everyone else thinks her father is so intimidating…mostly because she never really sees that side of him 

More head canons

Judy didn’t become the “official” mother of Nick’s kits until she married Nick when they were almost 2

The kits have always known they were born by Nick since they were 4 and never felt bothered by it as they grew older and never really questioned it. Sure it was strange, but nothing too serious to them though. They just saw it as “Just being carried by the opposite gender.”

The kits find out that they are clones of deceased foxes when they were 12. Though they were not happy to find this out. Even though later, they do feel sorry that their father was used for their experiment.

After Nick’s kits are born, Jack didn’t really want to separate from Nick and Judy since they’ve grown so close living in their condo. So they all later decided to buy a 5 bedroom (including a basement), 2 story house together by the lake. Also being joined by Skye. And not too far in the future, Jack and Skye’s adopted daughter (Still deciding her species though).

Living arrangements:

Nick’s kits’s rooms are on the 2nd floor, where there is 2 bedrooms. Aubrey and Alicia share one room, while Amare and Andre share the other.

Nick and Judy’s master bedroom is on the 1st floor 

Jack and Skye have a master bedroom in the basement, their daughter has a bedroom in the basement as well. 

Mornings like this are my favorite. The power goes out, just as the coffee finishes brewing. We all sit around the table, sipping our coffee, a candle lit in the middle, talking, laughing. Not one of us complaining, just enjoying these small moments of uninterrupted peace, before heading out for the last day of hunting this season.

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Do you think the meeting in ep2 was the first time Karen and Frank have met up since the rooftop scene in dd's finale? I'm a greedy hoe..but idk I was expecting them to discuss stuff more if it was their first meeting since? Idk I'm pretty damn well pleased with the season otherwise (I LOVE ALL THE NEW LADIES OMFG)

Yes, I do! I kind of expected them to discuss more as well, but I think the reasoning for neither of them doing that beyond “Where have you been?” “I had business, Karen. I had to finish.” “And you finished it?” is also found in the dialogue of this episode and the 5th.

K: When am I gonna see you again?
F: You wanna?


K: Because I look at you and my heart breaks because all I can see is this endless, echoing loneliness.
F: I’m not lonely, Karen, please.
K: Bullshit, we are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we’re just- we’re just fighting not to be alone.

For Frank, I think that even after Karen’s warm reception of him he’s wary of being a presence in her life again, wary of bringing her more stress and heartache from the attachment they’ve formed. Her wanting to see him again is definitely a shock, I think very much so because how shows back up for help and not just as social call. That should be off-putting – but it isn’t for Karen when it means she gets to see him again. That might just be more reason for him to keep that wall up of not lingering, not acting like they’re two friends catching up.

For Karen, it’s that loneliness. To discuss what he’s missed is to discuss the awkward tension and grief of secrets, loss, and drifting family/friendships. She doesn’t volunteer any information or seem expectant of him returning the hesitant asking because she knows he’s not here for that normalcy of a friendship, either. Maybe that’s almost a relief? It’s there in the hug she almost leaps up from the couch to give – she’s just glad he’s here, physically, alive. They don’t need to catch up on details missed with his care and concern so evidence.


In my naivity I thought every fandom is as lovely, creative, supportive and wonderful as the Cherik fandom. But I was wrong. Let us all make sure our fandoms remain wonderful! A fandom is a family of people united by their love for something that makes their lives happier, easier, better. Let us not ruin that with rude people!

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hmmm what about if during the final Hunger attack the IPRE members had to fight black opal versions of themselves from the worlds where they lost? (and i hope it's okay if i keep randomly sending headcanons and shit to you because i have Quite a Few)

oh hell yes

so…here are my thoughts on this, and bear with me, it took a little while to collect them all. because on one hand we could for sure have a, like, taako-v-taako and magnus-v-magnus and merle-v-merle, but that would just be standoffish? and probably not get anywhere. 

but here’s the crucial difference - the hunger is indifference, manifest. shadow!taako wouldn’t lift a finger to help shadow!magnus, whereas the real versions of our beloved characters totally would.

i think it would be…awkward? and funny, in retrospect (”hey merle remember that time you tried to get revenge for your arm by warhammering my shoulder” “that wasn’t me!”) but i think eventually, our boys would win. also, there would be some super sweet parallels between our boys being able to actually ask for help and deriving strength from that willingness

(and yes, please send me headcanons. as like a general thing, to everyone. i love them and i love talking about our boys. any time. askbox is always open)