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Every team 7 ship VS NaruHina

To the clique that argued with me in the saltiest of ways, I dedicate to you my first ever anti nh post. I hope you think twice about telling people to kill themselves over your self insert and stop being a pimple on society’s ass.

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better late than never ❣ scott mccall

summary : action has been rather slow in good ol’ beacon hills lately, so the mccall pack takes it upon themselves to stir up some excitement with a lovely albeit somewhat childish game of truth or dare. ( based off this )

word count : 2.2k ( way longer than usual oh my god )

   Lydia Martin was on a mission. A mission, that is, to not only drum up some fun in the town that’s behavior was, strangely enough, completely mundane for once, but to do so by getting two of her best friends together. As a couple, of course. Y/N Y/L/N and Scott McCall were ridiculously perfect for each other in every conceivable way. They were practically together already, but neither of them wanted to be the first to say that they were in love. Scott’s had two relationships end in flames already, and Y/N’s last boyfriend was in freshman year and had ended so awfully she had sworn off men for the rest of her life and vowed to become a nun when the time was right. 

    Of course, then she met Scott, and everything changed. Who wants to be a nun when you can be with Scott McCall? 

   But the fact that Y/N and Scott hadn’t admitted their feelings to each other yet irked Lydia to no end. She heard Scott absolutely gushing about the other girl to Stiles and Liam on a daily basis, a dreamy sigh escaping his lips when she walked past him with a shy smile on her face when she waved. He’d turn to his friends right after she was out of earshot, his face flushed with happiness from a gesture as simple as a smile and wave, and say, “Oh God, isn’t she just… like, wow?” And then he’d shake his head with that same wistful grin, thinking about all the ways he’d show his affection toward her if only he could work up the courage to tell her. 

    Of course, everyone had tried to get him to do so already. “You’ve defeated like, eighty million villains, Scotty, and you can’t tell one harmless girl that you’re in love with her? She’s not even scary. She’s adorable.” To which Scott would reply, “She is, isn’t she?” And move along with his day. 

    The girls had tried to convince Y/N to tell Scott about her feelings once they realized Scott himself wasn’t going to budge. “Aw, guys, I just can’t. He’s so Scott. He’s so cute and he’s sweet and he’s funny and I don’t wanna fuck it up like I know I will so I’ll just love him from afar and be happy with it.” This comment earned a copious amount of groans and complaints that Y/N tuned out by daydreaming about what would happen if she was actually able to work up enough courage to tell Scott that she kind of, sort of, pretty much loved him. That was all they were though, simple daydreams. Until Lydia set her well thought out, expertly crafted, born from the mind of a genius -direct quote from Lydia- plan in motion. 

   It was a simple plan, really. She had issued out a mass text to everyone, including Y/N and Scott, that she was having a mandatory pack sleepover (she had previously called it a slumber party but Stiles and Liam had been adamantly against the usage of the term because they were convinced that they were too manly to use such words) and everyone was invited because as per usual, her mother wouldn’t be around this weekend. Then, she began a separate text thread with everyone excluding Scott and Y/N, explaining the rest of the plan to the pack to ensure that no one would mess it up. 

   The night of the sleepover, Y/N and Scott showed up at the exact same time. She was struggling to pick up her duffle bag that was clearly overpacked and carry it up Lydia’s extensive front staircase. Scott, being both smitten with the girl and a gentleman regardless, jogged quickly over to her. 

   “Hi,” he said, a sweet smile passing over his face as he took the bag from her arms. “Let me get that for ya. How are you, Y/N?” Most of the time, when someone asks such a question, they aren’t looking for a genuine answer. They don’t really care how you are, or what you say in response to their query. When she looked at Scott, however, she could tell that he genuinely wanted to know and cared about how she was doing. 

    “I’m good, Scotty,” She replied cheerfully, returning the smile. “And how is my favorite true alpha doing on this lovely night?” With a slight roll of his eyes, not out of annoyance, Scott said, “I’m the only true alpha that we know of.” 

    She shrugged, poking him in the side. “But you’d be my favorite even if I knew, like, ten true alphas.” Surprised at herself for even saying something she considered as bold as that, she slipped back into her introverted shell and fell silent once again. Sensing that Y/N no longer wanted to talk to him and trying not to appear as disappointed as he felt, Scott quietly walked into the house, Y/N trailing behind, with her bag still slung over his shoulder. He placed it on the ground next to the others’, and she thanked him in a soft, almost inaudible voice. Then, she hurried off to find the girls. 

   Scott ran a hand through his hair, unsure of what to think. He went into the kitchen, greeted by Stiles and Liam. “So,” Stiles said the moment Scott made his entrance, “I saw you and our dear Y/N come in together,” he wiggled his eyebrows. “Have you finally grown a pair and admitted your stupidly adorable crush to her, or did you back out yet again?” 

   Not bothering to argue, Scott shook his head. “I’m not even sure if she likes me, man. I mean, I think she does, everyone says she does, but the way she acts doesn’t make it seem like she does, you know?” 

   Stiles glanced up to the ceiling with a deep groan, looking to Liam. “They never learn, do they? Scott, even baby wolf over here understands girls better than you do sometimes.” Before Liam could defend himself, Stiles placed a hand over his mouth. “Not now. Adults talking. Anyway, Y/N’s insanely shy, Scotty. You should get this by now. She’s never gonna tell you first because of the anxiety thing she’s got going on. You make her nervous. She likes you, and trust me, you’ll be together before the night is over, all right?” 

   Confused for the second time that night, Scott asked, “What? How do you know that?” Opting not to answer, the other two boys simply patted Scott on the shoulder with supportive grins and made their way to the living room. He followed them into the room, brows furrowed. He tried to sit next to Stiles on the couch, but his best friend practically shoved Scott across the living room to the other couch, where no one was sitting. The entire pack, save for Y/N and Lydia, were situated around one couch. The other two girls were up in Lydia’s room. 

    “Lydiaaaa,” Y/N was whining. “You totally did this on purpose. You’re trying to set Scott and I up and it’s weird, Lydia. You’re gonna freak him out and he’s gonna hate me.” 

    With a scoff, Lydia pushed past Y/N, forcing her to follow. “Puh-lease. Scott could never hate you even if he tried, even if you were his worst enemy in the world. He’s head over heels in love with you. And I’m not trying to set you guys up,” she added as an innocent afterthought. “You guys are soulmates, so everything will work itself out regardless of whether or not I extend a little bit of a helping hand.” 

    Rushing after the strawberry blonde, Y/N asked, “But… doesn’t that mean you are trying to set us up?” She received no reply as she marched into the living room after Lydia, noting with annoyance that of course the only seat available was squished next to Scott on the tiny love seat across from everyone else. Hesitantly, Y/N sat down beside him, aware that her heartbeat was terribly loud and that every were-thing in the room could hear it as well. 

   And boy- did he hear it. Her heartbeat was practically deafening with her being so close to him, and her scent betrayed all other emotion. She was terribly nervous. Scott, not wanting to embarrass her or bring it up in front of everyone else, subtly moved his hand over hers so that their fingers were interlocked, and he squeezed lightly. Alarmed but pleased all the same, she reached over and grasped his hand for a split second. She smiled shyly down at her lap, knowing he was looking at her but too afraid to look back. 

    Clearing her throat, Lydia stood up. “Hm, I’m not really feeling a movie right now, what about you guys?” As if reading from some sort of script, the members of the pack that were situated on the other side of the room shook their heads in unison. 

    “Maybe later,” Stiles suggested. 

    “We could always do something else,” Malia agreed quickly, trying to casually glance at Lydia to make sure what she said had been correct. Lydia gave a not so subtle nod of her head before switching topics. “How about we play truth or dare? It’s classic,” she said, glaring at Y/N before she could protest, which Lydia knew she was bound to do. 

     “Aw, Lyds, we’re not in seventh grade anymore,” Y/N said defiantly. 

     Scott, eager to make Y/N like him even more, agreed quickly. “Yeah, I mean, it’s just a little childish.” 

     “Whatever,” Lydia dismissed. “It’s four against two, and majority rules. And Y/N,” Lydia began, with a devilish grin on her face, “since you were so eager to disagree, you can go first. Truth or dare, best friend of mine?” 

    Y/N bit her lip, mulling it over in her head. See, if she picked truth, she knew Lydia would force her to tell Scott about her not so casual crush on him. But Y/N always picked truth. It was her thing. She preferred the safe choice. This time, truth was the risky choice. She couldn’t figure out what Lydia would do if she picked dare, so before the time was up, Y/N said, with a slight confidence boost from the encouraging nod Scott gave her just then, “I’ll go with dare.” 

    “Oh, perfect.” Lydia turned toward Stiles, whispering something in his ear. Stiles let out a laugh, grinning like a maniac. “Y/N, don’t hate me but… we dare you to kiss Scott.” Feeling like she was in seventh grade again and being dared to kiss her crush at the time, an unwitting and painfully shy Isaac Lahey, Y/N felt her face heat up and her chest constrict. 

    Scott, now blushing himself and feeling more nervous than he had in a long time, turned to her and said quietly, “Hey, you know you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable.” Y/N placed a hand on his shoulder, said a quick little thank you, and leaned over to press a kiss against his soft cheek. 

    The grin that Scott wore on his face the moment her lips made contact with his cheek was enough to melt her heart and seize it all at once. Now, with newfound confidence and loving her personality and shyness and loveliness more than he already had when he arrived at Lydia’s house, Scott placed a hand on her face. His finger tilted her gaze toward him, and he licked his lips nervously.  

   “C’mon, Y/N,” he murmured. She swallowed a lump in her throat. She knew what was going to happen next as he leaned a little more. “We both know that..” he licked his lips again, his other hand on her face now, “that’s not what she meant.” He pressed his mouth against her own, never letting his hands stray from her beautiful face. If he could stay in this exact position forever, he would choose to do so in a heartbeat, maybe even less than that. They pulled back from each other, but just barely. His lips were still brushing over hers, the tips of their noses touching as they could do nothing but stare at the other with an expression that was mixed with awe and surprise. 

    Neither of them had expected that to happen tonight. With a shaky breath, Scott moved his hands away so he could grasp both of hers. Y/N had the most lovestruck look in her eyes, Scott was practically blown away. Forgetting that they had a very attentive audience gazing at them from across the room, Scott said to Y/N, “Um, well, if it isn’t obvious yet, I’m, um, kind of completely in love with you. And I have been for awhile. I should’ve said something sooner but…” 

    Y/N grabbed him and kissed him first this time, short and sweet. “Better late than never?” She proposed. And he nodded gratefully, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her toward him, engulfing her body in his. He just felt the desperate, needy desire to hold her for all of eternity, or something like that. Stiles and Liam dramatically wiped fake tears from their eyes, loudly joking about how they grow up so fast and soon enough they’ll be off getting married and having babies and the like. Neither Y/N nor Scott minded. They were simply happy to be in each other’s arms after all the months of waiting and dreaming for a moment such as this, and Lydia, ever the supportive best friend, made sure to snap about eighty-seven million pictures of Y/N and Scott when they dozed off on the couch together, her cheek pressed against his chest, curled up in the safe space that was Scott McCall’s comforting, loving arms. 

You Are The Only One I Want

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin/Reader (She/Her)

Category: Angst, with a little fluff at the end

Words: 2025

Warnings: Swearing, food mentioned, violence mentioned, Eggsy is a little bit beaten up, a little bit of fighting, mention of pain pills

Prompts: “You deserve better.” & “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

Summary: Eggsy comes home from a rough mission feeling like he is not good enough for his girlfriend.

A/N’s: Wow! So, this is the first reader insert fic that I have ever written. It also happens to be the first thing I’ve ever written that I’ve let anybody read, so please go easy on me. I’d love some constructive criticism, if anyone has any ideas on how I could make my writing any better. Thanks!  I hope you all enjoy.

Originally posted by tarons

             Eggsy hesitated to even go home that night. Part of him wanted to find somewhere else to stay for the night, his mum’s or Roxy’s. His last mission had been rough. He was beaten, bruised, and bloody. This wouldn’t be the first time he had come home to her like this. At this point he knew that she was probably used to it, that she maybe even expected it most nights and he hated that. He hated making her upset or fearful for him. He hated that when he was on a mission, she was stuck home, alone and worrying about his safety. But more than anything, he hated the fact that he was what caused her distress.

             It wasn’t until he reached their apartment building that he realized where his post mission debrief walk had taken him. While completely lost in thought he had made his way back to her. Right back to his incredible Y/N. Right back to the woman he was so helplessly in love with. Even when he was internally debating coming home or not he still found his way back to the girl he considered to be his entire world. ‘I’m never gonna be able to stay away from her.’ He shook his head at this thought.  Eggsy knew that he couldn’t keep doing this to her. He didn’t want to keep doing this to her.

              The brunette continues to stand outside of their building for a few more minutes, just allowing himself a chance to sort out his thoughts. He doesn’t know how long he ended up standing out there. It was not until a man staring down at his cell phone almost knocked him over that he finally decided that it was time to face the music. Taking one last deep breath he walks into the small building, heading straight for the elevator and hitting the button for his floor.

             As he walks down the hallway to their apartment, he sends a small smile to the single mother who lives down the hall and offers to help her bring her groceries inside but she declines with a kind smile and a simple ‘No thanks’. Eggsy stares down at the floor as he continues to walk, slightly disappointed that his plan to procrastinate the conversation he was about to have had failed.  He genuinely didn’t think that his heart could beat any faster than it already was but he is quickly proven wrong once he makes it to the end of the hall and finds himself standing in front of their door.

             The first thing he notices once he steps inside is the sweet smell of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. The familiar scent is almost able to bring a smile to his somber looking face. Y/N always made the delicious treats when she had some spare time before he came home. She had once told him that it was an old family recipe and that her mother always made them for her when she was having a rough day as a kid. A sigh escapes his lips as he hears her footsteps coming down the hall to their bedroom.  He is barely able to set down his bag before she is pulling him into a tight hug. “You’re home! I missed you while you were gone babe!” She says with such relief in her voice that it almost breaks his heart.

             “Hi beautiful. I missed you too.” He replies as he slowly pulls back from her hug to look down at his sweet girlfriend. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun with a few pieces hanging loose around her face and at the back of her neck and she is already in pajamas. A pair of fluffy polka-dot socks are on her feet. She looks adorable (like always). She gives him a warm smile, but it starts to fade when she notices the gloomy look on his face.

             “What’s wrong Eggy?”

             The old nickname still manages to make him smile. An old reminder of simpler times when they were first introduced and she had – much like many other people he had met – misheard his name. He places a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking into the living room and sitting on their couch. He motions for her to come sit down next to him and takes one more deep breath before he finally begins to say what has been stuck in his mind since his mission ended.

             “I hate making you worry about me.” He’s barely started and the look on her face is already enough to make him want to shut up. The e/c eyed girl sitting next to him looks confused and worried, which makes what he is trying to do so much harder because this, this is exactly what he is trying to stop from happening again. The entire point of what he is saying, what he is doing was to stop himself from making her nervous anymore. He closes his eyes for a second and reminds himself of what has been going through his mind for hours, of all the times he came home and she had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Or of the texts he would get from her, late at night when he was away on a mission. The ones that said things like ‘I hope you’re getting some sleep baby, but I’m still up and I just wanted to check in. Love you.’ or ‘I know you can’t tell me about what’s going on with the mission, but please tell me that you’re doing ok at least.’.

             Eggsy reopens his eyes, but this time instead of looking at her, into her kind eyes, he looks away, towards the coffee table where he sees the plate of her freshly baked cookies and his body completely deflates.  His normally cocky demeanor has been replaced with one of hesitance and resignation. His shoulders are slumped and his jaw is clenched. “You shouldn’t have to spend so much time wondering if I’m gonna come home or not. You shouldn’t be stuck awake all night because you’re thinking about what kind of danger I might be in on my missions.” He glances at the floor next to the couch as he says this and notices JB sitting there with his head tilted to the side, just staring at him, as if he too was wondering what the fuck Eggsy was doing, “I mean fuck sweetheart, you are so incredible, way too good for me. You deserve somebody who can provide you with some sense of stability. Someone who you can count on to come home to you every night. I see how exhausted you are when I get home from a mission and just when you start to get rested again, I get called away. I can’t keep doing this to you.”

             Sometime around when he had said that she was too good for him the h/c haired girl had started slowly shaking her head, looking at him in what he could only describe as pure horror. Before he could continue talking she cut him off, “Eggsy stop! I don’t care about any of that stuff! I know you can’t tell me much about your missions, but I can tell enough to know that what you do is incredibly important. You go out there and you put yourself in danger to protect other people. I will never ever be angry at you for that, for how brave that makes you baby. I would choose you over some normal picket fence life any day. It’s not even a question.”

             For the first time in minutes Eggsy looks up at her, into her e/c eyes. He is no longer able to continue to try to stay strong and Y/N can see the tears in his green eyes. Letting out a deep breath he mumbles, barely loud enough to hear, “You deserve better.”

             At this the normally collected girl bolts out of her seat next to him and throws her hands in the air before crying out, “You know what! Maybe I do, but even if that is somehow true I don’t want better! I want you!” She takes a deep breath and lowers herself to a kneeling position in front of him and gently places her hands on his knees, “I don’t care what kind of baggage comes along with you. I will gladly put up with any of it if it means that I still get to be with you and cuddle with you and love you! I love you Eggsy and I can’t stand the idea of not being your girl anymore. So please, if you genuinely believe that I would in any way be better off without you then do whatever the hell you have to get that thought out of your head!”

               The boy on the couch stares down at her and lets out a sob before collapsing forward onto the floor next to her. He clumsily pulls her towards him and hides his face into the curve of her shoulder and she carefully maneuvers herself into his lap and wraps her arms around him and for the first time since he got home she is able to truly take him in. She notices the bruises running along his cheek bones and the one surrounding his left eye. She can only imagine the bruises that lay under his suit which is now getting wrinkled by their position. After a moment, she carefully pulls away from him and rubs her thumb over his split lip.

             “Now babe please, you’re hurt. Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

             He nods while staring into her eyes and allows then both to stand up. He sits down on the couch while she rubs her hand carefully over his face one more time before she walks into the kitchen and grabs a few ice packs as well as some pain meds and water. Once he has taken the pills she sends him to get changed into some comfier clothing and grabs them both a glass of milk before sitting down on the couch and turning on the tv. She puts on some random sitcom while she waits for him to come back and finally allows herself to process everything that has just happened.

             When Eggsy walks back into the room she is just staring at the coffee table, completely lost in her own thoughts and he has to call out her name to get the girl to look up at him. He had changed into an old sweater and some sweatpants. When she does finally look up at him, he looks concerned and she gives him a small smile to let him know that she is ok before moving over slightly so that he can sit down next to her. Once he is comfortable on the couch beside her, she hands him the ice packs and the milk before reaching forward and grabbing the plate of cookies. They each grab a few and he places his arm on the couch behind her head, allowing the girl to rest against his side. He smiles after he takes his first bite of cookie and kisses her on the forehead, quietly telling her how much he loves her and her cookies.

             “I’m glad,” she says before joking, “I make them with love.”

             He chuckles. They spend the next few hours on the couch and they eventually end up laying down, him behind her, stomach and chest pressed up against her back. As the night goes on and they both begin to get sleepier and sleepier he begins to rub his hand up and down her arm. Just as she begins to drift off she turns her head to look at him and says, quietly, “You are right about me being terrified to lose you during a mission, but what scares me even more is the idea that you might leave me voluntarily.”

             He presses a kiss to her nose and gently tells her, “Don’t worry love. I ain’t going anywhere. I promise.”

@kurtwxgners Thanks for letting me tag you and I hope that you like it!

People are pissed Sarah won Game Changers

But like…she deserved it man. Her game was so so good, even Michaela was giving her props.

I haven’t seen someone play the game THAT WELL in a long time. She really was the TRUE Game Changer, and always knew what to do and she took RISKS.

Like instead of hating her for being a police officer or Trump supporter (which has she really announced that though?) Which is by the way ENTIRELY wrong. The world claims to be oh so loving and understanding, no judgement on your own morals and opinions yet the moment you don’t like someone for their morals and opinions you HATE THEM for no reason? Where did the ‘kindness’ and 'understandings’ go? Are you THAT hateful?

You’re not being understanding or kind, you’re just being a hypocrite.

Instead of hating Sarah for her views, job, and morals you should applaud her. Her game was on point and and honestly she has a really hard and traumatic job as a cop already. Why do you guys got to hate everyone ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME???

anonymous asked:

Let people have their theories, even if you think they're wrong.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the last paragraph of this post, in which case my response is:

Unless I have a way bigger follower base and more authority in my relevant fandoms than I have ever conceived, my point is never that I think No One Should Be Allowed To Think That. I am, however, not particularly shy about expressing my personal opinions and reads on meta on my personal blog. 

If you’re putting stuff into my inbox or @-ing me on posts or reblogging my posts and adding commentary, I’m assuming that you’re accepting the fact that what you’re going to get from me is going to be how I feel about this. I’m under neither financial nor professional obligation to give you what you want to hear if that’s not what I, personally feel, and while this may sound a bit backward, I want to respect the questions and theories I’ve sent by being honest about them. I’d rather not give disingenuous praise. 

If someone hands me a theory, my response will be how I feel about it. That may not be good.

Once again, I’m not the holy arbiter of what is sacred or canon. I’m just one dude with a blog. I’ve never even met Crewniverse in person. The one relevant credential I have to my name is ~3,000 people think my content is worth following and I don’t even know how many of those are pornbots. I guess people like what I’m doing, I like what I’m doing, I keep doing it. I really hope nobody is walking away from these posts with this feeling of “Clockie doesn’t like my theory… I must destroy it forever, the oracle has spoken.”

My impressions of meta is just that. My impressions. Different people feel different ways. And I’ve been super wrong about stuff before and probably will be in the future. It’s entirely possible one of these days canon is going to brutally slam-dunk the Blue Fusion Theory in the trash and all I’ll be able to do is just sit there at my computer like “……okay.” And it’ll become my new jokey go-to like “hey remember when I was totally convinced the fourth Homeworld Gem in the extended opening wasn’t Yellow Diamond but a gladiator who used to be friends with Garnet”

In particular, “X character is the Real Evil” is a read that I feel like is wrong, and strangely persistent in the face of what I consider an ever-assembling mountain of contradictory evidence. I’ve seen it applied to Peridot, then Jasper, then YD, and I’ve already seen it applied to Navy Ruby. In almost exactly the same format. “Steven needs to Learn that he can’t be friends with everyone” is something I’ve seen applied to Peridot in Warp Tour and Navy Ruby in almost the exact same tone.

It also personally bothers me because I feel like I really do look to fiction in some ways as a source of hope. I think there’s a terrifying amount of horrible things that happen in the world with little rhyme or reason and stories are a way that we can engage with things constructively, address and challenge these concepts on a stage that’s more to our suiting. And I think SU has been a wonderful bright spot where so far, even if not everyone has a happy ending, we’re encouraged to be hurt and outraged by what people are going through. 

Because it’s framed as “Jasper doesn’t deserve to suffer and corrupt all alone! Bismuth doesn’t deserve to sit in that bubble forever and be forgotten! The Rubies don’t deserve to be stuck in space! Yellow Diamond doesn’t deserve to live her entire life under trauma and grief!” 

My wildest, most selfish fantasy is that I want to care about everyone. Even people I hate. Even people who hate me. I want this world to be such an incredibly warm and safe and loving place that people who try to rip others apart and attack them can’t get traction or support. Is that particularly realistic, no, but if we’re accepting magic rock aliens and reality-warping spaceships, why is it the most unrealistic thing here is that nobody is pure evil?

I mean. A half-alien teenager, two sentient rocks and the animate pumpkin they’ve been keeping as a dog were just tossed out of a spaceship by a different rock.

I’ve Got You

Someone on Twitter said how they wished the elevator scene had ended differently without Owen walking away, and because that ripped up my heart as well, I wrote the tiniest thing ever xD It wasn’t supposed to be more than this, so before my twinsie goes ‘it’s tooooo shorttttt!’ hahaha xD I love you really twinsie <3 Here it is :)

The elevator doors opened and the ‘bing’ sounded to show they had arrived at the destination floor, but Owen couldn’t move. He didn’t know why, he had no idea why. Him and Amelia were barely talking, they didn’t really see each other, they didn’t really even look at each other if they passed in the hallway, but now he couldn’t move. He couldn’t not care, because the worst thing in the entire world was the look on her face when he glanced over to the other side of the elevator. The worst thing in the entire world was how much her face crumbled, and how there were tears all over her face, and how her deep blue eyes were puffy and the slightest bit red. He didn’t know why he had hugged her, he didn’t know why he couldn’t leave. Only he did. He knew, and he had known from the minute he stepped on the elevator and saw her face. He loved her even when he hated her. He loved her even through the ‘worse’ part. He loved her so damn much that no matter how much he tried to not, it didn’t even make a dent, it didn’t even leave a scratch.

The doors started to close, and the elevator started to move again. Owen wrapped his arms around Amelia and pulled her in close, rubbing small circles on her back as she sobbed into his shoulder.

“I’ve got you.” He soothed. “I’ve got you.”

muchadoeaboutnoting  asked:

top 10 fics every dramione fan should read?

Hi! There are definitely more than 10 that should be on this list but here are the first ones that came to mind that, I think, are absolutely worth every dramione fan’s time:

The Fallout by everythursday - MA, 49 Chapters - Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.

Isolation By: Bex-chan - M, 48 Chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP.

The Flatmate By: attica - T, 5 Chapters - After the Ministry seizes all of Draco Malfoy’s possessions - including his beloved Malfoy Manor - he takes up drinking and finds himself taking up temporary residence at Hermione Granger’s flat in Wizarding London. But what neither of them expect is that a lot can happen in 139 days in such close quarters - even the impossible. DHr. COMPLETE!

The Rest of Their Lives By: smuggled-muggle - M, 15 chapters - [Complete] Voldemort’s defeated and now they’ve got the future to look forward to. Hermione’s happily ever after doesn’t happen as she had planned, and Draco refuses to live the life planned for him.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy By: Countess of Abe - M, 25 Chapters - Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.

Gravity By: luckei1 - T, 10 Chapters - It’s about arranging stacks of books, wall colours, and jumping off a cliff. Draco/Hermione

The Green Girl By: Colubrina - T, 22 Chapters - Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? AU. Darkish Dramione. COMPLETE.

Diary of an Illicit Affair By: LoveBugOC - M, 11 Chapters - Chapters of an affair, through the eyes of two lovers: an unfaithful husband and his mistress. Rated for Mature subject matter. Eleven-part series. Dramione.

Clean By: olivieblake - M, 31 Chapters - Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.” Dramione AU, Year 6 with a slow burn and a killer twist. COMPLETE.  

A Fruitless Year by everythursday - MA, 3 Chapters - Sometimes the simplest of storms can grow to nearly topple the mightiest of oaks, and the only choices left are to sever it by the roots, or let it grow towards the light.

- Jamie

Behind The Story - Pt.11

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 900+

Warnings: Fluff.



A/N: SO. MUCH. FLUFF. But that’s nothing new with this fic lol ♥


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There was nothing in the entire world you enjoyed more than having the people you loved sharing the same space at the same time. All you wanted was this type of moments that you cherish and wanted them to last forever. Jared and Gen laughing at Tom’s and Shep’s occurrences. The winning full of life laugh of your mother when your father finally shared his dessert with her even though she’s on a diet. And last but not least, the way Jensen gazed at you with his green eyes. You didn’t need for him to say ‘I love you’ when his eyes shouted it before his mouth could.

Everyone gathered at your favorite Italian restaurant in Downtown, Austin to celebrate two special occasions. Your birthday and yours and Jensen’s 5th year Anniversary.

Jensen have always been great with surprises, since the beginning of your relationship and even before both of you were an item. He would surprise you with the little things like showing up in set before a scene with a red rose or just bringing out your favorite candy. You didn’t loved the material things, you loved Jensen’s intention, his creativeness and spontaneous ways to make you smile.

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“Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re over her, we all know you will always love her.”

Word Count: 617

Warnings: none

Justin’s POV

Laying back against the soft leather couch I stared down at the blank screen of my phone, I didn’t know what I was expecting to happen I just was simply thinking of a text that I really needed right now. Sixty three days, that’s how long I’ve been living with half a heart, and I was the only one to blame for it.

I never truly realized how much I needed someone in my life until she was gone and I was alone. The simple things are what got me at first, sleeping alone, not sharing a bathroom with her, not having her to text when I was down or just hold her when I needed it more than she did. Now it’s the major things, the thought of my future and her not being in it, the thought of not being able to find someone better than her because in my mind no one can compare to the way she made me feel.

Unlocking my phone I scrolled through my contacts until I found her name, no I hadn’t deleted because I felt if I did It would end everything with her completely.

My thumb hovered over her contact for a moment, second guessing clicking on it or not, after a brief second I licked my lips and tapped my thumb against the screen.

I stared at it for a while, send message, voice call, facetime.

Parting my lips I captured a deep breath moving for the call button “Justin you good?” Snapping my eyes up I was met with a confused Za, nodding I cleared my throat before locking my phone, shoving it in my front pocket.

“It’s been almost two months, just call her already.” It didn’t surprise me that he knew what I was contemplating, everyone knew the inside struggle I had with getting over the relationship that “broke” me according to all the tabloids and really anyone you asked who knew me, even I knew I was broken.

“Nah I’m fine, it’s cool.” I glanced at him briefly before darting my eyes elsewhere, fidgeting with my fingers in my lap

“Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re over her, we all know you will always love her.”

Shaking my head I tried not to show the affect his words had on me, key word tried.

“How am I supposed to let go the woman I was supposed to marry? She was the center of my future, even when we were just friends and I was dating Selena I didn’t feel half the amount of love for her that I did for Y/N. She is still to this day everything to me, even if she doesn’t think so she is, she really is.”

Shifting slightly he stared at me for a moment “Then why did you let her go? You broke up with her Justin, you let he walk away from you.”

“I thought she could do so much better than me, I was a fuck up at that point in my life but she just- she just made it seem like I was the best person in the entire world and for a moment in our relationship I hated her for that, for making it seem like I was a good person when I was the opposite.” Burying my head in my hands I took in a few breaths

“Call her, make her understand why you did what you did. You need her man, and I bet she needs you right now too so please for yourself and her, call her.”

In the end, what you want isn’t always what you need; You deserve better than that guy that pushes you aside like you’re worth nothing. You deserve better than that girl that plays with your feelings and doesn’t put you first. I promise you, there is someone out there that will give you the entire world and will make you question why you even tried with anyone else. But you can’t find another love if you’re still trying to hold on to the one that let you go so long ago.
...and Always

Alright part to of “Forever…” is here! I couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry. Here goes. 

Words: 1344

Triggers: Character Death


“Alright here ya go. All the boxes are in the house, now you just have to unpack,” Aaron told me, dropping the keys into my hands. “Good luck.”

“Thanks for everything Aaron!” I called as he got into his car and drove away. I waved and then walked up and unlocked my new front door.

All of the sudden I was picked up bridal style.

“Thomas! What are you doing?” I shrieked as I heard his deep laugh.

“We’re moving into our new home so I have to carry my future wife across the threshold!”


You and Thomas had met two years after you moved to Spain. You had come back for the summer and had decided to move to Paris in the fall. You wanted to start as a world history major, so all of the traveling was good for you.

You two first meet here in the states, just briefly before you moved. Then you bumped into each other again in Paris.

You became friends, started dating, and then the two of you were engaged to be married in November after you return home.

Everything had gotten easier in your life. There was still some pain in your heart after leaving, but meeting Thomas had eased your heart.

Now the two of you were getting your new start. You were getting married in three months and you had never been happier.


“Excuse me is anyone here? I have an appointment with a tailor for a wedding dress?” you called into the seemingly empty stores.

“Yes just a minute!” you heard a voice call. Heavy footsteps came running down the stairs.


“Hello Hercules,” you said as you turned to him.

“Oh my gosh. You’re back,” he told you. He had a sad look on his face. “How are you?”

“I’m good. I’m great actually. How are you?” you asked him genuinely wanting know.

“I’m good. It’s really great to see you. I just want to say, before you stop me, that I’m really sorry about everything that happened. I know that we really hurt you. I guess I didn’t see it coming until it was too late. And then you were gone. Could you ever forgive me?”

He looked like he was going to cry. You felt like you were. You nodded.

“Of course Herc the Merc.” He laughed at the old nickname and wrapped you in a hug.

“Thank you so much Y/N. It means a lot. I’ve missed you. I know everyone else has too. Would you like to see them?”

You broke from the hug.

“Yeah that sounds… really nice. Can you get away?” you asked. He nodded and whipped out his phone and texted everyone.

“Alright let’s get you ready. Today we are tailoring… a wedding dress?” He exclaimed, fairly shocked. You blushed.

“Uh yes. I am getting married.”

“To whom?”


“JEFFERSON! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED TO JEFFERSON?” Alexander shouted. You flinched.

You told your entire story to Hercules as he was taking your measurements. He told you how Alexander and Thomas didn’t get along, so you were expecting this. You had all made up, hugs passed around, tears being shed.

“Yes Alexander I am. I don’t know why this is such a big deal to you,” you stated calmly. You accepted congratulations from John and the sisters.

Alex sat back down with a pout, grumbling a slight sorry.

“Congratulations Y/N. May I share some news as well?” Lafayette asked.

“Thank you Laf. And yes go right ahead,” you told him smiling. You didn’t have any feeling for him anymore, so you were hoping that he had moved on to someone who wasn’t Jo.

“Well since you announced your engagement, I’m going to announce mine. I asked Adrienne to marry me. She said yes,” He told you. Everyone started cheering and a huge grin broke out on your face.

You gave him a big hug.

“Congrats Laf! I’m so happy for you!”

Everyone passed around their congratulations and warm wishes. Alexander was still fuming in the corner, but Eliza got him to sit up at least.

Your heart felt warmer than ever. You had your friends back, even though there was still a bit of tension in the air, and a wonderful man to wake up next to for the rest of your life.


“I’m glad that you made up with everyone my sweet. Although I did meet that Alexander Hamilton guy. He isn’t my type,” Thomas told you. You laughed and kissed him on his check.

“Well don’t worry about him. Now what did James say about being your best man?” You asked him with a giant grin on your face.

“He said yes.”

You squealed. “Oh that’s so great! Dolley said yes to becoming my maid of honor as well!”

Thomas smiled and pulled you into a giant hug, giving you a warm kiss on the lips.

“I love you so much Thomas.”

“I love you too my angel. Always.”

“Forever and always,” you replied.

You paused.

“Can we invite Hercules and the others to the wedding?”



Everything was going nicely. Hercules had tailored you a beautiful wedding dress and everyone decided that they would come to your wedding.

Eliza was forcing Alexander to show up.

When you were finally able to meet Adrienne she was one of the nicest people that you had ever meet. The two of you stayed up for hours talking, and she was also going to be one of your bridesmaids.

“Adrienne I have to confess to you that I was once in love with Laf, before I moved to Spain. I just thought that you should know, just in case this changes something about our friendship,” you told her as the two of you were having lunch together.

“I suspected. I know that Lafayette was once in love with you too. But I know that neither of you have feelings for the other anymore. I can see the way that you look at Thomas, like he’s the only one in the room. He looks at you the same way,” she told you, giving you one of her best smiles.

“Yeah. I can see that in the way that Lafayette looks at you.”

The two of you smiled, and continued chatting. After a while you left to go meet the boys in the park. You threw away all of your trash and walked out of the small coffee shop.

You started to cross the street, lost in your thoughts about everything that had just happened and will be happening.

You heard Adrienne scream.


Then darkness.

“Today we are here to honor the memory of Miss Y/N who was killed three days ago in a hit and run. We have two men here who would like to say something in her memory. Mr. Jefferson would you like to start?”

The entire audience was silent except for the soft sounds of crying. Thomas wiped his tears away and walked up to the podium.

“Y/N was the love of my life. I loved her more than anything in the entire world. We went through a lot of problems together, and I will never forget her, never move on. She was one of the nicest people and sacrificed a lot for others. But she was also one of the strongest. She went through a lot of stuff but she fought through it. She was my rock and I’m always going to love her. Always.”

“Mr. Lafayette?”

Tears were falling even faster now.

“Y/N was my best friend. I hate to say that there was a time that we stopped being best friends, because I ended up pushing her to the side. I regret everything about that year, and I wish that I could go back and make it all better. Because if I didn’t push her away that year, maybe she wouldn’t have left and we wouldn’t be sitting here today. Y/N you will always be my best friend. Always.”


“Yeah, forever and always.”

The fucking absurd tale of Dorne and why CK2 is a better writer than me

Significant spoilers for A Feast for Crows and a Dance with Dragons follows.  Just kidding, you probably know all this shit by now.

Having just gotten off a CK2 AGOT game where I, Jon “Snow” Stark, had just taken the North back from the Boltons through force of arms, saved Stannis from the dungeons of King’s Landing (with force of arms), freed the slaves of the Iron Islands (with force of arms), took the Riverlands twice (with force of arms), and forced Sansa’s daughter on the Iron Throne, securing all of Westeros was technically property of the Starks (with force of arms), I realized that I was way too quick to start wars, on virtue of knowing I could win.

Which is why for my next game, I decided to play as Dorne, the weakest of the Seven Kingdoms, canonically better defended by deserts and mountains than its limited population.  For reference, in CK2, Dorne at game start can field maybe 17,000 soldiers.  On a good day.  When all your vassals like you and are willing to send as many troops as they can when you ask.  By contrast, the Riverlands, Stormlands, Iron Islands, and Vale can all field 21,000 under the same circumstances.  The North and Westerlands, 24.  The Reach?  27.  Suffice to say that in a straight war, especially not a defensive one, Dorne is fucked.

At the start of AFFC, 8301, the Targaryen dynasty is largely fucked.  Daenarys Targaryen has claimed the city state of Meereen and is dealing with the colossal clusterfuck of Ghiscari politics and Aegon of Essos, the supposed son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell, has arrived with an army of 10,000 hardened mercenaries to steal the Stormlands.

Meanwhile, Lord Paramount and King in the Narrow Sea, Stannis Baratheon has just repelled the army of Mance Rayder, King Beyond the Wall, and is now trying to set up a Stark puppet in Winterfell to secure the North.  Fighting a war at home against Aegon and abroad against the Boltons, Stannis Baratheon has few friends and more enemies as the forces of King Tommen “Baratheon” come barreling down on him.

Meanwhile -and more importantly- in Dorne, the infirm Prince Doran Martell plots to get revenge on the Lannisters for the death of his beloved sister Elia at the hands of Gregor Clagane during the War of the Usurper.  Oberyn, Doran and Elia’s brother, has died trying to do the same, and now the nobility of Dorne is clamoring for a war of vengeance, while Doran is more interested in preserving Dornish life than fighting a war he cannot possibly win.  This is where we begin.

So naturally I did the most reasonable thing and assassinated half the fucking kingdom.  Roose Bolton met assassin’s blades, his bannermen finding him flayed on his throne in the Dreadfort.  Unfortunately it didn’t amount to much, seeing as how his fucking insane son still managed to win the war against Stannis and the rebellious northern lords.  Worth a try, though.

Second was Lady Paramount and Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, the adulteress and murderer.  She met the end of half of the population of Europe’s nobility in any CK2 game: MANURE EXPLOSIONS.  With her death, and her brother’s during a duel against Brynden “Blackfish” Tully, the vengeance against the Lannisters was complete.

More or less.

Arianne Martell, scion of the house, returned word from the Stormlands, warning Prince Doran that he ought not ally with the supposed son of Rheagar in his bid for the throne.  Why?  One can only guess.  Perhaps she was horrified after one kingmaker plot had failed due to her own incompetence, and did not want more loss of life.  Perhaps she felt that the man she met was not truly Rheagar’s son, only a white-haired bastard or perhaps even a Blackfyre pretender.  More likely, however, is the fact that she reported this on the eve of Stannis’ victory over the youth, having just beat the fucking shit out of him and all his soldiers in one swoop.

So far, Dorne had avoided a war.  The issue, however, was that young Tommen was starting to look like a second Mad King.  Perhaps this was the influence of Cersei prior to her death, or his new mentor, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and silent giant, Robert Strong.  Or maybe it had to do with the curse of incest taking a grip on the boy’s mind.  Doran did not intend to find out, and with a guilty conscience, ended the youth before his own health gave out.

Arianne came to the throne of Dorne as word returned that her brother, plain-faced and honest Quentyn had been burned alive in Daenarys’ dungeons by FUCKING DRAGONS.  If the Targaryen queen desired allies in Westeros, she had lost her only possible friends when the barely-adult Quentyn turned to ash on her watch.  Still, in place of Tommen, his younger sister, Myrcella, came to the throne, taking with her Arianne’s youngest brother, Trystan.

Myrcella had been tutored by Prince Doran prior to his death, and even at such a tender age, she was looking like the best Queen in… uh, well, ever.  Quick-witted and as beautiful as her mother but with none of her faults, Myrcella was looking like Westeros’ best chance at peace.

And then the Iron Bank happened.  Spurned by Tommen’s regency and looking to reclaim their money, the Iron Bank of Braavos looked for a pretender to fund, someone willing to take the Throne from Myrcella and hemorrhage money across the Narrow Sea.

So they chose the dumbest motherfucker with the biggest army.  Mace Tyrell marched on the Crownlands, his alliance with the “Baratheons” vanished after Tommen’s death.  Arianne died of unrelated causes prior to the War’s start, and Myrcella’s husband and close confidant, Trystan, took Dorne.  Trystan was a kind man, humble and decent, but he did not have the foresight of his father.  If it meant protecting his wife’s life, he would march on King’s Landing.

And so he did.  The last scion of the Martell dynasty threw himself at the Reach, hoping that he could take Highgarden and force a Tyrell surrender before King’s Landing and the Crownlands burned.  He failed.  By the time the Dornish spearmen were marshaled and marched into the Reach, the war had turned sharply against Myrcella, and the final blow came to Dorne itself.  During the siege of Highgarden, Tyrell soldiers fell on the Dornish position, crushing them with superior numbers.

The last of the loyalist army fell and Myrcella was dragged out in chains to the fat fucker who strode into King’s Landing.  Trystan was a kind and content man, and would have tolerated the pretender’s rule.  Then Mace killed his wife and cemented a second feud between the Martells and the unjust rulers of King’s Landing.

Trystan repurposed his life.  Assassination plots fell into his lap, agents spreading throughout the Crownlands and the Reach.  Mace would choke on his own blood, preferably before he choked on enough food to feed half of Westeros.

Then Dany invaded.  Two dragon riders came barreling down on Westeros, Daenarys Targaryen and her husband, JORAH FUCKING MORMONT OF ALL GOD DAMN PEOPLE.  Trystan had been spared once for siding against the Tyrells, due either to Mace’s mercy or incompetence.  Though he wanted revenge, he did not want to lose his head and allow the entirety of the Martell dynasty to disappear because of his hatred for the ‘fat rose’ as they had taken to calling the lump of lard that sat on the Iron Throne.

So Trystan stayed out of the war, and Jorah lost his life in the Stormlands.  Daenarys and the armies of a unified Ghiscar were rebuffed, and Westeros repelled the last Targaryen.  And then Mace died a peaceful death, surrounded by his family, and Trystan’s revenge had been stolen.  Depression hit, and eventually Trystan died as well.

But, at 8 years old, young Doran II now stood at Dorne’s helm, Trystan’s only son, and the most intelligent man in Westeros since the deaths of Petyr Balish and Tyrion Lannister– the former executed in a revolt by the Riverlords, the latter burned alive at the whims of the Targaryen princess.  Doran toured the continent, learning from Kingsguard, King Willas Tyrell the Learned, and all the scholars of the world.  He broke hearts, even the Crown Princess’, ultimately marrying a commoner with a mind as sharp as his own.

When he came to age, Doran’s wits were matched solely by his silver tongue.  He was a man of such unparalleled charisma that even old enemies of his family could not hate him.  At 29 diplomacy score, literally everyone, the entire world over, fucking loved him.  Unlike his father, Doran had no interest in removing the Tyrells from power.  Excluding the minor squabbles between lords, largely in the North against the Boltons, Westeros was at peace, and he had no interest in sabotaging it.

Then his wife died in childbirth, leaving another genius Martell.  It struck Doran hard, and for the rest of his life, he refused to remarry.  In his darkest hour, an old friend came to him and comforted him, leading him to her bedchambers and away from the dark thoughts that had consumed his father.

I’m not really sure how that last part works because she was a lesbian, but I guess silver tongued Doran could literally turn gay women straight and straight men gay.  They had two daughters together, it was pretty strange.

Still, Westeros was at peace, and in place of his wife, the Prince of Dorne found friendship.  Lord Paramount Harold Arryn, the dwarf crown prince, the new Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, it could be argued that Doran and Dorne had more support than the throne.  In fact, it was well known that Doran was the cornerstone of Westerosi peace.

Doran the Wise thought that the peace would last forever, as did I.

Then I realized that I had forgot to turn off Sunset Invasion and FUCKING AZTECS with FUCKING DRAGONS landed in Lannisport.  The Lord Paramount of the Westerlands begged the Tyrells in King’s Landing for assistance, and all of Westeros marched against the sun-worshiping foreigners from the West.

And then they lost.

Aztec Jaguar Warriors smashed Westerosi knights, dragons scorched camps, and thousands of Westermen and Lannister bannermen were sacrificed, hearts and blood fueling the heathen rituals of these foreigners.  As the casualty rate among the forces of the Seven Kingdoms reached the hundreds of thousands, the Iron Throne surrendered.

Doran could not tolerate the thought of sending more men to their death.  He looked to the Water Gardens of Sunspear, and among the naked children laughing and playing, saw the orphans who did not yet know that their parents would not be returning.  He could not tolerate a war, nor could he allow the heathens from the West to continue to tear out the hearts of the living.

He stormed into the office of his father, the only part of Spear Tower not used in years.  Once it belonged to his namesake, Doran the first, then to Arianne, and to his father, but he had never used it.  Accounts, names, detailed files on poison and human anatomy.

Just, kind, honest, honorable, Doran always thought that he could end a conflict with well-chosen words or the threat of a force of arms.  Ravens flew from Spear Tower to old agents who moved across the border into the Westerlands, now known as the 'Aztec Empire’.

The Emperor of the Aztecs found himself assassinated before he could find himself an heir.  His successor did too.  Aztec nobility died faster than Starks or the enemies of Aegon Targaryen.

News of Doran’s activities got out.  His agents were found occasionally, but their number were so many and so beloved by the enslaved Westermen that it did not matter.  Even if one assassin was flayed or his heart ripped out, the rest would still find their mark.  Among the Aztecs, Doran was thought of as an avatar of the God of Night, a demonic figure saved from the righteous wrath of the Sun God’s chosen by the mountains and deserts of Dorne.  Among the Westerosi, Doran was considered a hero.  Secret feasts were held in the Westerlands in his honor– the 'slayer of heathens’ some called him.

Or so the legend goes.

Doran 'the Wise’, however, was not so callous as to deny the horror of his actions.  Guilt turned to stress, stress that eventually burned away at his sanity.  As lunacy took its hold, one of his agents introduced him to a sailor who’d be smuggling wildfire below one of the Aztec castles.  The sailor was Ironborn, and the ship’s chaplain spoke of the Drowned God.  During the conversation between the sailor and the prince of Dorne, the Drowned Man told Doran that his dreams were not simply lunacy, but were prophetic.  That the Drowned God was speaking to him.

Doran donned his black cloak and wizened old hat and followed the Drowned Man.  First to the docks, then out to sea, and to a secluded island, uncharted, but according to his calculations, between the Aztec-controlled Westerlands and the Iron Islands.  The advocates of the Drowned God chanted, dark rituals took place, and a thing beyond human understanding rose from the sea.

Doran’s heartbeat raced as the thing from below the waves marched through the sea towards Westeros.  Certainly, he wanted to stop the Aztecs.  Certainly, he wanted the Emperors and their legions to die.  But not like this.  He drew his blade and howled.

Doran was not the greatest fighter Westeros had ever seen, but surprise, his natural intellect, and desperation allowed him to overwhelm the chanting cultists.  One by one they fell as he made his way to the longboats and rowed towards the creature he had helped raise.  his black hair was caught in his bloodshot eyes as a wave carried him towards a beast his mind could scarcely comprehend.  As his ship came barreling down towards the tentacled cranium of the Drowned God, he drew his blade and howled.

And awoke in his bed, the taste of salt on his lips and the wounds from his battle against the Ironmen cultists under bandages.  According to his maester, he had washed up on shore, on the verge of death.  It was only by the will of the Seven and his own personal resilience that he had managed to survive.

And then he lost his nickname and gained a new one.  Prince Doran 'The Godslayer’ Martell of Dorne.  And I decided there was no fucking way I was topping that and turned off the game.

Fucking CK2.


  1. a man and a woman have known one another their whole lives
  2. they used to have sleep overs as kids
  3. she has feelings for him that run deeper than friendship but he always has a line of girls waiting and she can’t compete and it feels taboo
  4. he beats up anyone who tries to hurt her because hes super protective
  5. when her mother dies he tells her hes not going anywhere - hes with her until death (gosh that’s quite a proposal)
  6. he says this as he puts a hand on her shoulder and holds on tight - gently nudges her to get her to look up and allows his hand to linger
  7. she looks up at him like hes the most amazing human being in the world
  8. she never dates anyone and when they go on double dates (his idea) she wanders off and he chases after her and he spends half the time looking over his shoulder at her and ignoring his own date
  9. she has this big dream that shes hellbent on chasing and hes afraid she’ll only end up hurt or worse so he practically begs her to drop it
  10. meanwhile their dates are wandering around looking for them
  11. it’s his very last day so he’d chosen to spend it with her and brought along dates so it wouldn’t feel weird 
  12. they end up arguing as a bystander watches
  13. the argument is interrupted by his date and she turns to the side and tenses up as he turns to address the date - it hurts.
  14. the argument ends with him giving up
  15. as hes walking away she makes a comment (because it’s too damn hard to spit out the words I love you and I always have, please don’t die before I can get back to you) and he strides up to her quick as he can and wraps his arms around her - tucks his chin into her shoulder and the hug is nearly enough to knock her over
  16. just like that it’s over and hes leaving with his date (her date tags along) and she stands there watching him go while sad music plays
  17. skip forward in time - he goes off on a dangerous mission and she follows along bc hes always kept her safe and she wants to do the same back and god if anything happened to him…
  18. part of the way through she finds a man who likes her just as she is and they flirt but her friend needs her so she jets off to save him - to jump out of a plane straight into hostile territory despite the odds - despite the fact that he might be dead. her new date knows how important this friend is to her so he helps
  19. she rescues him and they make a long trek back and he looks at her with tears in his eyes as he sees her date giving her bedroom eyes. he promptly interrupts their moment
  20. later on the two of them are at a bar and he swivels around to watch as she talks to their friends - meanwhile he waits alone at the bar and tosses back shots
  21. she returns and he makes a comment about following her and she looks him in the eye and wonders how she’d missed the obvious signs all along
  22. he makes a comment about her outfit (it’s new) and asks if she’ll be wearing it again
  23. she gives him a shy smile and says yes - it’s growing on her (she still isn’t used to dressing that way)
  24. the moment is interrupted by her date who rolls in looking gorgeous while her friend is disheveled and more than a little drunk
  25. he gives her date the once over and when the date catches him he nods and smiles
  26. he stands between the two of them as the date flirts and she can’t take her eyes off of him [date]
  27. hes had enough so he tests the waters and makes a comment about dancing with her date [because why not? shh hes bi] and is turned down. he looks sadly from his friend to her date and feels like he doesn’t matter anymore - hes being replaced and the role he once had in her life is threatened [never was before because she had no interest in dates] and hes starting to realize what hes lost. the date leaves and hes bummed - she feels like hes just lonely and tells him maybe her date can find him a friend. she misses the point. he doesn’t correct her.
  28. she asks him to follow her on a dangerous mission and though he barely survived the last one he says yes - he loves her enough to risk it
  29. something goes terribly wrong and he dies - or so she thinks
  30. she cries until her eyes are bloodshot and doesn’t even care if she dies
  31. her date comforts her and vows to help her avenge his death - she brutally goes after every person responsible and her mission is nearly over - her friend is dead and she has the chance to die with honor so she says her goodbyes to her date and goes down with the ship because what life would it be without him? saving lives is a nice cover up for choosing to die.
  32. many years later by some stroke of fate shes still alive (and youthful) - she spends her days helping others and having flashbacks of losing him. she moves away in hopes that the demons won’t follow - they do. she runs everyday - a distraction from the noise in her head and makes a new friend. the new friend understands her in a way that no one had since she’d lost him. they share a common ground in that they both lost a loved one too soon - they flirt (because shes bi) but it never moves past that point. for two years she’d rejected date after date - she wasn’t ready to stop mourning and she’d never be over him but this friend - shes special.
  33. she finds out that her old friend is [by some miracle] still alive and that’s fantastic! but there’s a catch - he doesn’t remember her. she allows a man to put a gun to her head and doesn’t protest despite the fact that she could defend herself. it doesn’t matter. he doesn’t know her. the bar memory is still fresh in her mind and hers alone. he had turned into a shadow of what he once was and seemed to hate her. despite it all she decided to turn it on its head and make him remember even if it meant dying. hes been through hell and experiments and he tries to kill her - she tells him to do it because I’m not leaving without you. its been too long without him and shes been given a second chance but if he’ll never love her back there was no point in even living because he was her entire world - always had been but they were too blind to see it. in a flash of memory that makes his eyes wild and frantic - he remembers and hes horrified. she plummets to her death and he drags her out of the water - shes important and he doesn’t know why. she loves him - she has to to go through all of that. he stands there watching to make sure shes okay despite his body aching all over and a broken arm. she deserves better so he leaves. it’s for the best.
  34. she ends up safely at the hospital with her new friend at her side - she hadn’t budged. the new friend agrees to help her find him. because dammit shes lost him too many times already and this is worth saving - he’s worth fighting for. if love can make him save her life and remember if only for a moment then it can give back all that they’d lost. for two years they search and hes her main priority outside of missions - they follow cold lead after cold lead but she never gives up hope. hes out there somewhere and he needs her. all roads lead to him through time and against all odds - always him. they find him in a torture device and her heart breaks. this is where they rebuild from the ground up because second chances don’t come back around.

and that’s the winter soldier with a heteronormative slant.

hurricane hearts

miraculous ladybug // ladynoir // little things series; part 2/?  [ 1 ]

“She supposes it really should have been some completely life-altering revolution, he thinks that in the end, they’d probably known all along.”

Adrian is ecstatic.

When he’d first proposed the idea of celebrating their anniversary to Ladybug, a part of him wasn’t entirely sure if she would even agree. Strong-willed and determined as always, she often seamed reluctant to meet up with him outside of their routine bad guy ass-kickings or nightly patrols across the midnight Parisian skyline.

Which admittedly hurt a little, if he’s being honest. Sometimes, in the dead of night or early hours of the morning, long after she had left him amongst the city lights on grounds of being someplace or another, he would wonder if he even had a place in her heart at all.

But then she would surprise him. It was always little things that did him in, how she smiled like a thousand suns and loved the early hours of the morning despite almost never being awake for them. How she could look at him with entire constellations in her eyes and turn his whole world sideways without even trying, and he just knew. Knew that even if he didn’t hold a place in her heart like she did his, that even if she one day came to hate him with all she had, he would still follow this girl over the edge of the universe and back again.

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The Real Issue White People Have: Black Women Are Starting To Love Themselves Too Loudly

Beyoncé’s new song “Formation” and its visuals were released the day before the Super Bowl, with the singer performing the song alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars the very next day.

People are flipping shit.

Why? Many white conservative people across the nation claim the music video and the performance slammed police officers and is basically worse than the KKK burning crosses and lynching black people.

Up until now, Beyonce has never explicitly said “I love my blackness” and now people are shaking. Underneath the threats for boycotts outside of the NFL headquarters and Fox News anchormen slamming the singer’s husband for his drug dealing past, what people are really mad about is a black woman loving herself very loudly.

With anthems like “Single Ladies”, “Irreplaceable”, “Who Run The World (Girls”, Beyonce has made music for every woman. You had the white girls who did the hand waving “Single Ladies” dance, the black girls who pointed “to the left, to the left”, and gay white men who knew the entire choreography to “Countdown”. Beyonce has been the pop star for every person from every background for a decade so much so that people may have forgotten that at the end of the day, she is still a Black woman from Texas with a black husband and a black daughter with very natural hair.

The trend for the past year has been a beautiful journey of black girls starting to love themselves more and more. You’d think something like this would be supported, but it’s caused a huge backlash from self-hating black people like Stacey Dash to Elle Magazine bashing the popular “#BlackGirlMagic” movement.

We’re in the middle of a huge shift where black girls are praising what would be negative stereotypes to others (I got hot sauce in my bag…SWAG) and they’re acknowledging the fact that our features are some of the most sought after features for non-black celebrities like Kylie Jenner even though we’re taught to hate them when they’re on our own bodies.

The Super Bowl controversy is being painted as a racial war when it’s really just a war on black people loving their blackness. With Beyonce’s backup dancers dressed like Black Panthers, which was an activist group that inflicted no harm on others unlike hate groups like the KKK, there is nothing offensive about Queen Bey’s performance other than a Black woman praising her blackness for the entire world watching.

highforthis11  asked:

Ok, first of all - you're amazing person, Mikki! How could you be so nice and kind to everyone, even when they keep saying things to you, what you have already told, and yet they think like it's some kind of revelation? I will never know. :D But about Skam: 1. "If there is one thing Sana hates it’s when friends fuck over their friends" you told, but... She didnt fuck over Vilde (and maybe Eva?) but she did fuck over Isak, so... I'm really mad at her, and if I were her friend, I'd kick her ass

Hello my love awww you’re so sweet. Honestly I love hearing everyones thoughts and theories even if they are ones i’ve already mentioned, it just makes me happy to see everyone theorising and analysing and choose ME MEEEEE out of everyone in the entire world to share them with. How incredibly sweet and kind and thoughtful is that? <3 I love you guys so much you wouldn’t believe. 

I totally see what you mean, she did unintentionally screw over Isak. But she never knew that’s what she was doing at the time. but I think she is now beginning to realise what the possible consequences of her actions could be. Yikes

Ahhhh omg same I love the potential that comes with Vilde’s character. I am so damn sad that she won’t be getting the season that I feel we have been preparing for since episode 1 of season 1 :(( i’m sad

Omg yes Jonas season haha that would be epic. I also really want a Mahdi season. I have grown so incredibly in love with that dude omg. I wanna know more about him pls. I love him :( 

anonymous asked:

- always tries to keep her relationship private even though people know it's going on . She's hates paparazzi . Always classy meaning she doesn't show her nipples to the whole entire world . She doesn't let people get to her . She self-conscious about herself she's trying to be PERFECT that she thinks everyone will love her for it . She's broken and stressed and tired and shes in there waiting for someone to help her but people choose to ignore it because of a simple smile on her face that's-


I’m sorry I’m confused.
How can anyone ship B*mon? Damon treats Bonnie like shit, Damon treats everyone like shit, even (especially his own brother).

If you’re not Elena forget it, and the only reason he was so willing to sacrifice for her is because it directly benefited him, seeing Elena happy benefited him because it meant she stuck around and part of it was Elena always giving Damon a free pass every time he did something diabolical, because true love or whatever…

My personal theory is that Damon’s love/obsession with a Elena is him largely projecting his unresolved feelings for Katherine on to Elena. But that’s just me.

Because Damon’s so hung up on Elena’s death Bonnie’s meant to feel all kinds of guilt for a situation she had no control over. Even though Kai cursed both of them, even Bonnie has to go without her best friend, she’s supposed to feel guilty for just existing and Damon makes that very clear.

The reason this bothers me the most is that the writers are pushing this idea that b*mon are best friends and that Bonnie is his SIDEKICK.

She’s some expendable witch who’s supposed to go around cleaning up Damon’s mess and easing his man pain because his is the only one that matters

Damon and Bonnie are not best friends. They are the last ones left!

Elena has gone night night for the next 60 years; Caroline’s playing house with Alaric, while dealing with angsty drama with Stefan; who’s reenacting the On the Run tour with Valerie; Matt’s disassociated himself with the Scooby Gang and is playing cop; Enzo peaced out ages ago and Tyler’s God knows where (I know he was here a couples episodes ago but I wasn’t paying attention so I’m not sure where he’s at presently)

So they’ve pretty much only got each other left.
I think since the 1994 prison world everyone seems to think that Damon and Bonnie have this cute love hate relationship where the boy is a bit of a dick but is really a jerk with a heart of gold who’ll do right by the girl.

Well I’ve got news for you Damon isn’t, he cares nothing for Bonnie’s well being and their “friendship” is entirely one sided.

I could go on about him killing her twice, or turning her mom, or how he speaks to her; but just look at how he treated her this recent episode he didn’t even ask how she was, just oh good your up. Plus whenever he wants something and Bonnie attempts to explain she can’t or she’s not strong enough Damon just yell that he doesn’t care and pushes he to get on with it.

I know a lot of people agree with me when I say Caroline deserves better than Stefan (some don’t that’s okay) but Bonnie deserves better too.

She’s a queen, and one of the best characters on that show and deserves to be treated as such.

Her character already takes so much from the writers, low plotline and character development, and being treated as if she’s not as attractive as the other female characters, not being invited to events unless it’s prom or a school dance cus it would be weird if she wasn’t there (ahem, the Mikaelson ball anyone?).

I’ve had enough.