love even if entire world hates her

In the end, what you want isn’t always what you need; You deserve better than that guy that pushes you aside like you’re worth nothing. You deserve better than that girl that plays with your feelings and doesn’t put you first. I promise you, there is someone out there that will give you the entire world and will make you question why you even tried with anyone else. But you can’t find another love if you’re still trying to hold on to the one that let you go so long ago.
Behind The Story - Pt.11

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 900+

Warnings: Fluff.



A/N: SO. MUCH. FLUFF. But that’s nothing new with this fic lol ♥


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There was nothing in the entire world you enjoyed more than having the people you loved sharing the same space at the same time. All you wanted was this type of moments that you cherish and wanted them to last forever. Jared and Gen laughing at Tom’s and Shep’s occurrences. The winning full of life laugh of your mother when your father finally shared his dessert with her even though she’s on a diet. And last but not least, the way Jensen gazed at you with his green eyes. You didn’t need for him to say ‘I love you’ when his eyes shouted it before his mouth could.

Everyone gathered at your favorite Italian restaurant in Downtown, Austin to celebrate two special occasions. Your birthday and yours and Jensen’s 5th year Anniversary.

Jensen have always been great with surprises, since the beginning of your relationship and even before both of you were an item. He would surprise you with the little things like showing up in set before a scene with a red rose or just bringing out your favorite candy. You didn’t loved the material things, you loved Jensen’s intention, his creativeness and spontaneous ways to make you smile.

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not to whinge actually well I am going to whinge but like what I find is disturbing is how much the world hates ugly biches like please mens don’t even try to defend this a woman’s entire life is based on her appearance and ok I’m awares that representation is the most superficial part of social acceptance you shouldn’t stake everything on it but would it help to see representations of ugly or non-conventionally attractive women in the media? of course it would ! I would love to see film and TV where a woman is allowed to be… hideous… and still valued as a human being. as a guy you are represented from the polarities of ugly and handsome, charming or irritating, disgusting or pleasant, stupid or smart, successful or a loser and everything in between, but women are just boring Mary Sue stick characters or are stereotypes of what an ugly or crazy woman is supposed to be like. I think the only movie I can think of that features a female character who is not conventionally attractive is Welcome to the Dollhouse and people are shocked by it b/c they think kids can’t be so cruel but it actually does mirror my childhood and how I was called ugly and tormented for being ugs so… with guys you can see ugly dudes on screen and know you still have value as person even though you look like Shrek but society still wants to kill us Fionas yes I know ugly chicks don’t sell tickets but think of the double standard… why do ugly men still have value but not women? what’s the difference ? better think abt that….

Justin wake up hun

Justin’s ability to see the good in everyone and be so forgiving is honestly his best and worst trait. I understand that he all of the sudden wants to be there for everyone who gets continuous hate because he knows how crappy it feels to have the entire world at your throat, but he should remember that it’s because of his hard times that he was able to learn lessons and even grow to the person he is today. I’m all about love and being kind to everyone and being forgiving but in order to grow in life you have to go through things the hard way sometimes. Kylie has appropriated black culture more than a few times, it’s been a continuous thing for her and black people are tired of it. She’s not learning so guess what- she gets dragged. Idk why Justin feels that it’s his place to play savior in instances where he doesn’t fully grasp the true reason of why people are upset. It’s not just about a fucking hairstyle, it’s about the fact that when white people do it it’s a fucking trend but when black people do it we are literally oppressed because of it. As a young black woman who’s had natural hair all her life I relate to the oppression of a “hairstyle” 100%. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been picked on or frowned upon because of the style in which I choose to wear my hair. I remember being 7 years old at the playground and I wanted to play with some of the girls there (that were white) and they wouldn’t let me play with them because their mom’s said they couldn’t. I asked why their mothers would say something like that and they said it was because the way my hair was styled ( in cornrows) it made me look ghetto and ghetto people where unsafe to play with. It broke my heart. I remember being so sad and hating my hair and the fact that it wasn’t long and silky and straight. Flash forward to today. I’m 20 years old and I’m a cashier at a retail store in the mall. I’ve overheard at least 10+ customers telling some of my colleagues that they would rather wait in line than have me check them out because I might get oil on their clothes and ruin it or because my hair makes me look “unapproachable” and uncivilized because it’s “wild and unkept” and I look “homeless” or like something “exploded on my head”. So as much as I love Justin. NO, it’s not just a hair style and YES it is a big deal that Kylie thinks it’s okay to even post a picture like that and have the audacity to caption it “I woke up like dis” like no you didn’t. My people are turned away from jobs and judged and made fun of over hairstyles and textures so you damn sure can’t take them and start a new fucking trend and get praised over it and I’m just supposed to let it happen, miss me with that. That’s why we’re mad. No ones coming down on Kylie for the hell of it. She fucked up, and just like you Justin, she has to learn.

If I didn’t already love Killian Jones more than any other character in the entire world that freaking scene would have sealed the deal. That scene BROKE me.

I know it was heartbreaking, but please rewatch, and realize that is a man who has fought the same enemy for hundreds of years and he isn’t falling for its tricks, even when it uses the woman he loves, ESPECIALLY when it uses the woman he loves.

He knew from the minute he took that bag at Granny’s what was happening even if he didn’t know her motives exactly yet.

Rewatch that scene and realize that this is a man who spent all that time hating Rumplestiltskin for what he did, but is now self aware enough to realize he wasn’t completely without fault, and he feels awful for it.

Rewatch that scene and realize that even though it broke his heart to do it he had to tell Emma that, and he wasted no time when he got back taking the next steps to continue to fight for her.

Killian Jones is everything.