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(A/N) There are a few requests ahead of this one, but it really caught my eye and i hope the anon who requested it is okay. It hits a little close to home for me, as well. I love you darling and I hope everything turns out okay. You are loved, and you are accepted by people who deserve to even know you. xoxo ~Ro

(Also; I’m working on all other requests, and some will probably be posted out of order just because some are longer than others. This is clearly shorter than most, but I wanted to post it ASAP. Enjoy, lovelies.)

Rating: T

Request:  “ Can I do another poly request but with just Veronica and Betty— I’m feeling angsty, so I wanted to do a request similar to me. Can the reader’s parents be homophobic and when the reader comes out, her parents tell her to pack up and move? The reader does as told, stopping at Betty’s first since (surprisingly) her mother loves the reader, and the reader is having a panic attack so Betty calls Ronnie, I hope it’s not too much to ask.. Thank you, and have a nice day :)”

Pairing: Veronica Lodge x Reader x Betty Cooper

Warnings: Homophobia, panic attacks, mental illness

Summary: p much the same as the request 

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Your mouth is dry, and your heartbeat roars in your ears. You stare at them, shock ringing through your system in waves. The world, it seems, has been ripped from under your very feet as you search for any sign that this is some kind of cruel joke.

“I… w-what?” You stammer, your voice breathy because this has to be a joke. It has to be.

“You heard us.” Your father’s voice is stone cold, void of emotion, no sign of remorse. You’re their child for God’s sake and they’re looking at you like you’re a fucking stranger. “You have twenty minutes to pack your things and get out of this house. What you don’t take will be thrown out.”

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i. —you truly are a kind child. a fanmix dedicated to the tragic traitor, son, friend, brother, and fallen hero; and all that he left behind in his wake. 
ii. listen

One thing I’ve learned:

Everything hurts worse at night.

Go to sleep my love, things will be clearer in the morning.

MK Ireland #248 : midnight pains

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Hi! Do you know any fics where Yoongi doesn't like Jimin back but with lots of angst and a happy endingggg? ❤️

i want you (so please look at me): college au, kim taehyung & park jimin are best friends, hurt/comfort

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: friends with benefits au, fluff and angst

How to Pine From Afar (And Completely Embarrass Yourself): A Holiday Tale: highschool au, tooth-rotting fluff, kim taehyung & park jimin are best friends

Them Red Roses Tho (It’s Valentine’s Day): mutual pining, fluff, angst, valentine’s day, highschool au

These sweet ships during concerts.

Izzy & Donnie were very surprised ! Their smiles were so cute at the end.