love em leave em

Cursed tiara

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word count: 4515 ( Yeah I let go a bit but sorry not sorry!)

Warnings: ANGST, some fluff, mention of death

Prompt: “On the list of things I don’t need right now, your sarcasm is at number two.” “And number one is…?” “I don’t need to be in a prison cell.”

Summary: The reader has been attracted to Dean Winchester since the moment she set eyes on him, who wouldn’t be? But Dean’s love’em, leave’em attitude was too much for her and so she decides to break the contact. What happens though, when a peculiar hunt brings you together with the Winchesters, especially when wooing another woman is involved?

A/N: This is my entry for @spnfanficpond​‘s challenge. Okay, this is the most plot-oriented one-shot I have ever written, also, it’s the first time I’ve switched POV’s in a single fic. It was a jumble up in my head and shout-out to my wonderful beta @sdavid09​ for reading it through and generally being a life-saver. I am not sure what I would do without you.

Everything in Italics is either the reader’s thoughts or overheard conversations. Feedback is really, really appreciated. Do tell me what you think guys!

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Reader’s POV:

The moment you met Dean Winchester was the moment you knew that you were going to get your heart broken by this man. Not in the sense that he would be mean to you, no, he was a gentleman; but in a way that would leave you gasping for breath in an open field. The first time that you met the Winchesters was in the Roadhouse. You had walked in, expecting to down a few bears and crash for the night, but instead, ended up winding yourself up over the older Winchester. Dean was stretched lazily over the greasy couch with a bottle in his hands, flirting with Jo. In that moment you knew that you will never be attracted to any other man again, ever. This guy sitting in front of you was the living reincarnation of Adonis. But you were a hunter and your observation skills were honed like one too. To an outsider the scene would have looked like a guy flirting with a girl who was just playing it off, but to you, who also had the added advantage of knowing Jo, it looked more than that.

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Color Club Love Em Leave Em. HOLY SHIT THIS COLOR COMPLETES MY LIFE. Nude. Holographic.


I can’t stop staring at my nails. Totally wearing this to work this week. In indirect/natural overcast light it’s merely a very pretty nude with subtle rainbow shimmer. I haven’t seen it in sunlight in person but I have seen photos and WOW the holo is so gorgeous. This is my first holographic polish, I just got some in the mail yesterday and I have a couple of holographic polishes now. New polish addiction. Hooray!

Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em:Part 1

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, The Pack(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female Reader)

Word count:2314

Warning: Swearing, SMUT, not too long but it’s there. Angst-abandonment.  

Summary: Y/n and Derek have a night together resulting in life changing consequences. 

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an @sallyp-53 - Could you write about a vampire female reader being a part of the pack in teen wolf, where instead of Derek ending the party thrown at his loft he ends up hanging out with her at the party, I know they can’t get drunk but for stories sake it happens and they end up sleeping together. They are still good friends after but the reader later finds out she’s with child and keeps trying to figure out the right time and way to tell Derek Sorry if this is way to long or not to your liking ❤️ ur writing!

Ok so once u read this, you will realise the request has been changed a bit. I was initially going to do a fluffy oneshot, but it ended up becoming an angsty 2 parter. Sorry

Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below.


The music was blaring and the all the teens were dancing. Y/n didn’t think it would be good idea to do this. Not in Derek’s loft. But they went ahead and did it anyways.

So y/n was stood there, watching basically the entire high school dancing, paint on their bodies as their nasty hormonal asses grinded on each other.

It was sickening to her. Not because she was grossed out by the grinding. But the hormones. They smelt putrid.

You see, y/n was a vampire. She was born one. She’d always had a heightened sense of sound, smell and sight. Also super strength, speed, night vision. On top of that she was a special kind of vampire. Rare. Only a few ever to have been known to exist. So she had the power of telekinesis along with a strange telepathy. Not reading minds, but more sensing an emotion. An empath you could say.

She had her powers trained. But the number of teenagers giving off the hormones made it difficult to block out the stench.

Leaving the loft to get some air, she heard the elevator come up. ‘Great more teenagers’ she thought.

Except the person to come out of the elevator was the one person she so didn’t want returning.

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So i’m not really in Supernatural fandom, but my roommate is and I’ve seen the series (except for the most recent few episodes), and I wanted to share a revelation I had.

Some fans have noticed the inconsistency between the episodes “After School Special” (4x13) and “Bad Boys” (9x07).

The flashbacks in the two episodes should only actually be a few months apart.  But in “Bad Boys” Dean is shown to be a fumbling teenager who has his first kiss…

We don’t see him and Sam together, but the glimpse we get of Sam is a little kid playing with a toy plane out the Impala’s window.

In “After Schools Special” Dean is portrayed as a towering badass love ‘em & leave 'em sex god

And Sam is a realistic highschool freshman.

Anyway… I figured out why this makes PERFECT SENSE!  Because “After School Special” is a Sam-centric episode, and the flashback we get is thus shaped by his POV.  So remembers himself accurately, but remembers Dean as this mature badass.

On the other hand “Bad Boys” is entirely Dean’s POV, so he remembers himself accurately, but remembers Sam as a sweet little kid, even though he should have been pushing into his teens at the time.

So in other words Dylan Everett (2013) and Colin Ford (2008) accurately reflect high school aged Sam and Dean at the same time.  Brock Kelly is just how Sam saw Dean.  And the little kid with the plane is how Dean saw Sam.

Annie’s fic rec part 2.

Yaaaaay second fic rec post as promised. Tonight I’ll rec a few more fics and share the love! Warning: My recs are usually very kinky. Always read the tags and notes in the fics!

in the ink black night i come by peacefrog

Explicit. Wendigo Hannibal, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rough Sex, Face-Fucking, Bottom Will.

This was the first fic I read today (and the one I loved the most). The beginning made me kinda nervous (but i mean nervous in the best way like “omg omg what is he going to do with Will exactly” lol) and then the fic was REALLY HOT and then it was REALLY CUTE and i don’t know what to do with all these feelings. The best part is that @crossroadscastiel said that there will probably be a sequel someday (no idea when but i’ll patiently wait for it :D). I love wendigo Hannibal, and this fic is just perfect.

The Nature Of Inviting by loghain

Explicit. Underage, teacher/student.

I’ve read this fic a while ago and really really liked it. Will is young and cute (my favorite thing in the world) and he likes and trusts Hannibal, finds out that he can really talk to Hannibal because Hannibal understands him when nobody else does (canon). Very hot sex in the end. There is also a sequel called We lost magic, which is literally only porn. If you like underage, this is for you.

Evening Indulgence by em_c_writes

Explicit. Object Insertion, Wine, Rimming, Felching.

Again, @empathalitis was the one who recommended me this fic, i’ve been wanting to talk about it here for a long time. I mean read the tags. Wine. Felching. Object insertion. Rimming. THIS IS FUCKING HOT. No, seriously, Will Graham + wine is like one of the best things ever and @em-c-writes managed to make it even better (and omg so deliciously kinky) *dies*. It’s insanely hot. This is the kind of fic you want to read again and again. 

Vanilla by A_M_Kelley

Explicit. Non-con (kind of). Rough Sex, Choking, Breathplay, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Rape Fantasy, Established Relationship, Consensual Kink, Kink Negotiation, Interpreting The Evidence, Will interprets the fantasy as it happens.

Here I am recommending @a-m-kelley again. This fic was a big surprise for me because even though I do like noncon sometimes, I am very picky, and very cautious because sometimes noncon makes me uncomfortable. I had never considered reading rape fantasy until I found this fic, and oh, man. This is so damn hot. Also I fucking love the title because it all starts with Hannibal and Will talking about how their sex life is vanilla and then suddenly… this fic is not vanilla at all (which is good, vanilla is not my cup of tea xD). What truly surprised me was that the author (bless them) managed to write it in a way that feels like Hannibal is raping Will but puts Will in total control of the situation, making it completely consensual (and 100 times sexier tbh. Fucking genius.) This is one of my favorite fics ever, to be honest. Wow this review was long. Sorry.

Bonus, because this fic has been killing me:

The Prettiest by fangirlingisveryhard

Explicit. Pretty Woman AU, Hooker!will, Hannibal is Not a Cannibal, Masturbation, Strip Tease, Slightly Dom Hannibal, Will wears a crop top!, Will goes shopping, Hannibal has no chill.

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is a fucking Pretty Woman AU! Now if you love the movie like I do, you must read this. It’s beautiful and Will is so fucking cute and so is Hannibal tbh, and @fangirlingisveryhard already assured me that there will be the piano sex scene! This is a WIP and only has two chapters for now, and I’m waiting patiently for more. Will’s friendship with Beverly is also very cute. I think about this fic and then I think about the movie and omg I already know I am going to suffer, lol. This is literally one of the best ideas ever for an AU, and I’m so happy I found this fic. Also the sex is really really hot omg. Simply brilliant.

Yesterday’s fic rec


seventeen - 17tv - “o” (tvxq) cover


Dean/Cas: Looks Like Home

The five people Dean dates in college. 1.8K.

Contrary to first impressions, Dean Winchester is not a player.

Sure, he used to love ‘em and leave ‘em (one at a time, of course; he isn’t amoral), but after Lisa Braeden broke his heart by dumping him days before their prom, citing his lack of emotional investment and “pushing it all down for the sake of machismo,” Dean swore he’d turn a new leaf and ditch his antics come freshman fall. He didn’t lose his penchant for flirting, though he managed to curb his commitment-phobia, and, over the course of the next four years, he learns a thing or two about dating in college.

1. The Freshman Floormate

Dean met Cassie on move-in day while walking down the hallway with an armful of boxes. It was almost clichéd how she took his breath away, all infectious laughter and big brown eyes. They sat together at the welcome dinner, were together less than a week later, working through the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate list with a determination fit for the Olympics. Perhaps if they had met at a different time, spring semester or sophomore year, maybe their excitement about each other wouldn’t have petered out with the novelty of college. But they met new friends and joined new circles that didn’t necessarily get along, and Dean spent his freshman Valentine’s Day splitting a family size Hershey’s bar with his roommate.

2. The T.A.

In hindsight, he’d cringe at the fact that he used “You followin’ me?” as a pick-up line, but the flustered stare he received had been worth it, though it quickly evolved into an exasperated eye roll.

“I’m your T.A.,” Aaron said with a sigh. “We only see each other in lab, remember?”

Dean merely grinned, shaking his head. “Except I also saw you back at the quad.”

“Yeah, along with fifty other students,” Aaron laughed, stacking their labs into a neat little pile.

“Aw, come on,” Dean leaned on the doorjamb. “You’ve gotta admit we had a moment.”

“A moment of frustration,” corrected Aaron, “because your work is great but your penmanship’s awful.”

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will @dongoverlord ever not make me ship something

probably not

The Cullen romance is much better when you leave it to late game. 

Like, if you don’t initiate until after his personal quest?  The scene on the ramparts makes so much more sense.  Everything falls into place. 

Cullen sees the conversation coming because the Inquisitor’s been using the caring, understanding, puppy-dog-eyes options all throughout that debacle.  But he also can’t believe the conversation is happening because this amazing woman just saw him in ugly withdrawal mode. 

He’s eager to follow through on what’s been a long-standing attraction for him, but isn’t sure how.  He’s not a people person, and he didn’t have anything serious in Kirkwall, so what to do to prove he might be a good long-term prospect in spite of his issues? 

Sudden ramparts kissing!!  Wait, no, that’s not any good, that’s how you pick up a woman in a tavern. 

So he moves on to a hasty Plan B: a heavily scripted lake date where he hands over a treasured item.  Not jewelry, though because let’s not get ahead of ourselves, jewelry might be too much, he doesn’t want this to get weird oh Maker is he making this weird?? Good thing he has his speech all written out. 

Unfortunately his script just about ends there because there’s so much else to do.  He’s tired and he’s worried and he’s very sexually frustrated and sort of flails his way into asking if they’re going to commit.

Cullen, you glorious relationship disaster. 

anonymous asked:

I want to show my love for Jacob by ripping his heart to shreds. You headcanon him not doing one-night stands because he gets attached easily, right? What if Jacob falls for someone, has some "adult fun" with them, but they end up being a love 'em and leave 'em type? P.S. This is a bit evil, I know. I'm only mildly sorry.


He would put up a front definitely. He would act like it didn’t bother him at all but the signs would show that he was upset. He would seem irritable or annoyed for a little while.

One of the key signs that Jacob is upset is when he gets quiet. He’s pretty talkative so when he gets uncharacteristically quiet, you know something is wrong.

He would also try to avoid them at all costs if he saw them again but if he was forced to make conversation, he would be as formal and brief as possible.