love drunk

i want to be love drunk, stumbling up the stairs to see you and holding your hand like it is thunder. i want to be lightning right before you speak. i want to stay up all night and then wake up early because my head hurts and i want you to make it better, i want you to kiss it just right. you always do. i want to do stupid things and blame it on the liquor, like leave the door unlocked and the back gate open just a crack and my bedroom light on. i want it so bad.
hangovers have never been more than a slight headache to me, i don’t throw up easy. i keep it in my throat. but sleeping in on sundays next to you doesn’t sound too bad, even if it comes with a migraine. don’t let me drink alone. take shots with me until we forget where the backyard is. reach behind your passenger seat and take my hand so i know it’s not just me. we will never be sober, we will be love drunk till we throw it all up.
—  the wolf boy series // a.m