love dont exist


please remember that fiona, ex-slave, ex-grey warden, grand enchanter, leader of the mage rebellion, the legend who said ‘fuck the divine’, lover of king maric, friend of duncan, rival of wynne, mother of the king, and the only grey warden ever to be cured of the taint exists

go wild, you’re good


1/2  ↳ 05.22.17: I’ve always been jealous of the people who get to be around you every single day. I’ve always wonder how is it like to be with you, hear your voice, and see how you paint a ray of sunshine through your smile. I’ve always been curious what your day was like every time. But then despite the things I am not favored of, I always  and forever be thanking God to have met you in this lifetime. Until now, it still leaves me in wonderment every time I think of you. All those precious years, thank you for sharing with us a part of you and showing us love. Let’s make more of those for the next 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 years, even forever. Thank you for your existence. I love you. Happy birthday, my one and only! ♡

you still have my lipstick stain
from when i last kissed you
on the palm of your hand
i said, “boy, save this here
let it sink in your skin”
so wherever you went and
whatever you touched, i’d be
that ache you can’t get rid of
the memory you’ll never forget

kinda makes me angry how in gt fiction, giants and shrinking and magic are all TOTALLY BELEIVABLE but the second i bring up disabled characters suddenly its “too unrelistic” “unneeded” “tiny like that wouldnt survive”

its. so. funny. how people have enough willing suspension of belief to read about tiny beings, breaking the laws of physics, giant monsters, but alllllllll of that suspension goes out the window the second a chronically ill tiny is introduced. the moment a mute giant shows up.

im so tired of negative comments and vague posts and just jesus FUCK let people like me exist in gt!! news flash: im physically fucked up to hell, and telling me that tinies like me dont/wouldnt exist DOES NOT HELP. let me COPE. let me write what i want to write! if you dont want disabled people in your story i wont force you, but holy hell at least let me do what i want without getting talked down to or lectured!

god i usually try to keep angry stuff off this blog but im sick and feeling broken and i hate how apparently im not even allowed to exist in the realm of gt

if you can believe in giants and fairies and magic, why the hell cant you believe people like me exist in FICTIONAL worlds?

  • me: *drawing stuff for ship weeks and character birthdays* finally im getting stuff done
  • my brain: iwa-
  • me: don't
  • my brain: .....dai
  • me:
  • my brain: *softly chants* iwadai, iwadai, iwadai
  • me:
  • my brain:
  • me: ...shit ok