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Idk if u still take Drabble requests or anything (gosh I'm awkward 😂) but if u still do, could u make one we're daveed is like really jealous and insecure. Totally okay if don't want to or anything! Love you 🙈🤗

Don’t worry I’m awkward too so don’t feel bad! I love you too Anon! Here you go!

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The time had finally come, the event you had half dreaded and were half excited about. Your ten year class reunion. When you had graduated you couldn’t have gotten out of your home town sooner and had moved across the country and went to college at NYU. You never looked back, you had one best friend, Erica, who you had stayed in contact with and would visit on the rare occasion you went home to visit family. You had dreaded going back and seeing all the people you were so happy to forget and hear about how wonderful their lives were going for them. Not that your life wasn’t going amazing, you never expected that you would be a successful writer and that you would be bringing back the man of your dreams into the literal shark tank of your former classmates. 

The whole ride from your mom’s house to the Hilton you toyed with the hem of your dress and fiddled with your bracelet until a strong hand covered yours.

“Don’t be so nervous baby. It’s going to be fine,” Daveed said, “It will be exciting to see all your old friends.”

“I suppose,” you said with a small smile.

Within a few hours you had caught up with most of your old classmates and were happily sitting with your old best friend Erica gossiping about some of the girls who had given you so much trouble in class. She had gushed over Daveed much to your embarrassment. Everyone seemed awe struck when he had walked in with you and you felt confidence flow through you when you stared down Natasha who was glaring from the refreshments table.

“Did you see Natasha?” Erica questioned with a sly smirk.

“You bet your ass I did,” you said mischievously.

“Let me guess? The woman who is glaring from that table is your high school nemesis?” Daveed laughed as he sipped his drink.

“Something like that.”

You watched as Erica questioned Daveed about his rap group clipping. which prompted an animated conversation about Splendor & Misery. You loved to watch Daveed talk about his music, he really came to life and you could see the fire in his eye. He always talked with his hands and you smiled when you saw him push his glasses up his nose and laugh. 

“I’m going to go grab a drink. You two have fun,” you laughed.

Browsing through the various snacks and sipping your champagne you didn’t notice the man who was making his way over to you.

“(Y/N)? Is that you?”

You whipped around and quickly swallowed the cookie you had grabbed. Standing before you was your ex-boyfriend that you had dated sophomore year until right before graduation. He was wearing a smart looking blue suit, was clean shaven, his hair combed perfectly, and looking handsome as ever.

“Hey! Derek how are you?”

Daveed laughed as Erica told him about how (Y/N) had auditioned for the annual musical and accidentally tumbled down the stairs.

“Are you serious? She never told me about that… then again I’m not surprised she never mentioned it,” Daveed snorted, “Though… she did always avoid the staircases on the set during Hamilton.”

When he looked up he saw Erica staring wide eyed over his shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

Turning around he saw (Y/N) being pulled into an embrace of a well dressed handsome man. She laughed and pushed on his chest as they talked closely. He narrowed his eyes feeling the unmistakable sparks of jealously flaring in his chest.

“Who is that?” He asked.

“That’s Derek. They dated for about three years in high school. He’s a doctor now or some shit,” Erica snorted rolling her eyes.

“Interesting. Excuse me Erica,” Daveed said quietly as he got up and headed toward the pair.

“You look great (Y/N). Absolutely radiant…”

“She sure does, doesn’t she,” Daveed said as he wrapped his arm around your waist and pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Derek, this is my boyfriend Daveed,” you said brightly.

Daveed shook his hand firmly and his smile seemed a little forced as he examined the man more closely. You raised your eyebrow slightly but shrugged it off as you continued to catch up with Darek.

“I was just telling (Y/N) about the last surgery I had to perform,” Derek bragged.

“Derek got a full scholarship to Harvard Medical School,” you explained.

“I got an athletic scholarship to Brown,” Daveed said a little to defensively.

“Brown… that’s nice. What was your major?”

“Theater,” Daveed said.

“Daveed is really talented actor Derek and you should hear his music,” you exclaimed.

“And acting is rewarding for you?” Darek asked critically.

“Yes it is,” Daveed said curtly, “It really gives me a good platform to get my opinions out there and to help other young artists.”

“Riiiight. As I was saying you should really come visit more often. You’re parents aren’t the only ones who miss seeing you around. I’d love to talk more about your writing,” Derek said with a grin.

You noticed the scowl that had settled across Daveed’s face and how he tensed at Derek’s comments. 

“Well I could always swing by and catch up more next month. Daveed is doing some filming and I’ve been wanting to come with him and watch him work. I miss watching him in action since he stepped down from Hamilton and clipping. isn’t touring at the moment,” you said giving Daveed a reassuring smile.

“Hamilton? I’ve been hearing about that, it’s apparently all the rage these days isn’t it?”

“It’s a hit alright! They are going to be doing a national tour soon.”

“Isn’t it rap or something like that? Not really my taste really. I’ve never thought highly of that kind of music,” Derek said while he looked at Daveed, “You were a main character?”

“I was two main characters actually,” he said tensely.

“Wow two characters in one play. You’ve got yourself an overachiever I see,” Derek chuckled.

You felt your face heat up with anger and Daveed looked like he was about to punch Derek in the face.

“You know what, you’re damn right I do. You think you are better than other people because you are some kind of fancy surgeon? Daveed is wonderful and you know what he works his ass off every day and makes people happy with his art. He uses his success to do charity work for kids and puts together events to help other young artists learn how to be successful. His rap music has more subject matter in it than your whole existence. I’m glad he isn’t an arrogant piece of shit like you, if he was he would be waving his Tony and his Grammy in everyone’s face, but he doesn’t have to because he is a decent person! You’re the last person I will be calling if I come home to visit. Come on D let’s get out of here,” you hissed.

You both quickly walked out of the ballroom and headed to the elevator, “God what an asshole… trying to talk down to you like that. I could strangle him,” you angrily huffed as you repeatedly pushed the down button by the door.

“I can’t believe I was jealous of that douche,” Daveed muttered.

“What? You were jealous of Derek? Why?”

“Well I turned around and you were hugging him and laughing and then Erica said he was your ex and he was some fancy doctor… I don’t know I guess it made me feel insecure. It’s stupid,” he replied and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Baby it doesn’t matter that he is some surgeon now, you are the man I love and nothing is ever going to change that,” you said before pulling him into a kiss.

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li–like you could grab a beer with me?

no no seriously don’t be shy come here and let me love you. I too am like this, this is why we’re here on the internet and not out there with the other… *crinkles nose* people. I generally do not come across as nice and approachable irl let me assure you it’s more of a sarcastic blob of hatred sort of deal. The internet is a fabulous filter.



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Hey, I want to start posting incorrect 5h quotes. a.) Are you cool with other people doing that because I really admire your blog and don't want to offend/steal idea. b.) Any advice? c.) Hi. You're amazing.

Hey, it’s would be totally cool with me, I actually got the idea to start this page from another incorrect 5h quote page here on Tumblr. I also believe there are other incorrect pages here too. So don’t worry love, you’re not stealing any ideas or offending anyone. And some advice would be to probably to plan a couple of quotes planned for each day you’d like to post just so you wouldn’t have to worry about having to look for a great quote, ‘cause it does sometimes take a while if it’s not already planned. Another advice would be to have time to post things, so you could be more active and not have people unfollowing you. And the last advice I’d give is to probably watch a lot of comedy tv shows, such as The Office, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, Faking It, or any type of shows that have a funny scene or you’d find funny and to just have fun and be yourself or you could make up a quote. And thank you, you’re amazing as well❤️(I’m sorry I wrote a lot btw)

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Every time I see you reblog something from infamous second son my heart swells. It's one of my favs and I don't see it get too much love on here

it is a great game :) im still waiting for them to make a sequel called infamous second son’s son 

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Brooke isn't paying attention to me 🙁 will you?

WHAT!?! ~ Brooklyn

She’s neglecting me too. ~ GD

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I’m not neglecting you, I’m literally wearing your shirt and listening to your music right now. ~ Brooklyn

I still don’t feel your love. Besides, you don’t pay attention to anon here too. ~ GD

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I know I should probably post more scenarios. ~ Brooklyn

More scenarios about me. ~ GD

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oh. I'm so sorry, please don't worry about requests and stuff, I know it's really hard, but I hope things'll get better for you. Anyway, I love you and am very thankful for your blog and everything and I hope you know this. I wish I could help more than just that, but, anyway, at least know we all here love you, don't we?

I love you all too.❤️🌸🌷💐