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‘It felt different from all others in the past. I was able to sit with her in complete silence, and I felt comfortable and at peace. We didn’t have to talk, just enjoy each other’s presence. She made me happy.’

Hearing him speak of his past lover struck pain and jealousy in her heart. 'Do you miss her?’

He didn’t say anything, and she didn’t need him to. She already knew the answer.
—  J.H.
Something to address

My girlfriend is catholic (Christian? I’m bad and don’t know okay don’t hate me) and I’m agnostic. I don’t believe wholeheartedly, and I’m a skeptical person, who’s not against the idea. Either way, she believes in God and I do not.

Last night, she was feeling a little down and insecure and I used a lot of words to try and explain how much I love her (I’m cute okay and I’m obsessed with her so I gotta do my best to get her to believe me when she doubts).
Her reply, “Funny how after I found god again and prayed for something good to happen, I got to date you. That may mean nothing to you… but omg I view you as a gift from God tbh.”
and I don’t think she understands how much that does mean to me.

Just because I am a skeptic and dubious, doesn’t mean I do not appreciate what her sentence meant. To her, God is this massive almighty power, the be all and end all of belief. And to her, she sees me as a gift from Him. How on earth can that not mean everything to me?
To me, she’s an angel and entails all that is good and beautiful in the world.
She then tells me that to her, I’m a gift from God.

Whether you believe or not, accept things like that for what it is. Everything important to them. To be honest, I don’t think she could have given me a stronger more sincere compliment or admonishment of love.

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if i promise to make you spaghetti once a week for the rest of our lives, will you make sure i have coffee every morning? if you protect me from all the evil clowns in this world, i promise to hold you on the nights where it feels too hard to breathe. despite my fear of heights i will fall for you, as long as you promise to fall too.
—  4am
find love. find love like the one you dreamed of as a five year old which involves flowers and dates and promises. and for a minute just forget what happened in your last relationship. find love like the one that existed in the fairy tales books your father used to read out to you everyday before bed. find love you believe in. find love you want to write stories and poems about. find love you’d tell your daughter to chase. find love you would choose without having second thoughts. find love you just don’t just have to settle for. find love worth waiting for. find love.
—  f i n d. l o v e.//nikitagupta