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yoongi scenario | a vampire’s kiss

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prompt: I’m a vampire, and you’re a human who’s prone to getting hurt. Please take better care of yourself, or I might not be able to control myself!

pairing: vampire yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 900 words | fluff

Yoongi always panics when he sees you wielding a knife. Knowing how clumsy you are, he’s come to realise that you plus cooking is a bad combination – particularly with his stomach being empty and your blood always smelling so good.

So when he comes home to find you in the kitchen, humming to yourself as you chop tomatoes his first instinct is to yell, “Stop!”

Which in hindsight was a bad idea.

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I never asked anyone to love me but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be loved. I want that– I want to feel loved truly. I want genuine love with pure intention; don’t tell me you love me and expect me to love you back so quick. In that case, maybe you don’t love me like others, you just love the idea of me, the idea of loving and saving someone like me. Well, here I am telling that I don’t want to be saved; don’t save someone like me. I’m strong as fuck, true, I may look so weak because of crying myself to death when everything is falling apart but I am still strong for standing still all by myself. Without asking for anyone’s help, so, don’t love me because you want to love me and take care of me while you still know nothing about me. Love me when you see my scars and its stories; love me when you see me in my happiest and my worst days of my life; love me when you are ready to drown with me; love me when you are ready to embrace me when anxiety wants to hug me at night; love me when you will not get mad when my mood is unpredictable; love me when you can handle my mess– don’t love me and show me that you felt sorry for loving someone like me. If you feel sorry for loving me then you deserve my love at all. I want someone who will still be thankful for loving me even if I’m the most hard and cold person they ever met, and will still love me despite all my difficulties and flaws. I don’t need pitiful love; Love me regardless of good and bad things about me– love me because I am me.
—  L., Art of Loving Me

Title: You, Doll, Are Special

@kirahrps​ requested: Hi hi! I see that your requests are open and I’d like to make one :) I have mild cerebral palsy. I can walk but not well. I wonder if you could write a story where Negan genuinely and truly falls for someone with cp? She has more needs than anybody else but she’s also the biggest spitfire and she likes it roooooooouuuuuuggggghhhh (but without devices. That’s too close to torture to me and I can’t). Is this possible? I just feel like so many people desexualize us and would love to see a story that brings the opposite. 

Character(s): Negan and Reader (who has mild cerebral palsy)
Summary: You and Negan finally give in to one another.
Word Count: 3,638
Warning: SMUT! ;-)
Author’s Note: Thank you, @kirahrps for this request! It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved every second of it! I sure hope that I did this story justice for you! ALSO, the line “I’ll be your balance” is all credited to you, @kirahrps! Such a good line hehe! Enjoy! :-) 

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I see some people mad at Shiro…

When you think about it the Sheith arc this season was sort of them chilling out on their borderline codependency, or mainly Shiro’s over-dependence on Keith and constantly asking so much of him and wanting Keith to make up for his lackings.

It was sort of Keith rebelling. Keith not only didn’t want to lead Voltron, but he wanted Shiro to stop using him as the solution to his personal issues. Shiro was really not caring about how Keith felt this season because he couldn’t cope with the idea of rejection from the Black Lion, so he was putting it all on Keith and Keith knew that.

I think Shiro acting like that made Keith realize he needed to step back, that he didn’t like where their relationship was. He wanted more independence.

When he is talking about the BoM mission, you can tell Shiro is realizing things. Finally he lets go and stops being so controlling over Keith, and tells him he’s always there for him no matter what decisions he makes.

When you think about it, what Shiro says doesn’t really make sense outside of the context of their relationship. They were definitely talking about themselves haha. Shiro was apologizing in a way (tho I think he should do a better apology) and telling Keith that he’ll keep being a supportive boyfriend. Keith says “I know you are” because he still knows Shiro loves him despite their difficulties, this scene was them making up.

I think their relationship is in a much healthier spot now.

i would say ‘someone stop me’ but i don’t think i want to stop? ao3 link

Summary: Liam has a confession to make.

Three Words

Sara’s setting a ground rule. They’re not going to have sex in the sand. It’s unpleasant enough when the sand is a known quantity, but up until recently, this world was irradiated and Sara has not come this far to get radioactive sand in places where it definitely should not be.

Still. The feeling of Liam’s body beneath her almost wants her to throw caution to the wind. But only almost.  When Liam smiles up at her, it takes her one step closer to changing her mind. “I’ve noticed something,” he starts, a hand on her hip as though it belongs there. (It does.)

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Love it or hate it, the ship Komahina is absolutely beautiful.

Here, we have two lost souls coming together, seemingly by chance, and trying to wrap themselves around each other in an eternal circle. They are like the two fish in the pisces zodiac sign.

It’s beautiful how we have the mentally ill, lonely, and absolutely broken youth Komaeda being understood and cared for by Hajime when no one else would even bother to spit in his direction. This ship speaks that a person is being accepted, cared for, and loved despite their personal difficulties. Perhaps this sounds like a bit of projecting, but thinking about Komahina comforts me even in my darkest hour. It’s inspiring and is a part of my relationship goals.

This is humanity in its finest form.

Ahhh, I’ve been thinking about something for a long while. I hate thinking of Francis and Arthur getting a divorce, but if they ever did consider it, this is what I picture. They’re in their lawyer’s office and he or she reads them the legal papers and all that’s gonna be done. And Francis and Arthur look at him, but neither of them is happy about it. And when the lawyers asks who wants to sign the papers first, both of them are hesitant because they don’t want to get a divorce. Francis wouldn’t want to because he loves Arthur so much, despite difficulties and arguments and other things they’ve put up with. And Arthur wouldn’t want to because it’s too drastic, why on Earth did they ever decide on this? And when he sees Arthur doesn’t react, Francis gets the pen and signs, very relunctantly before handing the pen to Arthur. But when Arthur’s going to sign, he can’t even focus and his hand starts shaking, and there are TEARS in his eyes because he doesn’t want to sign it and no one can make him. So he pushes the paper away and stands up and says he can’t do it because it’s stupid. And it is like the biggest relief to Francis because he thought Arthur did want a separation, but hearing that makes him so happy because they’re not getting a divorce. And Francis stands up and just goe s to Arthur and kisses him because they’re staying together, oh my God.

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Will Ian still be very in love with Mickey despite the difficulties in this season's journey?

Of this we have no doubt. We’re not going to lie, this season we will see Ian in a way we have never seen before. And there will be times it will be hard to watch. You may even find yourself mad at Ian and that’s ok.

There will probably be times you feel yourself start to believe Mickey deserves better than Ian, but do not forget for a second that Ian loves Mickey. 

Does this mean all should be forgiven and forgotten? Forgiven, yes. Forgotten, no.