love cotton


some Angies I sketched in-between some of my uni working

Bendy’s been mistaken for a cat a lot so it kinda makes me think some would think Angie was a sheep or cauliflower


slime! ⭐️

anonymous asked:

Holster still sleeps with a stuffed animal and not a small or discreet one like senor bun. No this motherfucker's childhood stuffed animal is a foot tall pink bear that his grandma bought before he was born because they thought he'd be afab but he seemed to love the bear so nobody had the heart to take it away and he never outgrew it. He hides it in the closet when anyone but Ransom is around and the first time Ransom saw this giant boy cuddling a giant bear is the night he fell in love with him


imagine holster and ransom cuddling and the bear is all sandwiched between them i’m gonna combust