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Okay so @soltserra had the best idea to combine all my favorite things (Glowing tattoos, constellations, and Allura) into one amazing AU so naturally I had to do some fanart (with permission) of it!! Seriously you should go and follow them right now

You can never go wrong with space and glitter, as I always say

Speedpaint / Redbubble

How quickly the signs get emotionally attached to a character

Easily and quickly: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus

It’s a few episodes in until they actually start loving them: Leo, Aries, Libra, Scorpio

They don’t realize they’re emotionally attached until they’re crying because of them: Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius

Concept: Taking a midnight drive down a deserted dirt road, surrounded by nothing but open fields, a lake, and a clear night sky decorated by only the brightest stars.
You decide to pull over and we lay on the hood of the car so we can stargaze. You point out your favorite constellations but I can’t stop looking at the faces you make when you talk about the universe.

✨C O S M I C Self Care ✨

🌚 doodle your favorite constellations on your arms

🌚 align your to do list with the phases of the Moon

🌚 cover yourself in shimmering body lotion

🌚 if you’re on medication, leave it outside in a safe place or on your windowsill to charge with moonlight

🌚 read up on the deities planets were names after when you feel anxious

🌚 draw energy from the night

🌚 go shopping for moon and star shaped earrings and pendants

🌚 create a makeup look with dark colors and glitters to look like the night sky

🌚 create soap, artwork or plush toys inspired by the planets

🌚 sleep with your curtains or blinds open and watch the stars

🌚 find live streams from satellites in space to watch when you want to relax

🌚 wear colors like silver and black with holographic accessories

🌚 asses your natal chart for clarity on your situation

🌚 craft a space diorama from an old shoe box with paint, fishing line and polystyrene balls

🌚 splash your face with moon water

🌚 envision your celestial body during meditation

🌚 try one of the Aphroditiful Zodiac Tarot spreads

🌚 divinate using a black mirror or onyx stone to ease your mind

🌚 time your morning wake up with the moment the sun rises

🌚 remember that your body is made of stardust


- as requested!


Don’t mess with an Aries’ emotions

Don’t cross a Taurus

Don’t belittle a Gemini

Don’t make a Cancer regret loving you 

Don’t play with Leo’s heartstrings

Don’t talk down to a Virgo 

Don’t tear down a Libra’s dreams

Don’t fight a Scorpio

Don’t hold a Sagittarius back

Don’t bring up a Capricorn’s past

Don’t overshadow an Aquarius

Don’t make a Pisces furious

Signs as Boyfriends

Aries: Athletic but high maintenance. Expects you to ask them how their day went but they will be there with you through thick and thin.

Taurus: Clingy and feels bad if they ain’t there for you through thick and thins> They will pay for all the dates even if you resist. KINKY AF

Gemini: Really playful and will make you a better person. Be expected to be showered in random presents and facetime a lot. They are gentle and make sure that you smile but they can be moody.

Cancer: Cute and caring. Buys you Starbucks every morning, gives you meaningful presents. All in all, they want the best for you and for you to be protected from the world. They plan fun dates. 

Leo: Dominant half of the relationship and is calm and collected. They will playfully insult you and do expect random showers of affection. They will always be there and make sure that you’re alright. 

Virgo: Loves physical contact and they will tell you they love you a lot but you will never get sick of hearing it. Gives you their jacket even when it’s 70 degrees and will cry if you cry. 

Libra: Funny and sassy. Saves up money to bring you to cool food places and dates to the city. May come across as mean but deep inside they want the best for you. 

Scorpio: Never runs out of things to talk about. Make sure that you’re well-fed and full of creative ideas. Count on them when you’re feeling down to hold you and reassure you that everything is fine.

Sagittarius: Popular but doesn’t give a damn and focuses on you and only you. You’re the center of their universe and no matter how busy they are, they will make time for you.  

Capricorn: Quiet and mysterious and has a hard time opening up. They love their partner so much even if they don’t always show it and will do anything for them. 

Aquarius: Plan all the dates and texts first. You will never get sick of them and there’s always something new to learn about them. 

Pisces: Loud and outgoing and makes sure that you know they love you. Kind of a spazz tbh, but it’s funny and lovable. They can be clingy but they knwo when to live you alone.