love concrete

i still want a god damn explanation from the writer, directors, producers, and katie mcgrath herself for why Lena sounded and acted so jealous when she saw Alex in Kara’s apartment

I’ve envisioned meeting one with immense beauty
being immortalized in the silhouette of intimacy
Having an authentic soulful connection running its course
like a magnetic pull keeping us bound

I have found him and he is what I’ve never imagined
He seems to be a masterpiece – raw but delicate, as if handcrafted
and he has shown no signs of straying nor leaving me abandoned
It caused me to think, “what can I offer him?”
Could I become the moon and break through his windowpane
illuminating his every provoking thought with regal grace
Love him how a painter makes art – with emotion and meaningful intention
He looks at me and gives me his dimpled smile
and I return the same radiant expression
He is the embodiment of boyish charm – exuding grandeur
but what can I offer him?

—  What Can I Offer Him?
dear 2am reader
with a half-written suicide note
signed by dreams of permanent escape, 
i’ve been where you are.
which is not to say i understand.
which is not to say—i’m sorry.
so maybe a sunrise wouldn’t be enough to save you;
i think it wouldn’t be enough for me either.
the last time you felt joy is remembered, barely
what with earthquakes cracking around your ears
and you half-deaf to disaster. but i want to tell you this:
don’t break the promises you made to your best friend
when you said you’d be there for them forever.
one of these days, wrest an apology from your parents
for the shit they’ve put you through; you deserve it.
make sure your younger siblings get a chance to be
all that you never were. try not to leave anyone behind.
you won’t run out of words; you’ll only run out of time,
so use what you have while you can. i’m sorry—
which is to say, you have a lot left to live for.
i hope you do. i hope you do. i hope you do.
—  survival suits you || a. cho, 10 / 365
If there be pain...

If there be pain,
all you need to do
is call on me to be with you
And before you hang up the phone
you will no longer be alone
Together we can never fall
because our love will conquer all

If there be pain,
reach out for a helping hand
and I shall hold you wherever I am
Every breath I breathe will be into you
for without you here my joy is through
my life was lived through falling rain
so call on me if there be pain

- Tupac Shakur, The Rose That Grew From Concrete

You said you love me
that you’d be here forever
but what about today?
As the wind breezes
the seasons change
the time shifts
will you still feel the same way?
Seems like once upon a time
we were closer than close
the aura of communication was effortless
now everything is stagnant
and it has me thinking if I still hold importance
Pardon my reoccurring doubts and questions
that’s laced in my fragile heart
I was just wondering if you’d still be here
before today would start
—  FOREVER and Today
Venus Sign (Part 1)

• Aries: They are ardent, passionate, jealous but inconstancy. It reflect the desire to be in command. Demostrativitate in love, sentimental effusions, passion. Predisposition for love at first sight. Feelings are not sustainable: it starts suddenly, burns like burning straw and then fire dies. 

Taurus: Sensual and seductive. They like to “hunt”, to pursue their “prey”. Wire love, deep feelings and lasting emotions. Attraction for physical pleasures. They are jealous, possessive and need security in a relationship. Express their love concretely. 

• Gemini: Playful, unpredictable. They like to declare their love in the most inventive ways; difficult to maintain because they are constantly in search of innovation. Gentle, sentimental, romantic but full of whims moods. They are attracted by intellectual pleasure. Penchant for intense relational life, but without a strong emotional involvement. Predisposition to flirt. Emotions are “intellectualised”, dominated by a reason. 

• Cancer: Dreamy, loyal, sweet, seductive and devotated. They love to cuddle or be cuddled and have a protective attitude. Gentle, sentimental, romantic but full of whims moods. They are attracted by family idea and they want tenderness and affection. 

• Leo: Capable of anything for the loved person. They like to lead the relationship and associate love with pomp. Egocentrism and the desire to enjoy the life to the maximum. They love sincere, passionate, fiery. They may be materialistic. 

• Virgo: Shy, cold attitude, reserved. They analyze their partner well because they have very precise standards in their choice and they love rational and capable of great devotation people. They express their feelings practical, simple, pure, inocent and devotational. Their feelings may be discreet, modest and reserved. 

 • Libra: Romantic, dreamy and sympathetic. They don’t have too deep feelings and get bored quickly. Attraction to pleasure. They focus on idea of partnership and they want to have someone who looks good; they need to attract atention in society. 

• Scorpio: Passionate, erotic, possessive, jealous with a particular sexual magnetism. They are capable of extreme feelings, going from the most intense love to the worst hate. Attraction for pleasure and sex. They want all or nothing. 

• Sagittarius: Full of temperament, enthusiastic. They want to be in love and express their feelings optimistically, expansive and generous. Instability in the sentimental life, adventurous impulses, the possibilty of having parallel relationships. They can’t guarantee fidelity. 

• Capricorn: Seriousness, loyalty, depth. The foolish actionand the seething passion are missing. They try showing love through deeds, ignoring words.They seek understanding and support more than spiritual warmth. Sentimental side is austere, cold, rigid. 

• Aquarius: They are tactful, fascinating, fun, full of fantasy with a benevolent attitude that avoid imposing rules. They seek relations based on friendship, affinity of ideas, freedom and mutual trust. Manifest sentimentally. 

• Pisces: Dreamy, delicate, romantic, selfless in love. The feelings are deep, impregnated with compassion, dedication and sacrifice capacity. A large dose of romance, tenderness and ability to abandon in love.The ability to give oneself completely.