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They’re going to be cats in my @gemanimate shot. These are the drawings I did while messing around with how they’ll look. The two that happen to be colored aren’t necessarily the final looks, I should’ve messed more with color just because it’s what you do I guess. But toonboom is easy with color so whatever.  

Unsurprisingly, the shot I asked for is mostly EFX, the gems barely move, but they’re all in it. I like cats a lot more than almost anything else, so there you go. 

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This is my piece for the ML End Card Artist Collaboration–I got Rogercop! It turned out way better than i thought it would so I’m very pleased :3 

Thank you SO MUCH @peachbunni for inviting me! (i honestly thought i wouldn’t get picked so this means so much–;w;)

When Colors Unite
Illustration by: Albert Lee Reyes


Love and joy, these I stand for;

Give them respect, not sore.

Be someone they justly adore,

Thus, they shall return the favor.


Let them live with cheer and adventure.

Grant their rights and be mature.

Burden shall quell, accept their nature;

These make them feel pure.


Light from beyond is my name—

Glowing passionately without a flame;

Bestow them bliss, and do not shame;

They are humans, not lame.


Life is my terrene representation—

Growing with sanguinity and affection,

But without acceptance, I shall fade,

That is why you must stop to evade.


Listen to the serenity of the sky;

Genuinely recognize their cry,

Believe when they say how and why,

Trust them and they shall fly.


Learn and value, these are my reminders;

Gaze their inner beauty and do not wonder.

Behold their integrity and success—

Things that will not make them feel less.


Lead yourself to an equal path,

Going against harsh aftermath;

Be just, be an advocate of change

That defines true courage.

Do you like Underfell? Did you ever want to see this AU come to life, in game, accompanied by the talents of some of your favorite voice actors???

Well over at @underfellfangame they’re working to make this a reality! I love the collaboration of artists on this project and can’t wait for it to come out! In the meantime I really just wanted to play around with Sans’ bat concept because it’s very fitting.

(And a big thank you to those who joined me in the stream! I’ll be sure to take more of a break today!) ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

                        ☆━━━ Calling all Vocaloid artists!! ━━━☆ 

To celebrate our love for the beloved Kagamine twins, we are holding a special collaboration project for the summer! We are looking for 30 lovely artists for this project. The theme of the collaboration: ☆ Kagamine World Tour ☆

Just like Miku, Rin and Len’s voices reach every corner of this world, bringing people from all countries, cultures, and walks of life together. And so, for the collaboration, every artist will draw the Kagamines in a different part of the world, celebrating that area’s rich culture!

If you’re interested, please read our How to Apply page. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask us! We look forward to seeing you apply! Let’s all do our best!

NU’EST Gearing Up For Potential Comeback, MV Filming in Progress

After wrapping up their OVERCOME promotions earlier this year, L.O.V.Es have been waiting for a potential second comeback in the same year as suggested by the members. The wait seemed to be over, as photos from the boys’ MV filming has been spreading on SNS followed by a hint from Pledis’ CEO official account.

Photo from gyuooo, one of the artists on set. The instagram is set on private and the screencap is taken by @limetree66044. The caption writes: my kids are doing the acting well. NU’EST’s new song ‘painted it love’ filming in progress. Painting. 

The new MV seems to feature collaboration with artistes and paintings, in line with the track name as listed on the caption ‘Painted it Love’. Fans have also paid attention to the hashtag ‘music video’, which led to more speculations of an impending comeback.

Several other photos have also surfaced on Facebook, featuring fellow member Aron sitting in a gloomy, wrecked art studio. The setting seemed to border on a dreamy, slightly bizarre note, reminiscence of their earlier music videos like Good Bye Bye and I’m Bad with an artistic note, literally.

Pledis has also seemingly confirmed this comeback with their latest post posted just an hour ago, featuring a blurred figure in ash-greyish hair.

Photo from pledis_boss, with the captions: COMING SOON… #Who_is #뉴이스트

Fans have been leaving their guesses in the comments section, with a large number suggesting NU’EST’s Minhyun. There are no further updates or confirmations by the company as to the release date, whether it’s a full promotion, is it a single or an album, and more. 

We will keep you posted with more information, but meanwhile, spread the word and it’s time to save up a penny or two, just in case.

What vibe do you think they’re going for, who is the mysterious member on Pledis_boss’ Instagram, and are you ready for a comeback? Let us know!

Source: gyuooo ; NUESTSG ;  limetree66044pledis_boss


Seen all over Instagram from the DMV to NYC, the young talented artistic gal has wowed us with her amazing photos and style. But that’s not all, Helen has also been seen in sold out off-Broadway shows down to assisting paintings in the Chelsea District art galleries on 23rd street. She’s a walking art.

Q: What is the best piece of information someone has given you ?
A: The best piece of information someone has given me was when I was in High School & my teacher taught me about “probablities”. Probability is the measure of the likeliness that an even will occur. I’ll always abide by this rule because I believe that no matter how many times I’ll hear “no” there’ll always be a “yes” out there for me. And that’s what probability is. And although I’m sure the teacher had no intentions of that subject becoming that deep, I translated it into my own proverb. I’ll go through life always working hard & always expecting that when I roll the dice, one day I’ll land on a “yes”.

“People will never know because they’ll never ask. And they will never ask because they’ll never know.” -Helen

IG: @blkisacolor