love chaos

Sooooo sam is in Montreal rn

This is the only photo I’ve seen so far, BUT LOOK AT SAM.

Can I just say

1) his hair is everything



4) nah but like srsly how tall is sam bc I’m literally a giant… I’m around 5’8 . BC LIKE REGARDLESS I BET YOU HE GIVES THE BEST FUCKING HUGS

5) I want a sam holland rn. I want him to cuddle me to death bc rn the weather in Canada is basically winter soooooooooo

Ich glaube ich werde immer Angst haben, dich zu verlieren. Ich werde immer Angst haben, nicht gut genug zu sein. Egal wie oft du sagst, dass du mich brauchst, dass ich die Einzige für dich bin. Ich werde immer Angst haben, dass du irgendwann jemand besseren findest. Denn so war es bisher immer. Alle, die sagten sie wären da wenn ich sie brauche, sind gegangen. Ja ich weiß du bist anders als die anderen. Du bist besser. Das beste was mir je hätte passieren können. Und genau deshalb habe ich solch schreckliche Angst.
—  Eigene
cursed mcrmy things
  • princess fro fro
  • thinking gerard was cute when he was drunk
  • sending death threats if someone disagreed with you on who tops in f*erard
  • “fronkie”
  • villainizing bert mccraken in fanfic and irl
  • only seeing frank and gerard as attractive when they were skinny
  • w*ycest
  • drawing X’s over your eyes
  • badlydrawnmcr (no offense to the artist, just how weird the fandom got with it)
  • having “from the earth to the morgue” or “if this is what you want then fire at will” as your bio on all social media

Feel free to add your own if you were on this hell site when mcr was alive this is all I could force my brain to remember after years of repression.

Before you fall for me, know that I am made of chaos. Part of me will beg to be yours, and I will love wholly, violently. Yet, another part will be ready to flee, to wreak havoc, to preserve self above all else. I cannot help what makes up my bones, what primal survival instinct thrives inside.
—  a powerful disaster, violently protective of the soul it wraps itself around
And I’d choose you. In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality; I’d find you, and I’d choose you.
—  The Chaos of Stars
I didn’t know what I was getting into but all I knew is that I wanted you more than anything. If this will end in chaos then so be it. I’ve waited years for you, so I will not let you slip away so easily again.
—  gabbybaby17 (The Wait)
If we could somehow find a way to spill out the chaos that lives in our bloodstream, I think we would not be as congested as we are now. I think we could be happier.
—  Lukas W. // Find a way out