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We’ve been threatening to do this for a while, but the tumblr BU crew (@hakunimaatta, @heyfabbro, @oetterbox, and myself) finally put our heads together and made a BU hockey primer so that y’all can learn to love these losers as much as we do. 

Because there are four of us and we’re intense, we couldn’t fit the whole thing into 10 slides for tumblr, so there’s more below. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

hi there! I REALLY love your character and your artwork and would love to RP bu t... I'm way too fucking shy and I think you're really awesome ; w; have a good day!! ; //w//;

“…oh….how very cruel of you….-”

“Making my heart flutter like this…only to leave me no clue as to who you might be…-”

*Vaega releases a series of sounds, starting off as what sounds like a love struck sigh, before escalating into restless whimpers, and ultimately, cries of adoration as he flings himself upon the anon’s unsuspecting and meek form*

“Oh, My SWEET ANON! I cant stand this INSUFFERABLE distance between us…RETURN to me at ONCE! Find the courage to rend my heart from mine own chest and take it as your own! MY ACHING BODY AWAITS YOU, READY TO BE RAVISHED LIKE A BASKET OF FRESHLY COOKED AND SEASONED POPOTOS!!!!”

((Lets be real for a second though, popotos aside. There is literally no greater honor on tumblr for an ask artist like me…for someone to tell me that they think my character is great and that they like my art and would actually consider rping with me? I screamed for a whole five minutes just looking at your message. Thank you anon, and I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my disgusting and shriveled little perverted heart… that some day you might find yourself in the position to send me your feelings again….but with your beautiful and precious name attached.))


2:13 Delirious reassuring everyone *read Vanoss* he would never poke Ohm with his penis. Lol

did you guys ever have those moments when you sit down and remember that jjproject are literally made for each other like not in terms of lovers or just good friends because lovers and good friends can be apart from each other. i don’t not know how to explain it and soulmates just don’t seem to be the right word too?? it’s like jaebum is one part of a machine and jinyoung is another part, they have their own uses but when they come together it forms something even better? like toast and your favorite spread? each item taste good on its own but putting them together is another masterpiece? like how jinyoung smoothen out jaebum’s rough edges and how jaebum got jinyoung to be interested in reading for him to learn more/be more wise through them. it’s like they have parts/traits of each other in them and you can’t think of jaebum without seeing a little of jinyoung in him and vice versa?? i don’t think there can be a good explanation on jjproject’s dynamics and i just think that it’s amazing how they literally between each other’s support over the years. :(( i love jjp and stream tomorrow, today.