love burd

I took another break from Summer Storm and commissions to do Pokemans Go art! I’m Team Instinct but I love all the burds so I drew them all.

I met a neat LARPing group at the park while Pooperstar and I were playing, and when I showed them the Instinct design, they were interested in getting their hands on it, so I dumped some versions on Redbubble.

Team Valor | Team Instinct | Team Mystic


My lovely-awesome-illustration-artist-friend Heather Pullen gave me these gorgeous prints today!  We’re doing a print swap and I am so excited to add Heather's circus series to my collection of artwork done by my friends. I gotta frame these asap!  I actually have to frame all of them, my collection is growing ;)

You should definitely follow her tumblr HERE