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whar r your top 5 fan art of supercrop

Ohhh man! You know I’ve been thinking about this since I read the question and I am still struggling!?

In no particular order:

  1. Supercorp Wedding Doodles by @sango-blep
  2. Kara and Lena Grow Closer by @tantoun
  3. I’ve Got You by @trappedinvacancy
  4. Promise? by @nikanono
  5. When you’re tired and lose a little of your impulse control and kiss your crush by @plastic-pipes

“A gentleman doesn’t give up that easily!”

Do some ya fantasy writers actually understand that you don’t need to pair the female lead up with a prince by the end? Especially not when the female lead’s arc is entirely about breaking away from gender roles and rejecting the traditional narrative of marriage and motherhood

and also especially when the female lead is 12-13 at most and the prince is 16 AT LEAST


                                                           i want to kill it .
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