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AU where Mick pulls two guns out of his jacket and shoots Hess and Ketch first

i love my country so damn much. it’s not perfect at all, lord knows i have more than a handful of issues with it, and it for sure has a long way to go in terms of being better.

but the strength of the british people, the commitment overall to love that we have after every attack, the refusal to let our spirit be destroyed? the spirit that says “You may be attacking us with knives but i spent £6 on this pint of beer so if I’m running, I’m taking it the fuck with me”, the spirit that says “Oh you attack our children whilst they enjoy a concert? Fuck you, we won’t be cowed, we’ll put on another concert, a bigger concert, and we’ll celebrate love at it” - i love that spirit so much. my country isn’t perfect, but god damn do i love it with my whole heart

Since it’s 4th of July, I think this is the perfect day for a Turn marathon!

I don’t know about you, but this promo photo from season 2 is my FAVOURITE ever from the entire series. I mean, I feel deeply patriotic and proud and ready for anything… And I’m not even American O.o It’s just the flag and the light and the characters and SO MANY MILITARY UNIFORMS <3

So, go to you Amazon Prime or Netflix or wherever you can find this series in your countries because this is the right day for it :)

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Okay so if Hogwarts is the wizarding school of the United Kingdom then logically Ilvermorny can't be the only American school because it would be too big. There would have to be three (Ilvermorny for the east coast, a west coast like in Seattle, and a south probably in Texas) at least to cover the population. Does that make sense? I just don't think, with americas size and population, ilvermorny would be the only school or prestigious school in the country.

Yeah I mean Hogwarts is deceptively small though. Assuming Harry’s year is small because they were born in war time there’s probably no more than 500 students there at any time which is not large for a school. So there’s probably around 2500 wizard kids of secondary school age in the US which would be impractical to fit into one school but it could be done

But I agree that there’d be more than one school, for cultural reasons if nothing else

I’m not American, but the USA is huge and there seem to be vast cultural differences depending on what region you’re from and I’m sure that’d translate into the wizarding education system- maybe a Native American school focusing on plant based magic, or a school in New Orleans that looks more at African magic?

I’m still not sold on Ilvermorny tbh. It feels a little like ‘well Americans want to go to Hogwarts so we’ll make a carbon copy but just stick it in the states’

Why is there a castle??? Unless we’re counting disney world castles aren’t really a thing in America. And the house system?? I get it it’s nice that Americans can associate themselves with this community but like… that’s also not a thing in the states right? And do you have boarding schools? 

It’s just weird to me that they’ve taken these quintessentially British things and stuck them in a school in America because people now associate them with magic

I’d much rather see a something like a wizard high school! Something that Americans can actually relate to because isn’t that the point of Ilvermorny- it’s giving the American fans a chance to see what their own Harry Potter experience would be like and by making it almost as unrelatable as Hogwarts I feel like they’re missing out on something


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