love britain

  • England: Bloody hell, where is he? The meeting is going to start in five minutes.
  • Canada: Papa said he was on his way.
  • England: I know, but when will he actually show up.
  • Canada: Hold on... I got this.
  • England: ...what do you mea–
  • Canada: Do you hear the people sing?
  • *heavy stomping*
  • England: Wha–
  • *door slams open*
Olympic AU

Alfred - up and coming star swimmer with secret crush on the cute Japanese guy who is staying on the floor under his (freestyle sprint)
Arthur - fencer; Francis’s rival from many an international competition
Francis - secretly in love with his biggest rival and goes to the Olympics with the sole goal of making the angry competitive Brit fall in love with him
Kiku - breastroke swimmer with limited English struggling to communicate with That One Blond American Athlete who he spots in training
Yao - basketball player who gets way too into cheering
Ivan - weight lifter who enjoys attending as many events as he can in his downtime (he doesn’t really get basketball but the forward for Team China is cute so??)
Ludwig - gymnast for Team Germany who is taking this Very Seriously
Feliciano - another breastroke swimmer who befriends Kiku despite speaking neither Japanese nor English
Lovino - Italian gymnast who considers Ludwig his Rival™