love blooming

positivity meme! ~ accepting

idk if you intended for me to do five but I’M GONNA DO FIVE because there are too many amazing people on here not to


i’ve had such joy writing with you! you have an amazing, well-fleshed-out, interesting character, and she’s so fun to interact with. you always send me ask memes and send positive messages when i’m feeling down, and you’re just generally such a delightful presence to have on this site! 


you write all your characters so amazingly well, i’m in awe. i know i’ve only interacted with two of them thus far, but i look forward to writing even more with you in the future! i don’t know how you manage to balance it so well but you really do an incredible job. thank you for always being kind and thoughtful and just generally being an amazing rp partner!


ok i know we’ve only been writing together for a bit but you rp one of my favorite characters from a tv show ever and you write him SO WELL. i’ve loved plotting with you and just chatting about the general silliness that is tim and eames interacting, and i can’t wait to see where our threads go! always a pleasure <3


hey, you’re so amazing? i love reading your threads on benjen and alana. you seem to know your characters so incredibly well, and i’ve loved the thread we have going so far. you just always seem to be such a kind presence to everyone and such a good friend, and i admire you so much! 


you write such an incredible james bond. i don’t read everything that’s on my dash, but i almost always read every one of your threads i stumble upon. i love the thread we have going so far, and i love seeing your enthusiasm for your muse because it’s honestly so infectious. keep up the simply amazing work!