Follower of the Week !

1505miles is my lovely follower of the week!!!

Here is a little about them:

“We are an LDR couple living in Oregon and Wisconsin and we met about 2-2.5 years ago here on tumblr!  I (Jessica) am 20 and Ty is 22 and we’re both in university, I’m studying to be a Nurse and Ty is studying Public Relations.”

They are a couple that have met before and are possibly seeing each other again this summer (which is pretty exciting if you ask me) !!!

They post pictures of themselves together as well as posts about love, LDRs, relationships and things that interest them or they feel strongly about. I would really give them a follow if you are looking for another LDR blog to follow! They are both truly cute people and their blog makes me happy ^-^

Here’s a picture of them that they posted from their last trip which is my personal fav :)

Every Sunday I’ll be looking through my activity tab and seeing which of my followers comes up in the #1 slot for the weekly filter. I’ll then give them a shout out to everyone that follows me! It’s a little way of me giving back to all of you that actively participate on my blog because I really, honestly appreciate every single one of you. Xxx