love blackouts


Hey guys…. So.. I’ve been really out of sorts lately, and I have been doing a lot of thinking about myself and the situations I’m in. Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been needing time to myself for some self-care, and rest from all the volunteer work, the stressed out drawing, the drama, the media, and everything else I overwork myself with.

I’m gonna do what my friends here have called a blackout. I’m gonna hop off the internet and social media for a few days, and take some time to myself. maybe reconnect with something that can help me stay sane when I return to this jumbled mess I’ve set up for myself, I’m not sure.

Whatever happens, I hope y’all can forgive me, and I know this is really outta nowhere cause I don’t share my thoughts and feelings on here? But I just don’t want to wrap you into my life like that, y’all come to my blog for fun, creative stuff, and screaming my head off about memes! And to continue being my best for you, I want to check myself and make sure I’m still okay. And I know on here that I’ll return to loving arms and friends as close as can be.

Until then, have a wonderful time, and I’ll see y’all soon, I promise! :) ❤❤❤

TURN 👏🏾 THE 👏🏾 FUCK 👏🏾 UP 👏🏾

To all my black people

All my Afro-latinxs

All my Afro-Asians

All my black Caribbeans

All my mixed black folks


May this month be filled with melanin magic, clear skin, and carefree blackness ❤️

I love all y'all so much man


Vegans on Thanksgiving!!