love being puerto rican

i really love it when mixed race actors play characters who acknowledge they’re mixed (even if they have physical traits that don’t make their heritage obvious) like i love in parks and rec that april speaks spanish and talks about being puerto rican, i love how rainbow in blackish struggles with her biracial identity, i love how koen in cleverman feels disconnected from his people because his mother is white and vanessa hudgens’ character in powerless is also half Filipino - i love that this is happening more and more because growing up as mixed, so often you see mixed people in media and they’re portrayed as one or the other and its so important we create media that doesn’t encourage internalized racism and encourages mixed kids to accept their identities are both whole and multifaceted i just hope we see more mixed representation for mixed poc as well as poc mixed with white 

While I love being Puerto Rican and Mexican, the regionally different Spanish words can be kinda frustrating. Mixing up one Mexican term with one Puerto Rican term could be the difference between saying “there’s a bug in my room” and “there’s a dick in my room.”

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Have you ever seen or watched West Side Story? It's based off of Romeo and Juliet but it's mostly about how two people are ridiculed for being in love because of their skin/race. Maria ("Juliet") being a Puerto Rican immigrant and Tony ("Romeo") being American. I honestly loved this story and I think this took a better shot at portraying a tragic love than Romeo and Juliet did

*Snaps fingers while dancing down the street* Yeah I’ve seen the movie a couple times way back in my high school days so my memory pretty sketchy but I can agree its better than the Shakespeare play (though that’s not a huge endorsement because I really dislike the Shakespeare one though I adore the anime JuleitXRomo and refuse to watch the last few episodes because I don’t want the love birds to die lol) 

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Hello! Do you know of any books with LatinX characters who are bi/queer? Thanks so much! It's so hard finding books with people like myself.

Yes! There’s
* Down to the Bone - Mayra Lazara Dole (contemporary, Cuban American lesbian, written by Cuban American lesbian)
* Juliet Takes a Breath - Gabby Rivera (contemporary, Puerto Rican American lesbian, written by Puerto Rican American lesbian)
* The Summer Prince - Alaya Dawn Johnson (cyberpunk dystopia, everyone is bi and Afro-Brazilian, main romance is m/f though both are bi, there have been some criticisms of how Brazilian culture is represented)
* Love and Lies: Marisol’s Story - Ellen Wittlinger (contemporary, sequel to Hard Love, Puerto Rican American lesbian, warning for the villain being a bi woman who sleeps around and is a sexual abuser)
* Summer Confessions - Lynn Vroman (thriller ish, I think? Puerto Rican American)
* This is Where It Ends - Marieke Nijkamp (thriller, four main characters, including a sapphic couple where one is Latina, a sad book with a sad ending but the girls do stay together at the end, sapphic author)
* The Gallery of Unfinished Girls - Lauren Karcz (upcoming, contemporary)
* Brooklyn Brujas series - Zoraida Córdova (urban fantasy, Ecuadoran American bi girl, Ecuadoran American author)
* Santa Olivia series - Jacqueline Carey (sci fi, sapphic Latinas)
* Cam Girl - Leah Raeder (contemporary, bi Puerto Rican American protag)
* America Chavez from Marvel’s young avengers comics is a Latina lesbian
* When The Moon Was Ours - Anna-Maria McLemore (magical realism, MGA Latina protag, MGA Latina author)
Others which might be of interest
* On the Edge of Gone - Corinne Duyvis (apocalyptic, protag is straight and mixed black, white and Surinamese Dutch, her sister is a bi trans girl, bi author)
* It’s Not Like It’s A Secret - Misa Sugiura (upcoming, contemporary, Japanese American sapphic protag and Mexican American love interest)
* Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira (contemporary, protag is straight and white but there’s a major sapphic side couple who get pretty much the same amount of screentime as the main het couple, one is Mexican American)
* Lies My Girlfriend Told Me - Julie Anne Peters (contemporary, white lesbian protag, love interest is Mexican American, lesbian author)

* Ascension - Jacqueline Koyanagi (space opera, protag is a black lesbian dating a white lesbian who is also dating a bi Latina)
* Shadowshaper series - Daniel Jose Older (urban fantasy, all main characters Black and/or Latinx, lesbian side couple)
* Bone Street Rumba series - Daniel Jose Older (urban fantasy, recommended by @iamjadehawk)

I know these are old selfies, but I absolutely hate taking photos of myself. So pardon for the recycling of selfies for the #BrownAndProud and #LatiniWave happening today. Idk if it’s only for Twitter, but I’ll just post it here on my blog.