love bc

i think we should all agree rn to make april 7 completely drama free. i rly want harry to see overwhelming support and love, not fighting so even if people are being nasty let’s just drown them out by screaming about how proud we are of H and not give them the attention that they want

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Jack is the kid in high school who got picked on all the time because he was rlly scrawny and wore glasses but then ten years later he comes to high school reunion and he's a beefcake with multiple military medals and a beautiful trophy husband and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend

and its the reverse at gabriel’s too. except he was a grumpy emo rebel kid and now he’s a hot as shit, highly decorated military commander with equally attractive husband with as many medals to his name. they both think it’s hilarious, how nerdy they were in high school, and tease each other about it. 

I skeeetched my two newest ship babsss

I feeaking did lore in the car ride over here so it looks a lil wwweeeird

i’m in such a weird gorillaz kick rn,, saturnz barz gives me flashbacks to when i would listen to feel good inc and watch the video allll the time when it came out and adored the designs and concept of an animated band.

  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.