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i absolutely adore namjoon and he honestly deserves so much more recognition than mentioned. this is the boy that had music as his escape from the negativity of the world, the boy that went against the odds and is the leader of one of the most well known kpop groups worldwide, the boy that spent endless days and nights writing raps and lyrics to convey his messages only to be told that he wouldn’t make it, the boy that is the only member to remain from the original lineup to being the leader of the group and is the main reason that bts exists, the boy that when he was given the choice of either staying in the group or going solo, he chose bts without hesitation, the boy that holds his thoughts to himself in fear of adding worries to the other members, the boy that talks about issues that other people don’t talk about, such as mental illnesses and injustice, the boy that openly voices his supports, such as lgbt+, feminism, etc. and why they’re important, the boy that always looks out for the other members and takes care of them before himself, the boy that makes seokjin laugh with his antics and is there for him when he needs support, the boy that struggled alongside yoongi and cried with him when they won their first daesang, the boy that always compliments hoseok and always supports his same age friend, the boy who finds everything jimin does cute and reassures him whenever he feels down, the boy that loves taehyung dearly and encourages him that his english is improving, the boy that took care of jungkook and is the main reason why jungkook decided to choose bighit amongst other well known companies, the boy that always mentions armys first whenever giving a speech, the boy that always includes international armys and speaks english to us even when he doesn’t have to but still does just so we don’t feel left out, the boy that constantly reminds us that we should love ourselves and is always telling us how much he loves us. he is so beautiful, both inside and out, and i wish he could see what i see. namjoon deserves all the love and appreciation and i hope he knows that we are thankful for his existence and that we love him.

Here’s the finished drawing of high school Mike and El from the fic: I want to ki– you* (answers may vary) by @janeswheeler!! Everyone should go read it! 


Should I keep putting trigger warnings on this for blood?
I feel like it’s not really necessary, but ehh. Tell me what you think. Bc seriously, this is Villainous, there’s bound to be blood and gore. 

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can u imagine a world where everyone has soulmates and u can hear the songs they hear and like being a band member’s soulmate and getting to hear new songs/albums as they’re being made like wowowow sign me up


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Imagine Amaro whispering Spanish into your ear to distract you? 

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Somehow, you managed to ignore Nick while he sighed loudly, spun side to side in his chair, and generally acted like a child. “Baby, come on, I’m starving.” He leaned forward in his chair, elbows on his knees, glaring at the side of your face. “Lunch was an hour ago.”

“I know, but I happen to be really busy.”  You spared a moment to send a light glare to Nick, who just watched you blankly. “Can’t you get something from the vending machine until I’m done?”

When you turned back, Nick exhaled impatiently. No way was he trading a bag of chips for some actual food. He needed to drag you away from work somehow. Nick was almost desperate enough to pull a fire alarm or something, but instead, but moved his chair closer. You hadn’t noticed, which brought a smirk to his face.

Nick leaned over the armrest of your chair until he was inches from your ear. “Corazón, getting lunch together means some alone time.” He noticed a stall in your pen, and couldn’t hold back a wide grin. “Me encantaría pasar un tiempo a solas contigo.”

Your cross huff and the drop of your pen brought a strong sense of victory. He leaned back, smiling, while you stood and grabbed your coat. “You’re an ass, Nick.”


argument: *provides a vast amount of evidence from the books and television show that supports jonsa*

counter-argument: ThEy GrEw Up As SiBlInGs

argument: … *provides more evidence from the books and television show that supports jonsa*

counter-argument: tHeY wErE rAiSeD aS BrOtHeR aNd SiStEr

argument: I just explained to you why -

counter-argument: LMAO iCe AnD fIrE