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Finn Wolfhard dropping a box of Froot Loops in the Behind the Scenes video for Sonora 


colour palettes with some old favs

as we get closer to stranger things season two and (possibly) a new trailer dropping, i hope the fandom remembers that while headcanons are nice, odds are they are just that and not to get upset or mad when the show ends up doing something completely different than what they expected 


skam month // week one - fredag: favourite season → season four

“I stress through the day with a hundred thoughts in my head and everything can be a total chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning.”


that one fallout oc edit only slightly better than last time

Post war AU where Slughorn asks his 8th year class to write on a piece of parchment their personal definition of love before he shows them how to brew the proper amorentia, and Draco is flustered because he doesn’t know what it’s like.

That evening, he doesn’t return to his dorm and spends the night by the black lake, staring off into space and drowning himself in his thoughts yet again. Although this time, he hopes for at least a single thought on love to surface.
There is none.

Draco then becomes frustrated because shouldn’t he know this? Shouodn’t he know how to define such a simple and common emotion?
Didn’t he know love?

This only frustrates Draco even more, and the soft glow of moonlight highlighting his mark does not help him one bit. He picks up a rock in anger and throws it into the lake, screaming a release.

“I know I should be respecting your privacy, but could you keep it down?” a voice interrupts his stupor.

It’s Potter.
Draco scoffs.
Great. Just what he needed.
He was irritated. Potter wasn’t supposed to be here. No one was supposed to be here. But then again, he was too drained to even argue, so he obliged.

Silence filled the air for a few moments, until Harry decided to speak up. At first Draco was reluctant, but he eventually gave into Harry’s attempt to start a conversation. Besides, they weren’t really enemies anymore. They’ve moved past that, and it was a mutual agreement.

Surprisingly, they end up spending the remaining hours of the night talking.
It felt good, Draco had to admit. It felt good to talk to someone. It felt even better to talk to someone who understood.

The next day, without putting much thought to it, Draco passes his parchment to Slughorn without a word.

Slughorn raises his eyebrows in curiosity and asks Draco what he meant by what he wrote, and Draco smiles but doesn’t answer.

“Love is a single strike of lightning in the midst of a strong storm. Very curious, Mr. Malfoy, eh?” Slughorn eyes him with apprehension.

Draco turns crismon, not at all expecting that Slughorn would read his submission aloud for the whole class to hear.

Harry sees the back of Draco’s ears turn red as well, and a knowing smile creeps into his lips. “Come to think of it, sir,” he interjects, making Draco turn to him, eyes wide with shock, “it’s not very curious at all.”

Harry turns to Draco and throws him a subtle wink, leaving him dazed for the rest of the hour.

Alright so I’ve seen nothing but happiness from the bluepulse fandom regarding Traci 13 but I just want to say this preemptively in case that changes:

If something happens in canon between Traci and Jaime (as it’s likely to) I do NOT want to see anybody throwing hate at Traci. Let’s not be one of those slash fandoms that hates on a woman because she stands between our ship, ESPECIALLY not a teenage girl of color, okay? Can we just promise not to do that, please?

The interim Ministry of Magic, in the aftermath of the war, gives heroes of the war a lot of say in the restructuring of their world. 

Harry’s priorities lie in clearing the names of people who were Imperused or deprived of choices during the war, and convicting real Death Eaters and sympathizers. Hermione wants to put a new system together, the most effective system possible, one that will allow everyone a voice. Ron’s main concerns are with the Muggleborn registry, destroying it as unceremoniously as he does everything he believes in. 

Of course, the Malfoys, the Cattermoles, and all the House Elves who were exploited in that war and all the past ones receive a bit of special attention.

imagine: miyuki arriving home, dripping wet, a bundle of fur safely tucked underneath the warmth of his blouse and kept safe from the harsh rain. sawamura, though taken aback by the sight at first, is now unsure whether he should laugh or snap a picture of the rare moment (he ends up doing both at the same time and the result is a blurry pic of a soaking wet miyuki kazuya carrying inside their home what would become their family’s best friend). it’s no surprise that the puppy takes an immediate liking to sawamura and miyuki definitely doesn’t regret picking up the stray puppy since every day when he arrives home, the sight he gets to see fills his heart with undeniable joy.