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10 reasons to stan Day6

A/N : I don’t know why but the tumblr keeps removing the gifs from this post… had to start again 3 times. Someone knows what’s up??

Guess who’s going to see Day6 in concert in Toronto this October?

ITS ME AND @hobi-my-hubby & @i-moved-kpopchangedme-i-moved

Guess who’s going to fkg MEET DAY6 THROUGH HI-TOUCH?


I really can’t believe I’ll be in the same place as Day6 and even meet them! It’s absolutely unreal! And all this with my best friends? We are so excited and hype and I promise I’ll keep you posted about my experience! 

Till then, here’s my love of Day6 condensed in one post! I’m happy they are finally getting the recognition they deserve, the came a long way and I couldn’t be prouder! This post is for the ones that are not yet stanning Day6 at 101%, but needs the extra push to do so. Enjoy!

1-Who doesn’t love a good ol’ band

We all have our moments where we need to listen to one specific type of music or songs… Well I don’t. Whatever is the circumstances, Day6 is always and will always be appropriate. If I’m crying my eyeballs out for x reason, Day6 is here to pump me up. If I happily enjoying a bath with the company of my favorite white wine, Day6 makes my bath 10x better.

And seriously, I don’t trust people that are like “Bands are not really my thing I prefer xxxxxxxx”. I completely understand people have preferences and all… but look… if you don’t like a band formed of 5 angelic looking boys with voices lovingly concocted by millions of angels and personalities made from the sweet mix of love, stupidity, more love and some judgmental looks, you are CEARLY WRONG.

It’s important to mention how Day6 have such a great variety of songs from slower to hyper one, all faintly tainted with a pinch of emo lol.

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 2-Jae’s a social media KING

If you haven’t heard about the interactions on twitter between Jae and his fans… you must be living in a different galaxy. Even if you don’t stan Day6, you can’t stay indifferent at the sight of so many golden/sassy/priceless/” inspirational” /funny/ replies. And now he has a YouTube channel?? What did we, My Day, do to deserve so much quality content?
Jae is literally everywhere on social media… We can see him in Edward Avila’s YouTube vlogs, in CocoSori’s Coco channel as well, on asc… the list just never ends. Who’s complaining though.

3-They let our fanfictional minds wander in unholy places by showing us their
rooms and dorm



I was smashing the pause button every time they were showing a new angle of the room Young K is sleeping in or a nice shirt that Sungjin could lend me to sleep in coughcoughcough I am so sorry.

This is a message to all the people sent from above to write fanfiction for our thirsty asses… go watch the vlive I was mentioning above and do an idol!au with their real dorm and hmu that would be AMAZING.

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4- 1 month 1 song for A WHOLE YEAR YES PLEASE

MyDay are one of the only fandom that will not die of hunger this year. It just so crazy! I don’t have time to get over the August’s release when the September’s one comes! Just how are we supposed to keep up? Should I dedicate my life entirely on Day6?

They answer is: Fuck yeah gurl, fuck yeah.

January: (I wait)
February: (You were
March: (How can I say)
April: (I’m serious)
June: (I smile)
July: (Hi, hello)
August: (What can I do)
September: (I loved you)

me looking for the new song when the new month starts

5- Sungjin’s rocker voice

I am 101% an absolute sucker for a soothing rocker-like voice. And Sungjin is serving it beautifully! His part in “I smile” anyone? I am imply mesmerized by his voice everytime he starts to sing. The power he got on me is incredible I am scared. 

6- They are juuuuust like us (poor af) 

The tweet where Jae tells us about how the cashier at Mc’Do told him she was a fan and his card was immediately declined after, letting him embarrassed and poor af, was so funny. I still have the screenshot in my phone and I look when I’m having a bad day lol. And when he went to Mc’Do again with Coco and his friend before a movie and took the cheapest meal for a grand total of 3$. Or When Young K got sooooo excited during a vlive when they went to a convenience store to by stuff and Jae told him he had the companies’ card and they didn’t have to pay for their food? Jae is us, Young K is us, Day6 is us. (And after they concert I’m 101% sure I won’t even be able to afford a 3$ BigMac.)

7- Dowoon is adorable

Just how cute can someone be? The way his ears turn red when he is getting shy is just the most adorable thing on earth. Seriously I don’t know what more to say? Look at this angel and cry with me.


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8- Dancing machines lol

I don’t know why I am adding a lol in there because THEY ACTUALLY ARE PRETTY GOOD DANCERS.

We say what Young K can do in term of dancing in asc and IT IS PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING. No wonder he nearly debuted in a dancing group with Wonpil!

You’ll also see Sungjin dancing like a dork but in reality, he is talented as well! He is just fooling with us on purpose ;)

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I’ll probably ask Young K to do this dance for me

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if this isn’t the funniest thing ever

9- ChooooKERS

Do you ever look in the mirror before going to school/work and think: “giiiIIRRRL, my choker so looks flippin’ cute, if I walk past my ex in the streets he gonn’ be drowning in remorse boy.” Well…

For my money, every time I put on a choker or if someone says my choker compliments my outfit lovingly, I can’t help but say:
“Yeah but… Have you seen Wonpil wearing one? He looks *wipes a tear from the corner of my eye* so beautiful.
There’s a reason why Wonpil went viral by being called the “wink-choker guy”. And it’s because he can make every girl fall in love and make every guy question their sexuality.
You don’t believe want I just said? Have a look at this and come back @ me.

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oh. my. fkg. god. HOw

10- Wonpil pink knit sweater

Why does Jae hates this sweater so much?????
It’s not because he stole it from 2009 that it is necessarily ugly?
(Jae please let’s make a deal, how about you give me his sweater. You’ll never see it again, and I’ll be blessed with the smell of Wonpil.) Am I creepy?

it’s not that bad…

BONUS- Our leader Sungjin

he is beautiful.

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please look at me like that at the Hi-Touch..