love backbends


When in doubt, sweat it out.
#yoga #yogaflow (at City of Salford)

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Following the rhythm of my soul. My mind settled and spirit calm. Allowing my nature to flow, effortless and at ease. Finding myself in movement; in Asana.
Grateful for all that is 💛

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the signs and lynz way!

lynz way and the signs requested by the lovely kitty-z

Aries: backbend 
Taurus: 2001 baby lynz
Gemini: tattoos
Cancer: blue pajamas
Leo: plaid skirts + boots
Virgo: 2012 stage lynz
Libra: firecracker bass
Scorpio: red lipstick
Sagittarius: sniper jacket
Capricorn: fender aerodyne bass
Aquarius: stage dive
Pisces: HUSH