love at the laundromat

when we first got married i had to psych myself up every time to say “my wife” to a new person. it was awkward because with “girlfriend” a lot of people would just assume i meant “friend,” and of course “fiancée” is gender-neutral when spoken, so we’d always had plausible deniability. but the meaning of “wife” is pretty unavoidable. still, i made myself do it on principle, and slowly but surely it became natural.

now i love saying “my wife,” to everyone all the time. i love saying it to the old woman distributing the strawberries at the farm share, asking if she knows where i can still get rhubarb because every summer i make my wife a pie. i love saying it to the gay employee helping me at crate and barrel, telling him i’m buying these glasses because my wife and i both had them growing up, and seeing his eyes light up. i love saying it to friends of friends and to new acquaintances and to potential coworkers and to the women at the laundromat. i love being aggressively out, and i love having such an easy way to be aggressively out. i love being the first woman with a wife someone has ever met, making our existence part of their reality. i love being visible for other lgbt people who might feel a little less alone knowing i’m there, which helps me push past the fear when it comes. most of all, i love not hiding. i love saying “my wife” and i love my wife.

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“If anyone lays a hand on you, I’ll break their every finger.” yagura x sakura

“If anyone lays a hand on you, I’ll break every one of their fingers.”

“Babe, you’ve got to chill,” Sakura says, balancing her laundry basket against her hip. She glances through the streaky window of the laundromat, wondering if she should be concerned for the safety of the handful of people puttering around inside. She reaches out, taking Yagura’s clenched fist, working at it until his hand slips into hers. “We’re here to do laundry, at 6 AM. I doubt anyone is in the mood to be handsy.”

She smirks as he mumbles, “I am,” but otherwise ignores it as they make their way into the building.

Sakura watches, bemused as Yagura stakes his claim on a row of machines, probably ten in all, and glares at those around them. Even in the weak light of early morning, Yagura cuts an imposing figure in his blue suit. People back away warily, most going as far as leaving. Throughout the process, Yagura keeps his hand ensconced in hers.

Her heart squeezes with affection for the silly man but she refuses to melt, turning instead to load her laundry, finally releasing his hand with a comforting squeeze. He pouts, but snaps his fingers as his bodyguards bring in basket after basket of laundry.

Sakura blinks at the veritable mountain of laundry before glancing to Yagura. “When was the last time you did laundry?” she asks as his men (and woman) station themselves outside.

He shrugs. “Probably when we last did this.”

Sakura pauses, calculating their schedules in her head. She’d been moved to a different set of shifts recently and- “That was a month ago!” Sakura exclaims. He’s waited this long and adjusted his schedule to fit hers?

Again, he shrugs, though Sakura can see the color in his cheeks. “It’s special,” he says quietly.

Sakura cannot help herself now as she melts, pressing him up against the machine and kissing him until he’s seeing stars before pertly hopping up onto the machine.

Yagura blinks, lips swollen and curved into a loony grin. “What was that for?”

“Just showing my appreciation.” His smile changes, going soft and shy. She leans over, pressing a much more chaste kiss to his cheek. “Might want to get started on those loads there, sir.”

He blinks, snapping to attention.

Sakura grins and watches him work. She loves laundry day.

[ Meeting Tig at the laundromat ] - I decided to make this one short and sweet! 

You let out a loud sigh as the washing machine buzzer sounded. You hated laundry day more than anything, but it had to be done. You glanced behind you, searching for an empty dryer to throw your clothes into. You let out another annoyed sigh. As if laundry wasn’t enough of a chore, all of the dryers were currently full, meaning you either went home with wet clothes or you were stuck waiting here at least another half hour.

You noticed a tall, curly-haired man standing a few spaces away from you in front of the row of dryers, a bewildered expression on his face. He was dressed head to toe in black, and he wore a leather cut with a patch that read ‘Sgt. at Arms’. 

The man saw you looking at him out of the corner of his eye. “How is it that everybody in this entire fucking town decided to do laundry on the same day?” he asked. His icy blue eyes turned to you. You noticed the way they traced the curves of your body. He cracked a coy smile. “I mean, really? I got other shit to do.” 

You nodded your head and continued haphazardly throwing your wet clothes into a messy pile in the laundry cart. The guy seemed nice and all, and you had to admit, he was very attractive. But you had shit to do yourself, and you weren’t exactly looking for love in the laundromat. 

“I’m Tig,” he continued, walking over to where you were currently head first in the washer, retrieving the last of your clothes. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you answered, throwing the clothing into the cart.

Tig nodded his head, then his lips erupted into a smirk as he caught sight of the red lace panties lying at the top of the pile in your cart. He was already interested in you from the moment he laid eyes on you. Now he was really interested. 

“Do those panties look as good on you as they would on my bedroom floor?” he quipped, a mischievous smile playing at his lips.

You glanced down to your laundry cart. You felt your cheeks flush momentarily. A smiled pulled at your lips. Tig’s comment was brazen and maybe even a little weird, but something about him piqued your interest.

You cocked your head to the side and answered, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” 

Cara's Favorite Destiel Fics

 Alright, fic round up!

How A Righteous  Man Raises A Rose by swordofmymouth

This Thing Called Free Will by tracy_loo_who

Into the Fire by NorthernSparrow

Let The Altars Burn by tiptoe39

Oneiroi by mclachlan

A Blessing by Valinde

In The Dirt by Valinde

Lost by Valinde

Grey by Valinde

The Inexhaustible Silence Of Houses by Askance

Out Of The Deep by riseofthefallenone

The Way Out by awed_frog

The Soul Piece by cloudyjenn

This Is Not Convenient by cloudyjenn

Red Right Hand by duckyboos

Ad Astra by nhixxie

When Charlie Met Cas by riseofthefallenone

Twist and Shout by gabriel and standbyme

Put Up Your Dukes by salty feathers

Lost Souls by lastknownwriter

The Law of Equivalent Exchange by awed_frog

The One Thing You Can’t Lose by MajorEnglishEsquire

Bring It On Home by lilyleia

The Love Song Of Dean Winchester by boykingdom

A Light For My Path by domesticadventures

The Laundromat Verse by ozonecologne

Redemption Road by spnredemption

Serendipity by whelvenwings

If You Get Lost, You Can Always Be Found by Winjennster

the tiber street tigers

“there were greasers, then there were hoods, wild boys from the downtown outfits like tim shepard’s gang or the tiber street tigers.”

jess: 21

  • jess is the unofficial leader of the gang 
  • partially because he’s the oldest, partially because no one wanted to risk their life by telling him what to do
  • he was orphaned at a young age & sent to a boys home with his younger brother who was adopted without him
  • jess doesn’t miss his parents since he was taken away from them at a young age, but he misses his brother
  • he fought & clawed his way out of every boys home he was thrown in
  • it never took him more than a day to escape & he’s busted out of jail on several occasions too
  • jess has started a lot of fights with dallas. he met him in jail & they didn’t get along 
  • he has nearly black hair and harsh, angular features, dark eyes, & a long scar that runs from the side of his lips to his chin 
  • & he’s the tallest, standing at 6′4
  • probably the most hot-tempered person alive

p.t. (pronounced petey): 19

  • p.t. from an upper middle class family
  • his dad was abusive towards his mother & not to good to him either, so one day she packed up her things & took p.t. away
  • since he was their source of income, they had to move to the poorer part of town
  • he hates his name (phillip tate) because it sounds socy & reminds him of his dad
  • once p.t. went back to his old house to steal from his dad 
  • & bought a motorcycle with the money
  • he did really well in school but dumbed himself down to fit into the greaser crowd once he moved away from his soc life
  • also used to play football with darry when darry was a senior in high school & he was a junior, so he knows & is on good terms with the curtis gang
  • he loves his mom more than anything 
  • p.t. has blonde hair & brown eyes. he’s strong but lanky. despite the fact that his features are a little softer than the rest of the gang’s, he can look mean if he wants to

warren: 18

  • warren comes from a decent with both parents & an older brother, but he’s never felt close to any of them
  • he’s smart, especially when it comes to mechanics & he really likes hot-wiring & stealing cars
  • the girl that got shot a few years back at the dingo was his girlfriend (rosie). shooting her was an accident, but the gun that fired was in the hands of a river king, & that started the rivalry between the tiber street tigers & the river kings
  • emotionally detached from almost everything
  • different girl every night
  • warren knows he’ll never fall in love again so he doesn’t make any effort to get to know the girls he goes with
  • he drinks & smokes a lot & hasn’t showed up at school since he was 15
  • he isn’t a sentimental person but he has a picture of rosie in his room
  • his hair is dark brown, cut short, & a little curly. he hates hair grease with a passion
  • warren has cold blue eyes & strong arms covered in tattoos. he’s a little shorter than jess but considerably bigger when it comes to muscles 

milo: 16

  • since milo’s young, he wouldn’t have been let into the gang if it hadn’t been for the time he saw p.t. getting beat up by a bunch of river kings & stepped in to help
  • he lives with his dad above a laundromat 
  • milo really loves the smell of clean laundry and soap because he’s so used to it
  • he’s friends with ponyboy & curly & he almost always has some sort of injury from doing stupid stuff with them like climbing telephone poles or playing chicken with cigarettes
  • got his good taste in music from pony & his reckless streak from curly 
  • milo really looks up to warren. he gave himself a stick n poke tattoo to try to look more like him 
  • he’s the best fighter out of all of them when he has to be
  • milo hardly ever starts fights, but he’s loyal & protective of his friends & family, so if he needs to defend them, he will
  • does not have an inside voice 
  • he has brown hair, green eyes, a spray of freckles across his cheeks & a slight build 

( hi okay here is the big project i have been working on ! please let me know if you like this, who your favorite is, etc & feel free to send me asks about them ! )

The Skillet Takes

a.k.a. “the skill it takes”. *shot*

Do you know how weird it is not to know anything about the original fic/’verse but then you read a fanfic someone reblogged and you’re like “HELL YES”?
I couldn’t find the original, but it’s in the spirit of it, anyway? I hope?

Blind!Adrien AU originally thought up by @qookyquiche @laundromatic and @girlwithribbon I think, with special thanks to @hchano for reblogging it.

(Caveat: I’m perfectly aware that many – dare I say most? – blind people can cook just as well as sighted people, but I sincerely doubt Gabriel would let his son know about that or go anywhere near a kitchen, since he’d have staff to do the cooking for him anyway.)

Crossposted to AO3 here!

“Ah, Adrien, come in, come in!”

One of the reasons Adrien liked Sabine so much was that she just radiated warmth and happiness all the time. It was easy for him to just go along with it, and never felt pitying. “Good afternoon, Mrs Cheng,” he said, stepping inside, the interior of Marinette’s home as familiar as his own by now. “Is Marinette in?”

“Ah, you just missed her,” she answered. “Alya forgot her phone, so Marinette went to bring it to her. She should be back soon. Would you like to have something to drink?”

“Just water, please. Would you mind if I sat down?”

“No, no, not at all,” Sabine said. “I’ll get that right over to you.”

“Thank you,” Adrien said, walking to the sitting room and settling down there, collapsing his retractable cane and putting it away.

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The life of a librarian is more than what meets the eye. Everyone expects the annoying patrons and overdue books, low pay and awkward hours, but what happens when you go beyond the barriers of the circulation desk? What really lies behind the pasted on grins and ink stained fingers of Lawrence Public Library’s employees?

Dean is about to find out.

(Or, the one where Dean gets a job at the library and is tossed headfirst into a world filled with redheaded matchmakers, surly patrons, insufferable bosses, and one quirky, blue-eyed children’s librarian who may be the one he’s been looking for.)

[Chapter One] [Chapter Two (NEW!)]

Random facts about me

A few months ago, I started making a list of random facts about me.. I wanted to get to know myself better, so whenever one would pop into my head, I would write it down. I highly encourage you to make your own list- it’s really fun, and it feels good to think that out of all the people in this world, you have your very own unique quirks, preferences, and experiences.

1. I’m in love with pastels- mint green, aqua blue, lavender, and especially pale pink- the color of the first blush of romance.

2. I love laundromats and I’ll go to one any chance I get; The change machines dispensing dozens of quarters, the fluorescent lights, the beat up old laundry baskets, the minutes counting down and the relaxing hum of all the machines- it’s all so comforting and fun!

3. When I was a kid, I was really scared of driving over bridges. I had reoccurring dreams about our car going over a bridge into water and us drowning.

4. I have witnessed a death.

5. I really love SMALL concerts. Tiny crowds. Intimate settings where I’m right by the artist and I can see their facial expressions and hear each and every little breath and voice crack. In music, I value authentic, unique, different, personal, emotional, raw. Deep, beautiful lyrics that mean something. I like lyrics I can listen to over and over and continue to dig deeper for meaning. And voices that sound pure and honest and true. That’s why I’m constantly searching for new, undiscovered artists- so I can go to those tiny concerts and experience that special, intimate moment.

6. I always cut off the hanger straps.

7. I LOVE waking up to natural light coming in through the windows. I don’t like sleeping with the blinds closed.

8. I love black olives and artichoke hearts.

9. I’m obsessed with dresses. I’ve spent many hours searching for the “perfect” dress for various occasions. There’s no better feeling than trying on a dress that makes me feel like a fairy and/or a princess.

10. A load of clean laundry makes me really happy. To me it is a symbol of hope. Also, I just love smelling it and pressing its’ warm goodness to my face with the knowledge that I’ll have clean clothes for the next week or so!

11. I LOVE pop tarts. But I have a sensitivity to corn syrup, so I usually get the organic ones.

12. Unless I’m sick, I run, jog or skip almost everywhere I go. It makes me feel alive.

13. I don’t like wearing shoes, and I go barefoot whenever possible.

Holsom after college headcanons

So @fuxkbaz and I might be slightly obsessed with the comic omgcp and since our favs Ransom and Holster are graduating soon we made some headcanons

•they get a cool apartment together near where Rans is going to med school and whatever Holster decides to do
•and it has 2 bedrooms so they each have their own but like they are so used to sharing a room that they end up only using one anyways
•Like they fall asleep watching movies on holsters bed or whatever
•And like eventually they just take all of ransoms shit out of his room and make it like a rlly pretty guest room?
•or maybe a office for rans to work on his med school shit idk
•and like maybe they aren’t together officially at this point like they don’t kiss or anything but they hella cuddle and like??? Are basically together in every other way???
•But they’re both sorta scared to take it to the next level??
•and whenever rans has to work a late shift at whatever hospital he’s interning at holster always leaves him like a muffin or something on the counter with a note for when he gets home
•and they take turns making dinner which almost always ends up in something catching on fire or an emergency skype call to Bitty
•and they’re just so platonically gay for each other and domestic and cute
•holster first realizes he is in love with rans when they are at the fucking laundromat or something
•and ransoms like chilling and leaning against the dryers? Washers? And the sun coming through the the Windows is making his skin glow or some cheesy shit like that
•and holsters just like “lol I’m so fucked”
•And then he thinks “lol I wish Rans could be fucked” and then his thoughts keep doing that just keep flipping everything into something sexual or romantic about Ransom
•but he doesn’t realize he’s totally spacing out so ransom looks over at him and holster has this dazed expression and he’s just like “bro u good?” And holster just blurts out “you’re good” and rans is just so confused
•and holster blushes and he like gets all flustered and try’s to straighten his glasses but knocks them off his face instead
•after the laundry incident Rans watches Holster more closely and he catches himself focusing on little details, like Holster’s voice late at night and early in the morning, the veins running up and down his arms, his collar bone and Adams Apple (lol speaking of which), & the way water catches on the little bit of hair on his stomach after a shower, or the way Holster wearing glasses makes him think about being held against a wall, and wait what??
•so of course these dorks gotta come to terms with their feelings and confront the other eventually
•Okay so there isn’t anything epic really, nothing that would show up in a ya romance novel or anything
•They’re just grocery shopping together and telling each other stories that they remember from their childhood and then one of them (presumably Rans cause he’s super impulsive imo) just leans in and kisses the other
•and he stops immediately cause “oh my god, hols, I’m sorry I don’t, I’m sorry I -” and then they’re kissing again and
•and it’s in some ridiculous aisle like right next to the cereal or something and since they’re such large hockey dudes they like knock a bunch of boxes off the shelf and maybe accidentally step on one
•and they get in trouble with the store but they don’t even care
•And they’re both smiling like idiots and holding hands the whole time it takes for them to walk like 5 blocks to their apartment and they’re just so happy and in love

Lol sorry we are literally trash for this ship pls help us

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(for the writing meme) Yoonmin for “This one’s on me." ty~!!

Yoongi knew it was a weird thing to enjoy, but his early morning trip to the Laundromat tended to be the highlight of his week.

Most 22 year olds would rather do anything besides laundry and would definitely not look forward to spending two hours in a dimly lit room surrounded by empty machines and crappy late night radio. Yoongi loved it though. He loved walking through the dark streets, late enough that the clubbers had already stumbled to their final destination, but early enough that the commuters had yet to take to the road. He loved pushing into the Laundromat, where the lights flickered and the radio cackled with static more often than it spouted words. He loved the symmetry of the rows upon rows of washing machines and driers. He loved that he always had the place to himself, save the worker who was usually napping anyway. He loved sinking to the floor, pressing his back against the whirling machine, and just getting lost in his thoughts as he waited for his clothes to get clean.

It was simple and easy and consistent.

Just like every Monday for the past six months, Yoongi shouldered his laundry bag and made the slow walk to the Laundromat. He hummed softly to himself as he pushed inside, nodding towards the sleepy worker.

Yoongi headed towards his normal washer, not noticing anything was amiss until he came to a halting stop in front of the machine.

For the first time in 26 Mondays, there was another customer in the room.

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Newcrest laundromat* 

I loved the washing machine in the sims 3. It’s weird but it was my thing. I know a lot of people didn’t like all the mess they get from this, but I do ! Hope EA release a “cleaning” skill and a maid career, lol. (i’m not joking). I still need to make a sims who “runs” this place.

Some useful CC for laundry :


Ok, so! I literally went through the list of the 700+ people I followed just to make this list…. ha… so… Most of the people I follow are actually artists, and I’ve made an effort just so their content is most of the things in my dash, so let’s get going!!  The thing is that I know a LOT of artists to go in detail on each and everyone of them, so I’m just…. posting this huge masterlist…. I’m sorry if this is too impersonal hahaha ;;

NOTE: I have a really general definition of “artist”, so I won’t just include people who draw – this also includes cosplayers and craft people! And writers aren’t just the fic writers. I kind of like poetry too, so yeah. Song people and other people who fall under the bracket, I’ll also include.

Bolded are the ones I know personally/close with.
Italicized are the ones whom I know made Bioware things at least once!

List under the cut because I’m not kidding when I say it’s gigantic.

You probably already know a lot of these people, but I’m putting them in, anyway. Spread the love! I recommend all these blogs, and I hope you check some of them out (*^▽^)/

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Hello! Do you know any fics about team Rakuzan, or any cute rare pairings with minor characters? I really love your blog, by the way.

Ahhh! You just gave me the chance to just unleash my rare pair finds on everybody - thank you so so much.

Rakuzan Team

Moros by sjcrown3 on FF.N

Summary: “You will come to Rakuzan with me. That is all.” With those words, Kuroko was whisked away from all he has known his entire life. But even so, he would continue to cherish what he has grown to love, basketball.

Notes: Rakuzan!Kuroko. Gen fic.

This is Japanese Lunch Time Blues by mamakashi on FF.N

Summary: Rakuzan is full of jerks, basically.

Notes: You’re either going to laugh or cry; I did both.

Akashi and Other Animals by half-sleeping on FF.N

Summary: Akashi adopts his friends again, one by one. His new teammates cope gamely with the influx of Miragen pets.

We Are Alight by deplore on AO3

Summary: Here’s the thing: Mayuzumi knows that rationally, people aren’t flat characters like those that exist in books. It is strictly impossible that Akashi is calm and collected for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Notes: Mainly Akashi and Mayuzumi but others show up.

Akashi’s Birthday by rustandstardust on AO3

Summary: It’s Akashi’s birthday and he spends it first with his current teammates, then with an old friend.

Notes: MidoAka

Point of Origin by Sylindara on AO3

Summary: Akashi was not a light novel character and life was not like a light novel, except for all the ways in which it was.

Notes: Gen fic.

Rare Pairs

IzuKise Crack Universe by Sylindara on AO3

Summary: In a universe where Izuki Shun of Seirin and Kise Ryouta of Kaijou are in a relationship together, anything could happen.

Notes: Izuki/Kise.

romeo and juliet by chottostop on AO3

Summary: a story of falling in love at the laundromat

Notes: Aomine/Furihata this is one of my favorite rare pairs do you understand my pain there is one fic in existence and this is it im crying rn

Chess by stephanericher on AO3

Summary: Her bright pink eyes narrow. Ten minutes in, no moves, and they’re already in a sort of stalemate.

Notes: Imayoshi/Momoi.

The Appeal of a Bad Boy by suzakukills on AO3

Summary: You weren’t that dumb, by now you’d figured that what drew you to him in the first place was the fact that you couldn’t, you shouldn’t and you mustn’t be with him. 

Notes: Haizaki/Momoi shhh just accept it

Hey Lolita Hey by Egoism on AO3

Summary: Kagami Taiga is a lucky son of a bitch.

Notes: Aida/Kagami/Momoi. Smut. people should write more of them and their sexy times yeah??? yeha

court jester by aeronightstructures on AO3

Summary: Aomine’s romantic life is a joke. It’s a good punchline, at best.

Notes: Aomine/Kasamatsu.

Happy reading!

- Mod M