love at first sight in santa monica

“Love at First Sight” - Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1545

Plot: After Bucky was put under cryostasis, Steve left Wakanda and told T'Challa to call him if there was any progress with Bucky and undoing the trigger words. It was too hard to be around Bucky and not be able to help. To add to that stress, someone in Wakanda had spotted Steve and almost blown his cover, so Steve decided it would be best to leave that way the king didn’t have to look after another stowaway. Now, Steve’s hiding out in California and he needs a place to stay. What better place would there be than to stay with you?

Warnings: none that i can think of (except for cringy fluff)

Author’s Note: Yes, the Wee Chippy is a real place with the best fish and chips ever and yo girl is craving it so bad right now. Anywho, this is for the song challenge which features the song Love at First Sight by the Brobecks. Go listen to it, it’s freakin’ adorable. 

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Daisuke Hirakawa at Anime Expo 2017: A quick summary

So Daisuke Hirakawa did make it to Anime Expo after all, and I was glad to attend his panel.  Anime Jungle sponsored his trip and appearance here.  The retail store sold pictures and Hirarin’s photobook during the Expo, and you could even purchase a ticket to obtain his autograph! Since I’m too old to wake up and line up and at ridiculous early hours for only the CHANCE to get his autograph, I chose not to.  I was happy just to attend his panel.

The auditorium was filled to capacity and they did have to eventually cap the line.  It took place in smaller room, so I felt quite far away from the stage since the room was more narrow.

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anonymous asked:

imagine taking a roadtrip to LA with sam? :O

Well, first thing’s first, he will smoke literally the whole way, so better have some cartons on hand.

While he drives, he let’s you DJ but if it hits a song he loves, he cranks it up and sings at top volume, to you, to the road, to the cars you pass, whoever will see or hear and if you change it, he will make you put it back and start ALL OVER again. 

Every rest stop, he tries to get frisky before you get back on the road.

Anytime you stop for food, it’s always a place you chose or something he knows you’ll like. 

You take turns driving/napping during the day but you always stop for a nightcap at a motel along the way because he has to sleep next to and hold you during the night to “recharge”

Most motel nightcaps come with a round of roleplaying where one of you is the hooker for the evening. 

When you get to LA, the first thing he wants to do is see the Hollywood sign.

He pretends to LOATHE doing all the “touristy” things, but plans everyday around doing literally all of them. 

He makes sure to set aside a few days JUST to hit the amusement parks.  

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing him close his eyes and smile while he feels the breeze on a roller coaster ride.  Except maybe when the drop comes and he holds you close in case you get scared.

He scares you by disappearing for several minutes at Disneyland, but comes back with Mickey ears with yours names on them.

He jokingly hits on all the Disney princes and princesses, offering to let them come back to the hotel with you both for “Mr. Drake’s Wild Ride”

He makes you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride six times and points out every inaccuracy.

He takes you on a date to the Santa Monica pier and you ride the ferris wheel together as the sun comes down.  You end up riding twice because you spent the majority of the first round making out and missing the sights.  The second round you watch the sun setting together and he tells you how much he loves you.

As he packs up the car for the journey home, he stops you before you get in the car, pulls you close and says, let’s do this again every year.