love at first flight!

lair (dragon?) review for @muffinthestud !

ayy fellow wind! great to finally have dom, right!? anyways, you’ve got so many pretty dragons, this was a super hard choice! i absolutely love Nanami though. id love to have her punch me in the face. i never knew maize/white/white looked so amazing! her accent goes so well with her, i also love the flowers! a very pretty dragon!
another dragon of yours i love is Tiramisu, a pretty name for a pretty dragon! i haven’t seen a coatl with that apparel before, its very unique, i love it! her familiar matches her well. you’ve got tons of pretty dragons, thank you for the lair/dragon review request!

Forgotten Vows XVIII

Chapter 18: Not the End

Thranduil could barely recall how he had found his way out of the forest. His elk had been waiting where he had left him and he wiped away the welling of tears in his eyes as he mounted the creature. It was all he had left. The only living beast to offer comfort to the elven king when all others had run away. Swaying with the easy movement of the elk, he found his way back to the inn from which he had skirted away in the early morning, tracking the path of his lost lover.

He could not blame her for reacting as she had but in a moment of raw emotion, he had been surprised at himself. It had been long since he had felt such overwhelming chaos within. She had sparked in him those years before the remnants of passions which had been shredded at the loss of his first love and her flight had buried them once more. Yet seeing the elfling, who in his heart he could not deny as his own, even if blood would say otherwise, it had thrown him into a whirlwind.

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anyway do you guys remember when i said i wanted to save my gems? me neither

(first accent is by snastle, second is by cosmos / seafoamscales, third is by incubi / incubirising!)

(speaking of which, you should consider commissioning snastle! i don’t have the funds to, but i’ve been a fan of their accents for a long while and you wouldn’t regret it!)

Love At First Flight

Beautiful. ( 02:04 )
It’s been an hour,
I’m staring at her, and she’s staring out the window of the airplane, counting stars and forming constellations, I think.
She’s looking for shooting stars – that explode in her head with letters and letters of words of sentences.

Soft. ( 03:17 )
Her hands push her blue, tangled hair back, as she smiles to the attendant serving her some juice. [ I wish she could smile at me like that ]
Her smile stays on her lightly freckled face for a while, but when she opens a book to read, her expressions change like the numbers of every page.

Radiant. ( 04:23 )
It’s morning now.
And she’s still looking out the window again.
But this time at the glory of the sun, shining on her face - making her seem so much more gentle. ( if that was even possible )

Blue. ( 06:45 )
The tears fall down her cheeks, leaving behind a trail of wetness on her freckles.
And for the first time in the entire flight, she closes the window blind.
She lets her tear fall on her lip, then sucks her lip in, taking the tear in her mouth.
She covers her face with her jacket and cries.

Poetical. ( 07:13 )
She looks up at the display; it shows how high we are right now.
Then she writes,
“I feel six feet under ground, but I’m 35,000 feet in the air.”
“Someone? Anyone? Take me away, take away my despair.”
I feel like my insides are exploding.

Flawless. ( 09:45 )
You don’t fall in love with someone just by staring at them throughout a 16 hour flight.
But I can tell that her mind has been shredded into the smallest of shreds.
I know that I may not be in love her, but in love with her flaws.

Stubborn. ( 11:03 )
The attendant saw her crying.
I thought she wouldn’t do anything, because she walked away to the back isle. But she came back with some pills and water.
She handed it to the girl, but she kept saying “I’m fine.”
“I’m okay.”
“It’s alright.”
The attendant knew better, and said “Rose, it’s okay to not be okay, sweetie.”
Rose starts crying, and the attendant takes her to the bathroom.
Her name is Rose.

Keeper. ( 11:15 )
I wrote something for her, and put it on her tray table.
When she comes back, she stares at the paper, looks around in confusion, and picks it up.
Before opening it she sits on her seat, and applies some Vaseline on her lips.
She’s opening it.
She’s reading it.
She smiles big, bites her bottom lip, folds it back up, and puts it in her sweatpants pocket.

Humorous. ( 12:57 )
She’s taking care of a baby. And though the baby can’t understand what she’s saying, she’s still talking.
Making puns and knock knock jokes, tickling his stomach and rubbing her nose against his while giggling.
And I can’t take it anymore,
I need to talk to her.

Breathtaking. ( 14:03 )
It’s been two hours, and still don’t know how to approach her.
If I don’t do anything soon, she’ll fall asleep for the rest of the flight, and I won’t be able to talk to her ever again.
She’s leaving?
She gets up from her seat, and walks past me, gives me a big smile, and heads away.
e x p l o d e s
s p a r k s
of something I can’t fathom.

Likable . ( 14:30 )
Rose still hasn’t come back from wherever she went to, and I’m worried now. Even though I know nothing can happen to her in the airplane.
I mean, not much can.
I get up, and I walk to where she went, and I see her talking to the attendant at the mini bar. Or lounge. I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m jealous.

Help. ( 14:31 )
I sit down on the couches attached to the plane wall, and start thinking [ about her ]
I don’t see her coming my way, but I can feel her – she’s radiating this vibe that feels like cotton and mint.
She sits on the empty area next to me, and sips on the white smoothie the barista made for her.
I’m staring.
I can’t stop.
Rose looks at me, smiles, takes out the note from her pocket, [ and these adorable wrinkles form around her lips as she does. ]
“Hi.” I smile.

[new moon]
Moon girl is breath and curve. She catches light and throws it back to the universe. You see her and tremble, falling, as she once must have done from some heavenly place.

[waxing crescent]
Moon girl is wild. You follow her into the forest where she steps barefoot into a stream and takes your hand, water swirling over her feet and hers. She talks about roots and branches and flight. You are in love.

[first quarter]
Moon girl is dancing. Moving her body, dynamic, unpracticed elegance, shaping space, graceful, unafraid of audience, unafraid of pause, unafraid to bend and swish and rise, flying, electric, boundless. She gets everywhere. In your morning tea, clouds, April storms, wrapped in sparkling strung-out melodies, and especially in your head. You dream of waist, skin, movement holding her and warmth, closeness, desire kissing her and your heart burns soft inside your chest, a lantern lit by lunar beams.

[waxing gibbous]
Moon girl gives you violets. You give her your hands, open; your heart, open; your soul, open. You give her everything, or you try.

[full moon]
Moon girl is with you, always, this silver fire here in the filth and blood and terror, head on your shoulder, palm on your skin, speaking to you in ways language cannot, grounding you, saving you, saying your name, holy, lifting you up, repeated tenderness, voice low, eyes deep, glorious, and she is steel, she is iron, she is endless.

[waning gibbous]
Moon girl smiling. Moon girl watching. Moon girl brave. Moon girl rough and sweet. Moon girl creating. Moon girl radiating. Moon girl moving, toward you.

Moon girl.
Moon girl.
Moon girl.

—  for maya, moon girl 

Hi @punkinguts here is Choco

He’s so beautiful and sweet looking I tried to draw him very serene and I may have fallen in love with your dragon while drawing him ooops

An ache that just won’t abate
Breath stuttering between parted lips
The tongue fights its way around words:
‘Tell me, did I ever mean more than this?’

The ribs are a vice around a rabbit heart
Lungs too large, never pulling any air.
And thoughts spill over like a storm sewer:
'Tell me, did you ever even care?’

Shadows play across hardwood floors
That leech warmth from bare feet.
Rain hits the window, quietening the soft:
'Tell me, what did it even mean?’

Because love is a small, startled thing
That takes flight when it first sees teeth.
People say it is so strong,
'But if that’s true, why did you say you loved me?’

—  An argument on a rainy day