love and rockets vol 1

starmora - family - pt. II

Words: 1,342

Summary: Nebula’s back b*tches

“We should probably wake Drax up before going,” Gamora, the only practical one in the room, said.

“Screw Drax, lets go,” Rocket said, jumping into the captains chair.

Groot climbed up the chair and sat on Rocket’s shoulder.

“Gamora’s right, lets get Drax,” Peter spoke up.

“I am Groot.”

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why i love jaime hernandez (and why you should, too)

Jaime (or Xaime) Hernandez is an American comic book artist. In 1981, he and two of his brothers Gilbert (or Beto) and Mario created their own independent comic book called Love and Rockets, which would go on to become one of the most successful and influential works in the 80s alternative comics scene.  The series still publishes today.

What is Love and Rockets?

  • The three brothers contributed their own stories to the comic book, with storylines completely independent of each other

  • Mario wasn’t involved much, especially in later issues. I’ll mostly be talking about Beto and Jaime here.

  • Beto’s stories are usually referred to as Palomar. He focuses on a fictional village in Latin America and its diverse inhabitants.

  • Jaime’s stories are usually referred to as Hoppers 13 or Locas. His work focuses on a neighborhood outside of Los Angeles, following its inhabitants from their teenaged years into adulthood.

I have personally not read much of Beto’s work, so this post will focus on Jaime until I can really get into Beto’s stuff!

Why you should read Locas:

  • LOTS of latinx, black, Asian, and mixed raced individuals. There’s only a handful of white characters in the series.

  • Queer women of color! Several of them. Hell, the main character is a queer Mexican-American woman.

  • 80s LA punk scene! Jaime himself was active in the scene and the early years of Locas focuses a lot on the punk scene.

  • Also: QUEER LADIES in the punk scene

  • Contains some of the greatest stories of all time re: “the death of speedy ortiz” and “flies on the ceiling”.

  • Maggie (the main character) gains weight over the course of the series. She struggles with body issues and learns to be comfortable with herself.

  • deals with issues like: abuse, drugs, suicide, gang violence, abortion, depression, racism, sexism, and the list goes on and on.

  • INCREDIBLE ART OH GOD. seriously, jaime is a GOD.

OKAY, I’M SOLD! How do I read Locas?

    Jaime’s (and Beto’s!) stories are now printed in trade form to make reading l&r a hell of a lot easier. They’re published by Fantagraphics.

Here’s the reading order for jaime’s stories:

  • maggie the mechanic

  • the girl from h.o.p.p.e.r.s

  • perla la loca

  • penny century

  • esperanza

  • love and rockets: new stories vol 1-7

(you can find these books on amazon or perhaps your local comic book store, but I also know that torrents exist for all of these just fyi)


starmora - family - pt. I

Words: 1,343

Summary: Peter’s in for one helluva surprise. (lmao I suck at summaries)

It took so long for Gamora to admit her feelings for Peter. It took them even longer to move past the unspoken thing towards a real relationship.

But this, this was too much. She knew that things with Peter would only escalate with time, but this was too soon.

She sighed.

She didn’t need a test for this type of thing, she was a trained assassin, she worked with her body, she knew when it felt off.

And it felt off.

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