love and peace maria

A short guide to (Diego’s boyfriend) Chema Yazpik

Played Diego’s cute gay brother on La Vida en el Espejo

Played Diego’s cute gay boyfriend in the play Cock

Played Diego’s cute gangster husband in Solo Quiero Caminar

Played one of the main characters in the first movie Diego directed

Has been a goober in plays with Diego since back in the day

Has a savage profile

Has great hair

So stern, god

Wears the shit out of a leather jacket

Looks great all sweaty

Will very sweetly help Diego out anytime and anywhere he might need it, like here on the movie Mr Pig

Sexy dope

Strongly gives the impression that he could fuck Diego or anyone else into next year

1. Elba Ramalho - Leão do Norte
2. Alceu Valença - Morena Tropicana
3. Otto - Filha
4. Maria Bethânia - Não Mexe Comigo
5. Reginaldo Rossi - A Raposa e As Uvas
6. Lenine - Paciência


I beg you, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart, and to try and love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a foreign language // Rainer Maria Rilke.